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On Friday, President Trump signs an executive order, effectively halting the flood of Syrian refugees into America. Indefinitely. It also suspended, temporarily, immigration from six other countries where ISIS is running amok: Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen. The suspension is in effect while the administration reviews the immigration “vetting” process.

On Saturday, federal Judge Ann Donnelly – an Obama appointee and Clinton donor – stepped in. She sided with the ACLU on behalf of two Iraqi men, detained at New York’s JFK. She stayed part of the order, agreeing that refugees could face “substantial and irreparable injury” if not allowed entry.

Meanwhile, to say that the left came unglued is an understatement. Protests “suddenly” erupted at airports. New York Democrat Governor Cuomo sent a bunch of “state officials” to JFK to protect the protesters. Senate Minority Leader Chuck-U Schumer tearfully demanded Trump rescind the order.

The Drive-By Media is in feeding-frenzy overdrive. They breathlessly reported that 20 Nobel laureates joined by thousands of Ivy League liberal academics, signed an anti-Trump petition. Which is worthless.

Meanwhile, Trump is standing firm, rebutting claims that the executive order is a ban on Muslims, because it’s not.

But the one thing all the outraged liberals will not address, is the very real “substantial and irreparable injury” that American citizens have endured for years from the multiple terror attacks that inspired the executive order in the first place.

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