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RUSH: Hey, folks, are you getting tired of winning yet? Ha-ha-ha. Getting tired of winning? Fauxcahontas does the rain dance all for naught. Jeff Sessions was sworn in as the attorney general today. And Chuck You Schumer is now demanding that the Trump nominee for the Department of Labor, a man by the name of Andrew Puzder, resign. That he just recuse himself ’cause he’s so anti-labor, so anti-workingman, that he just ought to quit, he ought to just remove himself from the process. Here is Sessions being sworn in. Well, this is afterwards, after he has taken the oath.

SESSIONS: It is an honor beyond words to serve under you and your leadership. You’re putting together a great cabinet, which is just a thrill for me to have the opportunity to join. And I look forward to making sure that every ounce of strength I have and that the people of the Department of Justice have is going to be focused on preserving and protecting the Constitution and the safety of this country. We will defend the laws of this country as passed by Congress. We’ll defend the lawful orders of the president of the United States with vigor and determination.

RUSH: And he went on to say that he thinks the president’s executive order that’s currently bottled up at the Ninth Circuit court of appeals is perfectly fine. By the way, speaking of that, speaking of the Ninth Circus, before we get to Judge Gorsuch and what’s going on with that whole circumstance — oh, did you hear Kellyanne Conway was on Fox today, urged people to go out and buy Ivanka Trump stuff? (laughing) Did you hear that? You know, I’ve had people sending me email: “Are you not concerned by any of this? I mean, some of this, Rush, if it were a Democrat president doing some of this, you’d be up in arms.”

Maybe so, folks. Look, it could well be, and maybe we’ll go down the list of some of these things. But let me tell you what I’m delighting in. I’m delighting in the left being upside down, inside out, 180 degrees out of phase. This is what I’ve dreamed of the entire time I’ve been doing this program. I’ve wanted the left to have it stuck to ’em every day, multiple times a day. I want everything they do to backfire on them. I want them to look silly. I want them to look like the people they really are, and all of that is happening.

And I love the people in the media saying, “I can’t believe he’s having Conway go out and tell people to buy his daughter’s products. It’s an ethics violation!” I just love it. I love them going batty because I am not, as a citizen or a human being, personally threatened or bothered, nor do I think the country hangs in the balance because of any of the things that Trump is doing. I’m just enjoying the left acting like a bunch of stuck pigs, and the fact is they keep losing and they’re going to keep losing.

TIME magazine has Chuck Schumer on the cover, and the headline: “Do the Democrats Matter Anymore?” There’s a piece here Slate.com, or Salon, I forget which talking about, well, you know, you can say what you want about Elizabeth Warren or whatever you want, but McConnell got everything he wanted. Sessions has been confirmed and has taken the oath of office. It’s dawning on them that they can protest all day, they can burn up buildings all day, they can throw bombs, they can stop people from speaking, but they have no power.

They have no power in the citadels of power in the White House, in the House, in the Senate, they have no power. They have the judiciary and they’ve got the unelected bureaucracy, obviously, but whatever Trump wants to do they can’t stop him unless they can get it to court, which I think you should expect the president to be sued 15 times a day. That’s what they’re gonna finally figure out is their best way to oppose him. So on balance, I’m loving this. The slow dawning on these people.

Meanwhile, over the right they’re wringing their hands over whether this is conservatism or nationalism or populism and is it good or bad or what have. I think all that stuff’s gonna shake itself out. So many people are in a near panic mode, and I’m not because of the circumstances I find the left in. Now, I know some of you say, “But, Rush, don’t you realize that there’s more going on here than just the left losing. I mean, in the process of the left losing there might be some things going on that might not be –” Yeah, yeah, yeah, when those things happen I’ll tell you when I feel that way, folks.

But I don’t think Trump trashing Nordstrom is a problem and I don’t think that Kellyanne Conway advocating that the press go out and buy is a problem. I love it to be honest with you. (laughing) hee-hee-hee-hee. I just do. But you have to understand, too, what the president’s doing with Nordstrom look, folks, we’re getting close to my backyard on some of this stuff. I don’t want to go too much in the weeds on it, but, believe me, it is welcomed in more sectors of our economy than you would know.


RUSH: By the way, Senator Sessions was confirmed today, bipartisan vote. You won’t hear that in the Drive-Bys, but he was. Joe Manchin, Democrat, West Virginia, voted for Sessions. So there was a Democrat, but it makes it bipartisan.


RUSH:  I tell you, folks, I’m struggling here to maintain my composure.  CNN actually just had a headline up, “Jeff Sessions soon to arrive at his Department of Justice office.”  They’re quaking in fear!  They had a panel, they had two people assembled to discuss Jeff Sessions arriving at work.  They’re literally panicked and in fear.  “Oh, my God, Jeff Sessions is gonna get to his office soon.  What then?  You mean he’s really gonna be attorney general?  You mean he’s really gonna do stuff?  Oh, no!”

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