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RUSH: Here’s Nancy Pelosi unable to make her microphone work. It’s a montage. This is last night. They were actually outside the Supreme Court. The Democrats held a rally to protest Trump’s executive order on immigration, and during her remarks, Pelosi had technical problems with her public address microphone, and the protesters couldn’t hear her. Here is a montage of how it went.

PELOSI: Thank you very much for coming out.

MAN: Sound’s not working.

PELOSI: Is the sound working? The sound working?


PELOSI: I can hear you. Can you hear us?


PELOSI: Good evening, everyone. I’m very proud to stand with the members of the House Democratic caucus.

MAN: Your mic’s not on.

PELOSI: It’s not on? Is somebody going to deal with this? Crack staff? Look at that moon. It’s a new moon. Staff? Sound people? Shall we sing This Land is Your Land again until they get the sound working? (people singing)

RUSH: (laughing) Folks, I’m telling you it’s microscopic of what’s really happening to these people. The bottom line is, the Democrat Party is imploding. The Democrat Party is being rejected. The Democrat Party is losing. Since 2010 they have lost over a thousand seats. You’ve heard me say this. Donald Trump is the president. He is not slowing down. He is not backing down. He is not being deterred. He’s marching forward.

They can’t stop him. The only thing they can do is protest and raise hell and try to make it look like they represent a majority of Americans, but they do not, and the Democrats know it. They show up at the Supreme Court last night to protest everything Trump is doing and the public address microphone doesn’t work and they’re reduced to singing This Land is Your Land, which nobody can hear anyway.

Now, you might ask, “How were we able to hear it?” Well, there were other media people there and their microphones were working, but the PA microphone wasn’t working. And you can hear the Democrats Steny Hoyer and others very, very frustrated, and Pelosi, I’ll guarantee you, by the way, that when that thing ended last night, some heads rolled, because this made the Democrats look like laughingstocks last night, which they were.

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