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RUSH: Would you like an illustration of what I mean by Donald Trump not being ideological and how it’s a problem? He understands he has opposition. How could he not? (chuckles) I mean, I’m sure he knows that he’s got opposition. Don’t misunderstand me, now. And I’m sure that he may have had his eyes opened about some of these people. In his mind, they’re Democrats. Liberal, conservative, that’s not in his lexicon, folks. I’m not offering this as a   criticism. It’s just a truth. It’s something that, if you want to understand Trump, then there’s no better deconstructor of Trump and explainer of Trump who’s not in the inner circle than me.

All during the campaign I did my best to explain to everybody — leftists, media, conservative, Republicans, Never Trumpers — who Trump is, why Trump is, why Trump was winning, who Trump’s supporters are. And the thing that I kept saying is, “He’s not ideological.” So he knows he’s got opposition, he knows Democrats, and he’s probably had his eyes opened here. I’m sure that over the course of his life some of these people now calling him names trying to destroy him have been his friends. So his eyes are no doubt opened. I don’t doubt that.

But I don’t think that he… Well, you can’t become ideological overnight. One of my great laments is that not enough Americans understand the ideological definitions of liberalism, don’t really know what it means. They know Democrats are, but liberalism? Low-information voters and others don’t know. It’s an area of weakness, frankly, the Republican Party has engaged in by not going the full mile in identifying the opposition or the enemy or however you want to tag them. But it’s crucial because I believe, if… Let me finish my sentence.

I believe if more people understood liberalism and knew it as I do, or even half as much as I do, that they would have even less influence than they do. Do you realize that of our entire population, the percentage that will openly call themselves liberal in poll after poll after poll is 25, 26%? And yet the media and the Democrat Party working together make it look like everybody in this country is liberal and there’s just five or 10% oddball conservatives who aren’t. The number of people who self-identify as conservatives in this country is 36%.

I think it would be higher, but many of them are afraid to because of what the pollster will think, just like many people are afraid to tell pollsters the truth about what they really thought of Obama’s presidency, because of the racial component. So just 25% of the country admits to being liberal. That’s a pretty small percentage, when measured against what it is made to appear to be. I’ll give you another closer-to-home example. The gay population.

If you don’t know better, if all you had to go by was what’s on prime time television or movies, you’d think at least half this country’s gay, if not more. And a lot of Millennials do. The true population percentage of gay individuals, according to gay groups, is 3.5%, and I think that’s high. Just 3.5%. The percentage of the population is transgender is so small it’s an asterisk. But they are now being positioned as numerous as gays and lesbians are. All of this is done to intimate and silence any opposition to any of this.

And, believe me, when we’re talking Democrat gays and lesbians, we’re talking liberal politics. We’re not talking lifestyle. We’re talking liberal fundraising and donors. We’re talking ideology. The politically active gay community is almost exclusively Democrat, and it isn’t about lifestyle. It’s about liberalism, and lifestyle is a subset of it. There are many gay people who are not devoted to left-wing liberal politics. But we are being made to believe that half the country is gay and transgender and that they’re all liberal Democrats — and that there’s no political component to it, is another thing that they try to convince us about.

So liberalism is about lies and distortions, creating false impressions and buzz and PR and image, all for the purposes of intimidating and bullying and silencing opposition. Which, in this case, is conservative Republicans. And if more people understood what liberalism is… Like look at Obama’s presidency, look at how many people didn’t like Obamacare. But how many of them didn’t like it because they understood the liberalism that made Obamacare what it is? I mean, it’s one thing to oppose Obamacare because it cost too much.

It’s one thing to oppose Obama because you lost your doctor or you lost your health plan. It’s one thing to oppose Obamacare because your taxes went up, but why did all that happen? Liberalism is why that happened and a belief that the government is better equipped to live your life for you than you are living it yourself, because they want the power over you to dictate to you how to live because they simply want the power, because they are a minority.

They can’t win that power at the ballot box unless they create a bunch of illusions, and the first illusion they create is how many of them there are, and they own the institutions necessary to create and sustain this illusion: The media, Hollywood, pop culture. That’s pretty much… If you own those three, then you own image control and image making. And then when you control that, you can then characterize your opponents as bigots and homophobes. “Transphobic” is a new term that’s entering the lexicon now.
Transphobic! You’re automatically transphobic if you’re Republican-conservative. It means you’re afraid of transgenders. Homophobia means you’re afraid of homosexuals. So the reason that I come here everyday with ontological certitude about what I believe is because I understand liberalism. I understand it better than many of them do. I know them better than they are willing to admit who they are themselves. And I’m extremely, profoundly confident I know exactly what liberalism is.

That’s why I’m so adept at predicting what they’re gonna do, ’cause I know who they are and what they believe. I wish Trump were ideological. I wish they had more people… Pence is ideological. The vice president is very ideological, but I don’t know if he’s a warrior ideologue or just a knowledgeable ideologue. I would think of myself as a warrior ideologue. I’m on the battlefield waging war against it every day here, in my own mind. But Trump is not. He knows he has opposition.

If you do not realize your opposition is liberal, you’ll never realize that you can’t compromise with it. If you think your opposition is opposing you for other reasons, then you’ll always believe there’s a common ground you can reach. And you will try to. And in the process, dealing with liberals, there isn’t any common ground. We do not — especially now, folks. The divide is greater than I’ve ever seen it in my life. There is no common ground. There is very little culturally, socially.

We don’t even agree that America’s great, for crying out loud. They don’t even think that. They think America is the problem in the world. We don’t believe that. We believe America’s the solution. We believe and love America. They don’t. And it descends from there. So how does this manifest itself? Well, in this news story from TheHill.com — ready? — “Trump Will Enforce LGBTQ Workplace Protections — The White House said early Tuesday that President Trump will continue to enforce an Obama-era executive order protecting the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community in the workplace.

A statement from the press secretary’s office said: “President Donald J. Trump is determined to protect the rights of all Americans, including the LGBTQ community. President Trump continues to be respectful and supportive of LGBTQ rights, just as he was throughout the election.”

“As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology,” he said, as he accepted the GOP nomination. Okay, so what does all this mean? Well, let’s go a statement from the Human Rights Campaign, which is a gay rights — it’s a liberal organization. The point in what Trump is doing here is agreeing with a liberal interpretation of biological differences and cultural differences and he is agreeing with a liberal interpretation, and he’s trying to codify and mollify opposition by doing this.

It never works. It will not gain him a single point. It won’t calm down any of the protests. It will not silence them. They’ll continue to say things, that he doesn’t really mean it. “He was going to violate our rights, but our protest here scared him and so he realized that he’d better not.” He’s never gonna get credit for this. They’re gonna hate him and be as disrespectful of him after he continues these Obama regulations as they were before he announced he was going to, because it’s not about LGBTQ workplace protections. It’s about liberalism.

And all of these things that appear in public are an actual camouflage and mask for what the real intent is, and that is undermining the distinct culture of Western civilization and redefining it and transforming it. Here’s the statement from the Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin in a statement on Tuesday. “LGBTQ refugees, immigrants, Muslims and women are scared today, and with good reason.” This is after Trump has agreed to continue the Obama-era protections.

“LGBTQ refugees, immigrants, Muslims and women are scared today, and with good reason. Donald Trump has done nothing but undermine equality since he set foot in the White House,” said Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin said in a statement on Tuesday. “Donald Trump has left the key question unanswered — will he commit to opposing any executive actions that allow government employees, taxpayer-funded organizations or even companies to discriminate?”

It’s already against the law to discriminate. So even after authorizing the continuance of Obama’s executive order, it didn’t matter. And notice now that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer — that’s what the Q is in this new amalgam — are equated to refugees and immigrants and Muslims and women. That’s liberalism, making everybody the same, and everybody’s the same victim of the same oppression. No distinctions drawn whatsoever. And all of them are scared.

They’re scared today, and they have good reason to be scared because Donald Trump, despite saying he’s gonna continue it, has done nothing but undermine equality since he set foot in the White House. Nothing of the sort! “Griffin also criticized Vice President Pence and Trump’s selection for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), saying the president ‘talks a big game on his support for LGBTQ people, yet he has filled his cabinet with people who have literally spent their careers working to demonize us and limit our rights.'”

This isn’t about LGBTQ workplace protections, just like Planned Parenthood is not about Planned Parenthood. There is no parenthood, if you go to Planned Parenthood, because you don’t become a parent because your kid gets aborted. There is no parenthood if you set foot inside Planned Parenthood and they succeed with you, because your parent status would be interrupted with an abortion. But you will never know this if you don’t understand the ideological left. You will not understand.

If you’re Donald Trump and you issued a statement that you’re gonna continue to enforce Obama-era executive orders, protecting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community, and after you do that they come out and assault you as one of the greatest offenders of freedom, you’re not gonna understand. You just thought you bought peace, you just sued for peace, you just reached out, you just extended a hand of friendship, common ground, let’s move forward together, and what’d they do? (raspberry) on it.

And if you don’t understand liberalism, you’re not gonna understand what happened. And you’re not gonna understand why there is no common ground with these people, ’cause it isn’t about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer freedom, civil rights. It’s about liberalism, which is about destroying Republicans and conservatism and capitalism and, in fact, freedom.


RUSH: So I checked the email during the break, and a very astute emailer said: “Wait a minute, Rush, I think Trump does get ideology. He’s opposed to climate change.” That’s an excellent observation. Trump is opposed to climate change, but not because he understands it’s a liberal idea. He’s opposed to it on — well, let’s review what he said. Trump has said that climate change is a hoax hatched by the ChiComs to make American businesses less competitive.

Now, that’s not what climate change is. That is one of the results. The origins of climate change are 100, 1,000 percent in socialism, liberalism, communism. Militant environmentalism became the new home for displaced communists when the Soviet Union imploded when the Berlin Wall fell. Climate change, global warming, whatever, the reason that I am so opposed to it, the reason that I have probably spent way too much time talking about it and many of you probably, “Could you move on?” every time I bring it up, is because everything that is wrong with liberalism is encapsulated in climate change.

Everything, every danger, every choke point, every potential item of destruction of everything we believe in, is encapsulated in climate change, from the ideology to the lies to the funding to the lies and the distortions to the takeover of science by politicians and politics. This is why I’ve always objected when our so-called scientists object to climate change with their own science which attempts to debunk the science of the globe, theirs is not about science. Climate change has nothing to do with science.

It’s fooled all kinds of Millennials and all kinds of tech gurus and all kinds of other lazy people into believing climate change is about science and actually about climate, but it isn’t. It’s about the erosion of freedom; it’s about the expansion of government; it’s about the expansion of government control; it is about politicizing science and being able to take every aspect of science over and reconstruct it for political purposes to serve the agenda of the left, which in this country is the Democrat Party. There isn’t any science. If science were the sole factor in climate change, it would have been debunked as a hoax already.


RUSH: Well, looky here. Lo and behold, this is from USA Today. Headline: “Boy Scouts of America to Welcome Transgender Youngsters.” See, just like that. This is not about the Boy Scouts welcoming transgender youngsters. This is about the leftist campaign to take over, infiltrate, and destroy as many traditions and institutions that trace to the traditions and founding of this country as they can. And it’s premised on the fact that the Boy Scouts of America is a discriminatory bunch of bigots, because they won’t let any every boy — even the girls who think they’re boys.

They’ve been working on the Boy Scouts of America for, I don’t know, decades! And they wore ’em down. Or they just took over the leadership of the group. You would never understand this, though, if you don’t understand liberalism. It’s not a question of, “You mean you don’t approve?” Folks, it’s not about this! That’s the whole thing. This is just another bit of evidence of what the overall leftist agenda is. There is nothing safe! The Catholic Church. They’re not gonna stop until they “reform” that. You’ve seen this new show on HBO called The Young Pope? Have you seen is that?

Well, if you’re Catholic, I challenge you to watch this and just pass it off as some idle entertainment. (interruption) Well, it’s a… What’s the actor? I can’t think of the guy’s name. It’s about Lenny Belardo from Queens who becomes pope, and it turns out he doesn’t believe in God and he’s not a Catholic and he thinks everything that Catholics don’t believe. It’s not subtle. It’s not subtle, and it’s also not idle entertainment. It has a purpose, just like HBO reviving that little movie or mini-series, whatever it was, on the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill confirmation, so that Millennials who aren’t alive when that happened got the right leftist interpretation of what the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas was all about.

Oh, let’s see. What else? Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. (interruption) “How do you become pope if you don’t believe in God?” You fool ’em! You lie to the congregation! The whole point is you become a fake Catholic and become a fake priest and you fool everybody by lying. You become a Bill Clinton. You become, you know… I don’t know. It’s to demonstrate how easy it is to expose the Catholic Church as a bunch of frauds by how easily you can fake ’em out and become pope, by going from, you know, Mel’s Diner in Astoria to the Vatican — before you’re 40, by the way.

And then he’s telling other prelates, “I don’t believe in God, and I know you don’t believe in God, either. There isn’t a God. Everybody knows there’s not a God!” “We’re running the biggest scam on earth,” The Young Pope says to his secretary of state. “Oh, it’s just a TV show, Rush.” Now, see, it’s more than just a TV show. Look, I’m not getting any conspiracies.

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