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A record 1,700-plus criminals were granted clemency and released by Barack Obama. Now, one of those criminals is in trouble again.

In October, 2015, Obama commuted the life sentence of 68-year-old Robert Gill. He’d been convicted of cocaine and heroin distribution in 1990. Obama claimed that he was a nonviolent offender who deserved to be set free. For a while, things looked up for Gill. He got a job as a paralegal at a criminal defense firm.

Last week, Robert Gill allegedly met with someone in a San Antonio parking lot, where he picked up a backpack with a kilo of cocaine inside. When police tried to pull him over Gill led them on a high-speed chase. He crashed into another vehicle. Then he tried to flee again, and was caught finally.

Obama said he released these criminals back into society because they got a raw deal. Because America’s criminal justice system is unfair. And certain groups of people have been mass incarcerated.

The truth is, Obama put our neighborhoods in danger when he released criminals back to prey on them. Predictably. Just as Obama put our troops in harm’s way when he released terrorists out of Gitmo to rejoin the jihad. Predictably.

Here’s another easy prediction. This Gill fellow, he’s just one of many who will eventually end up back in jail after further terrorizing people unnecessarily.

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