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RUSH: Tom Brady owes no one an explanation on who he supports politically. Yesterday we had the USA Today story from a female columnist claiming Brady owes everybody an explanation now after Trump’s executive order and so-called travel ban. She went on to say that Brady owes everybody an apology, and that’s the only question Brady should be answering this week. Now a journalism professor a Morehead or Morehouse (I forget which one) College, has come out and said Tom Brady is more un-American than Colin Kaepernick!

That Brady with a Make America Great Again hat in his locker and openly supporting Trump is far more dangerous than Colin Kaepernick burning the flag, supporting burning the flag, or taking a knee during the national anthem prior to NFL games and that Brady needs to be called out summarily over this. Now, this is a journalism professor.

There was also a story out of the great northwest that I didn’t send out. Oh! It was the Black Lives Matter protest where some deranged lunatic woman started saying, “It’s time to start killing people.” You heard about that? At a Black Lives Matter protest, I think it was Seattle or Portland or somewhere out there, and some woman started shouting, “It’s time to start killing people!” She’s a teacher. So we got this journalism professor at Morehouse… (interruption) Did you say or Morehead? “Probably wishes he had more head.” (interruption) Is it Morehouse University? (interruption) I meant bigger head. You know, smarter guy. Wanted a bigger brain. Don’t confuse the meaning.

At any rate, this guy’s teaching your kids. This guy’s teaching so-called journalists. No wonder the industry’s become corrupt. Because literally insane lunatics have been certified as professors and teachers and graduate assistants and who knows whatever. “It’s time to start killing people!” at a Black Lives Matter protest. The woman happens to be a teacher.


RUSH: Public Policy Polling, that big lib polling group out of North Carolina, they asked Americans who they want to win the Super Bowl. Only 27% want the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. Fifty-three percent are pulling for the Atlanta Falcons. And another story on Tom Brady and how he has no right to do anything now because of his support for Trump.


RUSH: This is not even about the Super Bowl. This is a classic illustration of what liberalism is and how it takes over everything! Well, the first thing’s about the Super Bowl but it really isn’t. It’s a poll question on who do you like and who do you not like in the game. It’s from Public Policy Polling. Only 27% of respondents want the Patriots to win; 53% want the Falcons to win. A journalism professor that…

By the way, the story tries to go on about how hated the Patriots are. You don’t think that’s an accident, do you? I mean, the Patriots, what are they known for this year? Not winning. They do that every year. What are the Patriots known for, Rachel? You tell me. What are the Patriots known for? Why are the Patriots in the news a lot besides football? (interruption) Brady, Belichick, and the owner — Robert Kraft — support Trump. And they’re gonna have to pay. And the way they’re gonna have to pay is they’re gonna lose.

The American people supposedly want the Patriots to lose because the American people supposedly hate Trump and anybody who likes Trump, and that would be Belichick, Brady, and Robert Kraft. So you got a poll that shows 27% of the American people like the Patriots, and you are supposed to take away from that that only 27% of the people like the Patriots ’cause only 27% of the people like Trump. But here’s the next story, from our old buddies at the NewsBusters. Brent Bozell and the boys.

Prof Claims Trump Supporter Tom Brady ‘More Un-American’ than [Colin] Kaepernick.” Oh, that’s not even half of this. Wait ’til you hear the details. “Who’s more threatening? A professional athlete who disrespects our flag and our troops and supports the radical activism of Black Lives Matter and the ruthless dictatorship of the late Fidel Castro? Or an athlete who wears a Trump hat? The answer depends on how sunk in lefty groupthink and reflexive America hatred one is…

“For example, David Dennis, Jr., an adjunct journalism professor at Morehouse College,” meaning he’s teaching your kids how to come out and be members of the Drive-By Media. This is not some isolated, incidental wacko teaching at the University of East Ovary. This is Morehouse College and a journalism professor who “thinks Tom Brady’s politics are ‘far more un-American’ than those of Colin Kaepernick. He had a column that appears at the Huffing and Puffington Post, and he “writes the allegiance of [Brady] to a president ‘as oppressive and crass as Donald Trump reveals a major character flaw,'” in Brady.

“In Dennis’s hard left world, Trump is recruiting Nazis, America is dominating people through ‘subjugation’ and foreigners are not smuggling drugs into and committing crimes in our nation.” He goes on to write about the glories of Kaepernick, what a brave athlete he is, what a courageous athlete he is, what guts it takes to take a knee. What guts it takes not to celebrate the national anthem! What courage that is. That’s real America! Tom Brady is just pathetic.

This journalism professor writes, “Brady’s Trump endorsement ‘has been largely ignored when, in fact, supporting Donald Trump as president of the United States is far more threatening to America than taking a knee during the National Anthem.'” Here’s as pull quote: “‘And Brady is almost being defensive and saying … I don’t understand why this is a big deal and wants to avoid it. Wait a minute, man, we’re all judged by the company we keep. … Donald Trump has said some things and perhaps done some things that people find morally questionable.

“So if that’s your guy and you have a hat in your locker room that says ‘Make America Great Again,’ you’re hanging out with him, he’s shouting you out and you all are writing letters to him and that sort of thing, people want to say “that’s your boy?”‘ Yeah, Brady and Belichick supposedly wrote Trump congratulatory letters after winning the presidency. “It’s almost a week until the Super Bowl, and Dennis is hoping the media will ‘question Brady about his un-American beliefs and treat him like the media treated Kaepernick.'”

The media celebrated Colin Kaepernick!

What are you talking about, “treat him like [they] treated Kaepernick”? Kaepernick was treated as a conquering hero by the Drive-By Media! Then the professor writes, “Then we’ll really see how well he holds up under pressure.” And it was just yesterday USA Today had a column by female sportswriter columnists suggesting that Brady had a lot of things to explain. He has a lot of excuses to make. He’s got a lot to apologize for, and he owes everybody an explanation, and he shouldn’t get a single football question until he has satisfied everybody’s curiosity about how in the hell he could support Trump!

Another example of liberalism, how it operates, how it’s taken over what you consider to be a mainstream tradition: Sports writing. You know the sports Drive-Bys in many cases are more leftist extremists than the news compatriots, their counterparts? By the way, Super Bowl entertainment. Ready for this? The cast of Hamilton will sing America, the Beautiful. Now… (interruption) Okay… (interruption) I’m not either. (interruption) I’m not… (interruption) Snerdley is proclaiming here he’s “not watching that crap.” But no, that’s not the question. Who decides this? The NFL decides this, somebody, a committee.

Why are they picking Hamilton? (interruption) You think it’s the anti-Trump-Pence thing? You don’t think that it’s possible that the people of the NFL don’t even know about that? They just think the whole country loves Hamilton because if it happens in New York, it’s happening everywhere? (interruption) Don’t kid yourself. (interruption) Snerdley is shouting at me that the NFL is very much well aware that the cast of Hamilton disrespected the vice president when he showed up for a performance on a Friday night, and that the NFL is choosing Hamilton to honor the fact that they disrespected the vice president.

I don’t know. (interruption) Well, now, wait, wait. I was gonna get to Lady Gaga. I know where my sentences are going if you’d let me utter them, okay? The first thing on Hamilton. I thought of it the way you did, the way you’re thinking about it. But then I read the NFL, at least publicly, proclaims they want nothing to do with politics ’cause they don’t want to anger half the country. I think it is entirely possible that you’re right. But I also think it’s equally possible that they don’t know a thing about that and instead have chosen Hamilton to sing America, the Beautiful because being in New York, Hamilton was the biggest thing on Broadway.

Meaning it was “the biggest thing in America,” when it isn’t. It wasn’t the biggest thing in the country. It was the biggest thing in New York. I mean, everybody who saw it loved it. I’m not criticizing it or putting it down. What I’m saying is, Hamilton is not America. It has not been seen by most Americans. The play, the musical has not been available for most Americans. But where it has been seen, primarily on the New York boards, it is considered the all-time best ever, greatest.

Except maybe for, I don’t know, The Vagina Monologues. But you think they chose it specifically ’cause this cast…? (interruption) Okay, then you have Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is doing the halftime show. I read that Lady Gaga, as part of her show, wants to do it from the roof of NRG Stadium, and they’re trying to find out how to get her up on the roof and how to televise it and get her off the roof safely while she’s singing and stuff.

Now, the choice of Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga, also anti-Trump, Hamilton anti-Trump, the National Football League supposedly the national pastime, so they have chosen two acts here who are well known to most Americans as anti-the president of the United States. Ah, you might be right, Snerdley. I don’t know.

I think what they ought to do, if you’re right, go out there, have Kaepernick flip the coin, the opening coin toss, get Kaepernick out there to do that, and maybe instead of Bill O’Reilly interviewing the president, which is what happens, ’cause Fox has the game and they’re top drawer gets to interview the president, have Michael Moore interview Belichick. And let’s see what the audience is.

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