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RUSH: On Sunday I will be appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. You know, anything can happen, anything can happen, I can end up getting broomed. I doubt that. I think they would broom others before they’d broom me, but you never know. Anything can happen. As of now, I am scheduled in probably the second segment of the program, 12 to 13 minutes is the length of the segment, and I must ask all of you to understand something.

Twelve to 13 minutes for me is just warming up to a topic. And Chris wants to talk about four or five, maybe six things in that 12 or 13 minutes. It may be necessary for him to interrupt me. I promised him that I’m gonna be as brief as I can, that I’m going to practice over the weekend — they’re all in there laughing — I’m gonna practice over the weekend really getting in, getting it, and getting out.

That’s all I need. In fact, I may get up a half hour early and just rehearse on Sunday before I get in here. But I really am, because he gets worried when he has to interrupt me. He hears from you all, who accuse him of being unfair to me and interrupting me and not letting me finish. Right when I’m about to hit the zinger he will ask a question, in your opinion, and then he gets more emails than he gets any other time. I wanted to give him papal dispensation here that the interruptions that he makes are not intended to do anything but move the program along. And I told him I’m gonna help him out. As I say, I’m gonna be practicing brevity because, as Shakespeare said, brevity is the soul of wit.

So as of now it’s the second segment. Well, I’m assuming, I’m always the second segment. They’ll start the program with some White House or other government guest and then we’ll get to me. And, you know, I keep telling him, “You know what you ought to do is have me on and then have me in the roundtable to discuss me,” ’cause that’s what’s gonna happen. Nobody’s ever done that before. I probably would be able to add even more insight to what I said commenting on what I said. It would be a television first. Has it ever been done, a guest then ends up in the panel commenting on what the guest previously said. Someday it may happen.

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