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RUSH: I tell you, I take a couple days off and all hell breaks loose again. Seems like it happens every time. Every time I’m away from the Golden EIB Microphone, chaos! I’ll tell you what, if the left and the Drive-Bys are not careful they’re gonna run out of outrage. Actually, who am I kidding? They’ll never tire of being outraged at Trump.

Hey, great to have you here, folks. It’s 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do in dealing with all this. Rather than get into the specifics of what happened, get into the weeds on the executive order and the Obama-appointed-Clinton-donating federal judge that issued the stay and all of the minutia, suffice to say that the executive order was legal, it had precedence from the Obama administration.

My point, I want to deal with this as we currently sit here today and that is with the reaction to this, what that all means and what I am desperate for you to understand about this. The first thing that you need to understand, the first observation that I need to pass on to you is if you think all of this outrage and all of these protests are spontaneous and specific to the elements of this executive order, you need to stop thinking that, because that is not what any of this is about.

What all of this is about is the preordained, prearranged Democrat Party strategy of unseating Donald Trump and opposing him. It’s nothing more than total resistance to everything. It doesn’t matter what it is. There is going to be total resistance to everything. He’s gonna name his Supreme Court pick tomorrow night. Total resistance. The protests at the airports bought and paid for by George Soros, prearranged. People have been sitting and waiting for the moment to be cued to action.

They were not minding their own business running around taking care of things and living their lives and all of a sudden feeling outraged over Trump’s executive order. They have been waiting at the starting gate. They have been poised and waiting for marching orders, and the executive order was issued and the marching orders went out. The protests are typical of the way the media does things.

The narrative here, the picture being painted is that every protest is a representation of a majority of thinking in the country, that Trump’s election was fraudulent and is an aberration. That a majority of people actually did not elect Trump, and therefore what he’s doing does not have the sanction and approval of a majority of Americans because the election and he are illegitimate.

The protests are being portrayed as representative of the majority of the people in the country; and, not only that, the media portrayal makes it look as they always do, as though everybody agrees with the line of attack on Trump. And this is designed to suck you in. It’s designed to weaken Trump’s supporters and to have you start questioning your decision to vote for him, to question your support for Trump. It’s all part of the plan. It’s not specific to this executive order. They have been waiting for the first opportunity to en masse engage, and this is it.

To give you an idea of how selective the outrage is, have you noticed, there seems to be far more outrage from the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party over Trump’s temporary suspension of visas from terrorist hot spots preordained and named by Obama — this is not unprecedented; we’ve done this before. The seven countries have been previously named in previous Obama orders and decisions. And the number of people here that have been affected is anywhere from 100 to 300 people, and all of the people who were detained have now been released, and yet look at the lack of proportion here at the protests and outrage over this.

There seems to be far more outrage from the Drive-Bys and the Democrat Party over a temporary suspension of visas from terrorist hot spots than there is over Muslim terror attacks in this country. You can have San Bernardino. You can have Fort Hood, take your pick, the underwear bomber, the Unabomber, underwear bomber, doesn’t matter, there’s no outrage from the Drive-Bys. The reaction to the actual terror attack is what? You better not climb down on the Muslims here. You better not start blaming Islam, you better not, and we’re gonna create a backlash. We can’t create a backlash.

Actual terror attacks are met with a yawn, in comparison to this manufactured outrage over a temporary executive order. And you know what this temporary executive order really is? I know people have short memories, but these are things that Donald Trump said that he was gonna do. These are the exact things that Trump said he was gonna do that caused a majority of voters to vote for him. Well, in the Electoral College.

There’s no surprise here. This is exactly what Trump voters wanted. They voted for Trump specifically. Trump made mention of policies like this many times a day at all of his rallies. There are no surprises here. There’s no rabbit out of a hat. There’s nothing that should be shocking. Everything that Trump did here is something Trump said he was gonna do.

Now, aside from the fact that people in Washington are not used to that happening in politics, which is another reason they’re off balance and outraged, I think what we have here is a little bit of Trump marketing and PR. Trump says A, B, C, D, he’s gonna do ’em, first week in office he does them, A, B, C, D and has photo-ops to show him signing A, B, C, D, E. The marketing and PR is that Trump does what he says he’s gonna do. But this is a temporary thing that fulfills a campaign promise, but it doesn’t significantly rearrange American policy at all.

One of the things I heard people say, “This is so ill-timed. There was no advance warning. The relevant organizations and bureaucracies didn’t have a chance to gin up and get ready for this.” Right, okay. So you got a temporary ban from seven countries and you announce it and it’s gonna be two weeks down the road that you’re gonna implement it. What’s gonna happen in those two weeks? The borders are gonna be flooded. Every bad actor and who knows who else is gonna do their damnedest to get into the country before it goes into effect. If you’re gonna do something like this, you have to do it this way, if you’re serious about it.

Folks, this is not going to stop. I told you, Trump doesn’t have anybody but you. He doesn’t have the media supporting him like Obama did. He doesn’t have the Congress support. Let me tell you, the real choke point here and the real weak point — and I’ve mentioned it a number of times all during the campaign — the real problem Trump has here is not these protesters. The real problem he’s gonna have is the Republicans in Congress sticking with him. This is the kind of thing that they’ve caved to I don’t know how many times.

This is the kind of uprising in the media, uprising on the left that just sends chills down the spines of the average, ordinary Washington Republican, and they cave within seconds to things like this, as McCain and Lindsey Graham predictably and right on schedule have done, by coming out and saying they profoundly disagree. This has always been, as far as I’m concerned, the wild card for anything Trump does, and that is the Republican and the Republican leadership in Congress.

I’ve always thought that in the early stages they would hold their tongues, because let me tell me, folks, the Washington establishment’s the Washington establishment. Republican-Democrat is secondary. The establishment is the establishment. And I don’t care, I don’t care what kind of popularity Trump has, they don’t like it in the establishment in either sector, in either party, in either nook or cranny.

The Republicans are kind of under pressure, they’ve gotta go along with it. The voters chose this. The Republican voters wanted this. The Republican voters actively made this happen, so the Republicans are gonna have to go along with it, but they are holding their fire and keeping their powder dry, and they are going to have to hold their tongues.

But the first chance that think they get that they can get away with breaking with Trump, they’re going to do it. This may not be it. Well, it is for McCain and Lindsey Graham. But believe me, that is the major problem I think that Trump has in implementing his agenda. The opposition of the Democrats is a no-brainer. George Soros-funded mass protest? No-brainer. I mean, you know that’s gonna happen, and I really… If you can do anything, try to keep it in perspective and understand that it isn’t specific. They try to make you think it is.

The image is on to make you think that Trump doesn’t care about people. He doesn’t care, and there’s a religious test going. We always have had a religious test! You know, I went practically hoarse losing my voice explaining this all during the campaign, particularly where refugees are concerned. Okay, so we have somebody seeking political asylum. Let’s say it’s Ali Sahib Skyhook and he shows up at JFK and he wants political asylum. First thing they ask: “Why do you want asylum?” He says, “Well, I’m from a country where there’s a religious war going on!

“I’m war-torn. I’m strife. I need asylum.” “What country?” He names the country. “What’s the religion? What’s the war?” We always have the religion. We always ask this in determining whether or not they’re telling us the truth. There’s always been religious questions; there have always been religious tests. By the way, the media is reporting it Trump only wants Christians, white Christians to come in the country. And it’s just… It’s so over the top, but it’s so constant, too, that it requires constant vigilance by you to keep all of this in perspective.

Everybody just chill here. We’re talking between 100 and 300 people in a temporary executive order that I actually believe is PR and marketing. I’m not trying to insult Trump with this, but he’s not an idiot. He campaigned specifically on a number of things, and in the first week in office he’s rat-tat-tat done ’em, checked ’em off the list, showing that he does what he says he’s going to do. But this not a permanent rewrite of American policy. This is not legislation. This does not forever change things. (chuckling) Now, you add to this Steve Bannon.

You know, I love here reading the media as they react to somebody telling the truth about ’em. So Bannon goes out there, he is… Oh, by the way, you don’t even know the half of it. Bannon… (sigh) I never… Do I say this? I don’t know any of these people. You have to understand here, folks. I feel it necessary to say this simply… Not for full disclosure, just to fill you with the proper information. I never heard of Steve Bannon until this campaign started. I had no idea who the guy was. It’s not an insult. It’s not a put-down. It’s probably my fault for not knowing.

I’ve since learned he was the Breitbart chairman and he was one of the early investors in the Seinfeld show, and is still cashing those syndication checks as Seinfeld is in syndication. Goldman Sachs and so forth. He’s known Trump for a long time. I didn’t know that. He is Trump’s chief strategist. He is the number one strategic adviser for Trump, and Trump just put him on (laughing) the National Security Council. They’re having a cow over that, too. The National Security Council is made up of people who are ostensibly apolitical.

“That’s right! They’re only people who are interested in the nation’s security and analyzing intelligence and briefing the president.” The point has been made over the weekend that George W. Bush would never have put Karl Rove anywhere near the National Security Council, that no president ever has. “David Axelrod, Obama’s campaign strategist? He was nowhere near Obama’s National Security Council because it’s so important that everybody understand that there is no politics in national security.” Right. Hardy-har-har. No politics in national security.

It’s just absurd. There’s politics in everything! So Trump has just blown that one sky-high by putting Bannon in there. Trump got rid of some well-known national security experts and put his chief strategist in there on that team, the National Security Council. That’s got ’em fit to be tied. But Bannon said… (laughing) He was talking to the New York Times and he said, “I want you to quote me: ‘You, the media, are the opposition party. You are the enemy. You are who we’re fighting. You need to keep your mouth shut and listen. You still don’t know why Donald Trump won. You still don’t know America.'”

Well, the media, all they heard was “you need to shut your mouth.” And I have read my sports media buddies and I’ve read my tech media buddies. I’ve read all of them, and all they’re doing is throwing the First Amendment back at him. “Uh, Mr. Bannon, in case you don’t know there’s a First Amendment. ‘Congress shall not’ blah, blah.” He wasn’t telling you to shut up. He wasn’t telling you to take your ball and go home. He was telling you to listen! He was telling you to close your mouth for a while and listen and learn and try to find out why you are so out of it.

You know, he’s a brawler, so he didn’t use intellectually approved terms in telling ’em to shut up and listen. So they heard the “shut up” (laughing) and Trump’s come along and agreed with it now, and they were expecting Trump to take Bannon to the woodshed. They don’t know… They still haven’t figured out what hit them. And I’m telling you, the Democrat Party, folks… Do not doubt me on this: All of these protests, mass protests at the airports and all this stuff does not mask the fact and does not hide the fact that the Democrat Party is a minority party that is losing its grip, that is losing touch, that is losing seats, that is losing its power.

And these protests are… Part of them is to create the illusion that they are still the majority, that they represent a majority of thinking in the country, that they are more powerful than they’ve ever been — and none of it’s true. This is George Soros bought and paid for and organized for the most part. It is not spontaneous. It’s not specific to this. They have manuals and talking points, things to say when it’s an executive order on ethnicity or foreign nationals of any kind or whatever. And if it comes to Supreme Court nominee, then they’re gonna have another manual that tells ’em what to say as they hit the protest march for that.

It’s not spontaneous.

It is planned.

And, by the way, this is all the Democrat Party has. This is it!

This has become the substance of the Democrat Party.


Total resistance.


RUSH: Don’t doubt me on this stuff, folks. Remember when the Tea Party protested and the Tea Party was marching? What happened? They were ripped to shreds for being “anti-government.” The Tea Party protests were not heralded. The Tea Party protests were not joined. The Tea Party protests were not held up as great examples of time-honored America dissent. They were destroyed! The media tried to destroy them. Remember what happened in Indiana, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act? It’s identical to what happened this weekend with Trump’s executive order.

Remember the bathroom controversy in North Carolina? Transgenders wanted to use whatever bathroom they want for whatever reason. Remember the outrage? It’s identical. It doesn’t matter the issue. The simple fact of the matter is that the Drive-By Media and the American left despise conservatism, and now they despise Trump, more than they are afraid of terrorism or any other real enemy of this country. But all of this… I know there’s been a lot of anxiety over the weekend. That’s why I’ve been chomping at the bit to get here today, to try to calm some of your fears and put this in perspective.

The Democrat Party has not changed. The Democrat Party is still the party that lost, that still only has five states where they have the governorship and the state legislature, and they haven’t done anything to improve their standing. All of this is theater, folks. It is theater designed to make it look like everything happening now is a mistake or the result of fraud or Russian hacking, that a majority of people didn’t really elect Trump, that people do not support what Trump is doing. However, Reuters did venture out into the heartland of America (guess they got their visas) and they can’t find anybody upset with Trump’s executive order in Iowa.

They can’t find anybody upset in the Midwest with it, and they’re seething over it. I was telling people over the weekend who are alarmed at how large and how often these protests materialize. And let’s take us it… With it being a semi-common occurrence, there’s one of two reactions: You either get tired of it and you get mad (which is me) or you get frightened and you get anxious and you start questioning. “Oh, my God. Are these people still the majority and this election was just a fluke?”

No, they are not. If they weren’t being paid and if they weren’t being organized and if they weren’t waiting for marching orders, these protests wouldn’t be nearly as large or intense as they are. But there’s something interesting about this in the fact: Okay, this is what people elected Trump to do. Trump’s doing what he was elected to do, but we’re not a direct democracy. Does that enable a president to do whatever he wants just because he was elected to do it?


RUSH: Time to get started on the phones, and we go to Fort Myers in Florida. Hi, Aaron. You’re up first. It’s great to have you. How you doing?

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. I’m doing great. It’s a pleasure and honor to speak with you. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You know, Rush I was listening to your opening monologue this morning, and I’ve been listening to the news this weekend, how they’re throwing gas on this border wall thing and calling it racism and bigotry for stopping, a temporary halt of entry from a handful of Middle Eastern countries, and something occurred to me, Rush, and you brought this thought into my head. The media and the Democrat Party, by taking the position that they have and calling it something that it’s not, by default are enabling and defending access of current open terrorist passages and networks into this country.

There’s no other way that you can really look at it. Trump is trying to slow the line down, find out who’s coming in here, and we all know this, we all see this, they’re coming in, they’re busing them all over the place. We don’t know who they are. All he’s trying to do is slow the line down and find out who they are. And yet the media and the Democrats are labeling it something it’s not by throwing gas on it, trying to enrage people, trying to get people angry to shut it down. Well, why would you not want to shut down these open networks and these passages into this country? It doesn’t compute. I wonder what side they’re on.

RUSH: Well, this is not unprecedented. For the last four years of the Bush administration the Democrat Party essentially sought the defeat of the United States military and our country in Iraq in order to facilitate the election of a Democrat president in 2008. They were actively undermining the surge, the people behind it, David Petraeus and others. They were routinely accusing Marines of being rapists and terrorizing Iraqi wives and mothers in their homes.

So your observation is right on the money, but it isn’t unprecedented. It’s not the first time. What is really going on here is a bunch of hypocrisy. Barack Obama suspended all immigration from Iraq for six months. There wasn’t any howls of protest over it. And I have a couple other stories from the archives that again will illustrate this hypocrisy. I’m glad you called, Aaron.


RUSH: Okay, Neil in Matthews, North Carolina, you’re next. I’m glad you waited, sir. How you doing?

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I did some research and found out that the LA Times reported that two government sources told them that the wife and accomplice of the San Bernardino terrorist, Syed Farook, who’s a Pakistani national named —

RUSH: What was that name again?

CALLER: Syed Farook.

RUSH: Syed Farook.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I just wanted to see if you can pronounce it twice.


RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: His wife was a Pakistani national named Tashfeen Malik, and she gave false information on her K-1 fiance visa application. The sources said that she used the name of a neighborhood and a street near here home in Pakistan rather than use her family’s real home address, and investigators speculated that the reason she did that was there wouldn’t be any investigation of her family’s alleged ties to Islamic militants in Pakistan.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: Now, if this is true, I think this evidence shows that if we’d had extreme vetting, there may be 14 American citizens still living today.

RUSH: Yeah. I remember this. You’re right. I remember this story specifically, and you’ve got it down pat. For the most part, it’s right on the money, and so is your take on it. But, see, this is classic. It’s a real world example of what the attempt here is and Trump fulfilling a campaign promise and all that, versus this outrageous business that we turned our back on refugees. As though everybody’s entitled into this country! If they’re from anywhere in the world where they’re suffering any kind of stress at all, they’re legally entitled to come to the U.S. — and that’s not true! Trump has specifically said it.

It’s in the executive order. It’s in this executive order what our objective is. It’s to let people in who love America, who want to become Americans, who like America, who doesn’t hate it, who don’t want to undermine it. It’s nothing but pure common sense. I’m telling you, the left saw this as an opportunity to do what they always do: Lie about Republicans. Lie about conservatives, particularly on human rights and compassion-related issues. And the nimrods like that female reporter at USA Today fall in line and pick it up and carry out the theme, as though the United States of America under Republicans is the most cruel place in the world.

That’s what ought to frost you, folks.

Not the protests. Don’t let this stuff scare you. This stuff needs to outrage you, and I think a lot of it does. I think it’s one of the reasons Trump was elected is that people are fed up with this kind of stuff determining policy. This is insanity! This is illusion… This is deluded… What am I trying to say? This is unhinged delusion that is attempting to alter and make policy, and it’s being given substance and weight by a Drive-By Media… It’s infuriating to me, especially when you understand that so little of it is genuinely organic.

And many of the people marching, if you’d take ’em out of the march and ask ’em what they’re marching for, what they’re protesting, won’t be able to tell you in a cogent, coherent manner. They don’t even know! They’ll start blathering on about stuff, and you’ll quickly find out they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’ll start saying, “Human rights violations, and compassion, and civil rights, and the United States, and buh, buh, buh.” They don’t know what they’re saying. It doesn’t matter. The pictures of them all gathering together is what matters.

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