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RUSH: Over the weekend, the New York Times ran an article about the “sense of dread” that civil servants are feeling. Federal employees are shaken by the Trump agenda.

At the EPA, groups of so-called scientists met last week to strategize. They’re trying to figure out how to slow-walk President Trump’s environmental orders. Former Google, Facebook, and Microsoft employees, who left to join the Obama Regime are plotting how to stop Trump from using their government databases to carry out his immigration policy.

The Times admits most of these government bureaucrats are Democrats, burrowed into every agency. Many are struggling to come to terms with working under Trump. They face a moral dilemma having to work for somebody they hate.

Of course, the New York Times is sympathetic to these disgruntled employees. If this insubordination had happened under Obama, the Times would be leading the outrage chorus and outting them, and getting rid of them.

These unelected civil servants have been given government jobs to carry out the Executive Branch agenda, regardless of who runs it. They don’t make policy; they’re supposed to implement it.

Here’s how to solve this big moral dilemma. If they don’t like their jobs they should quit. If they slow-walk, sabotage, or plot against the president he should solve their moral dilemma for them, in two words: “You’re fired! Now get out, and stay out. And never come back – you screw everything up.”

Just do it like that. Everything will be fine.

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