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Okay, folks, no question: By any objective measure, Judge Neil Gorsuch is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. His resume is impeccable. His knowledge of the law and his judicial temperament are undisputed.

When he was nominated to his current seat on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, he was confirmed unanimously by voice vote. That was in 2006. There wasn’t a single objection from Republicans or Democrats many still in the Senate.

In his remarks at the East Room ceremony, Judge Gorsuch hit all the right notes. He said it’s up to Congress to make laws, not judges. He said throughout his career, he’s been a “servant” of the Constitution. He hasn’t tried to change it from the bench. And he believes the law should apply to every citizen, regardless of their status.

No question: he’s a solid pick.

So what will Democrats do? There is no question about that, either. They’ll do what they always do. They’ll smear him. Slander him. Try their best to destroy him. They’ll pore over every word he’s written, take phrases out of context, and try to portray him as a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, transphobe, out of the mainstream extremist, and any other “phobe” they think will work.

But in the end, if the Republican majority use the power they were given by you this last election – Democrats will fail. As they should.

No question about it. may take some time, but it will happen.

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