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RUSH: Just to demonstrate to you my consistency — and I’m just not saying this today. I want to take you back November 17th last year. This is me, November 17th, last year.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Establishment types and political professionals, both in and outside the government, media, all kinds of people, Washington, had better get ready for the breakneck pace that Trump is going to try to bring to this. Now, the establishment’s not gonna roll over, and there are gonna be plenty of Democrats, procedural moves, say, in the Senate, to try to slow things down, but Trump is not gonna be the one slowing things down.

You watch, folks. The reason Trump was elected is going to be on display. And people are gonna like it. That’s another thing. People are gonna like it. They are going to like the purposeful, intentional pursuit of these objectives, because these objectives are gonna be sought for substantive reasons, not for public relations reasons, not for buzz.

Trump is gonna want to get things done to get things done. He’s not going to want to just survive on appearing to want to get things done. It’s a big, big difference. Trump is going to plow through this bureaucracy like an establishment member would not. Mark my words. Keep an eye on it. Could be really fun to watch.

RUSH: And for me, it is, but for a lot of people, “Oh, no, oh, no, I expected people to support it.” They’re never gonna support it. Folks, we’re dealing with, whatever percentage of the country the left is, do not like this country as founded, and they thought they were on the way to transforming it with Barack Hussein O. By the way, we’re nearing that time where Barry O will be unable to avoid the appeal of the cameras. We’re getting very, very near the point where that prediction that I made is going to happen.

It’ll be presented as the media sought out Obama for reaction on these Draconian things that Trump is doing, and Obama will appear as though he’s reluctant to come forth, but because times are so, so drastic, he’s forced to comment, and he’ll start weighing in on it, and it’ll give added weight to the protesters and the Drive-Bys and everything else. You’re gonna have to stand firm and solid and tall against it, ’cause it’s all planned, it’s all in the works.


RUSH: Hey, folks, how long ago was it that I said it’s about time for Obama to show up? We’re getting close to when Obama’s gonna call the media and say he doesn’t support what’s going on. Well, it’s happened. I think it was a half hour ago, 25 minutes ago that I predicted this, said it’s about time. It’s a Politico story: “Obama Supports Protests: ‘American Values Are at Stake’ — Former President Barack Obama’s office released a statement Monday supporting the protests going on around the country.”

Of course he does! He’s a community organizer! This is what he does! Organizing these kinds of mass protests is Obama’s resume. This is what he did! So of course he supports this. “He released a statement Monday supporting the protests going on around the country, and speaking out against discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion, saying ‘American values are at stake.'”

George W. Bush, how many years? At least five, six, seven, if ever. Anyway, not to make this about me, but, folks, I predicted this starting a year ago that this was gonna happen, and it was one of the things I warned you about. The only area I’m wrong, he didn’t call the cameras in. It’s a released statement. But he supports the protesters, which of course he does, and because American values are at stake.

This presumption that the left defines and owns American values, that offends me deeply. They are anti-American values. They’re all about uprooting traditional American values. They’re all about transforming away from traditional American values, by definition!

That’s the whole point of the Obama administration was to scrub existing traditions, institutions and so forth and replace them. And then they come along and speak as though traditional American values are at stake. All that’s happening here is the American value of national security and self-protection, national defense is taking place.

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