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RUSH: CBS News asks a question that must chill their hearts: “Could Planned Parenthood survive without federal funds?”

CBS says: “Planned Parenthood depends on taxpayers for 40% of their operating expenses. They’ve been living off the feds since 1970.” That means living off you. Six years later, they started being oppressed when Congress said they couldn’t use public money for abortions.

Now poor Planned Parenthood is facing their biggest battles yet, on many fronts. The cash they get from Obamacare is being threatened. And there are several bills in Congress to strip even more money away from them.

CBS lists the services the organization provides, like cancer screenings and contraception. But somehow no mention of a Planned Parenthood service we learned about last year. Selling harvested baby parts from their abortions.

CBS does admit that Planned Parenthood gets large donations like the million-dollar gift from Facebook bigwig Cheryl Sandburg. But we’re told it’s “not realistic” to expect the organization to operate on just donations if taxpayer money dries up. And we’re told it’s not “the job” of charities to fund healthcare.

Well, concerned journalists and activists should look at the Constitution. They’ll find it’s not the “job” of taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood, either. Which brings us back to their original question. Could Planned Parenthood survive without federal funds?

Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s find out, shall we?  I mean, they said they want to start women bragging about the abortions they’ve had. Let’s see how much money that can raise.

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