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RUSH: What the heck is this? I’m watching fake news — this is CNN — Trump moments ago the White House grounds meeting with executives from Harley-Davidson, the motorcycle people. Now, how many of you had heard that Harley-Davidson had pulled out of a meeting with Trump because they were afraid of backlash from customers and protesters and anarchists and whatever? I distinctly remember. I remember when I read it I got kind of mad at Harley-Davidson. Turns out it was fake news! Now, maybe Trump was gonna visit their plant. Maybe that’s what it was.

Maybe Trump was gonna go there and they changed it and brought Harley-Davidson to Washington. But still, the news was that Harley-Davidson had pulled out, didn’t want any part of the meeting. And there’s the meeting! I’m watching the videotape of the meeting take place, which is just moments ago.


RUSH: Yeah, that’s what it was. Harley-Davidson, they just moved the meeting from the Harley-Davidson factory in Wisconsin to the White House. The story was all over the media yesterday that Harley-Davidson wanted no part of Trump. They were gonna have a meeting with Trump at their plant, their factory, at their whatever, in Wisconsin. And then they started getting threatening tweets and threatening emails. And the story was that Harley-Davidson said, “We don’t like Trump that much, we don’t want to have a meeting at all,” and they cancel it.

So the news is out, “Harley-Davidson,” — and they were celebrated, by the way — “Harley-Davidson cancels meeting with Trump over threat of protests.” And then today there’s Harley-Davidson at the White House. They just moved the meeting to the White House, which is pretty cool for the Harley-Davidson people. They’re outside on the grounds, a couple bikes there that they were demoing for Trump, and it all went well.

But the thrust of the story, fake news again, Harley-Davidson wanted nothing to do with Trump, and they were afraid that if the meeting was held that people would protest, and Harley-Davidson didn’t want any part of that. Not true. They were happy to travel to Washington for the meeting, and there’s videotape of it. If they’re afraid of protests, I mean, they’re gonna happen regardless.

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