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RUSH: Here’s Mary, Castroville, Texas, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hey.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you?

RUSH: I’m fine. Thank you.

CALLER: I feel like I’m back in school. What good info on the pipelines.

RUSH: You feel like you’re back in school?

CALLER: Yes. I’m getting so much information from you.

RUSH: Oh! Oh! Good. Thank you.

CALLER: It’s a compliment.

RUSH: I hated school. That’s why when I —

CALLER: (laughing) I have a question. So maybe I’ve been asleep for a long time, but when did we become such a racist society?

RUSH: Well, see, we’re not. We’re not. We have made so many advances in race relations in this country. That’s the thing about what the left has been doing, Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, and Baltimore, what enrages me is that they’re trying to make it look like we haven’t made any advances since slavery. They really are trying to make that point. And if that’s a bit too extreme, maybe they’re trying to say that we haven’t had any advances since the sixties and civil rights, but all of it is purposely divisive. We’re not the racist society the Democrats want everybody to believe that we are. Do you think we are?

CALLER: No, but, you know, listening to all these celebrities, I mean, I’m telling you, it makes me — I’m not even watching movies anymore. My music is very limited. I mean, if they’re talking about equal pay in Hollywood, why aren’t they protesting there? Why did they have to wait until now to talk about equal pay amongst them? I mean, I’m sure that’s not something that just happened overnight.

RUSH: Well, you talked about your learning and getting so much information. Hollywood people, for the most part, are genuinely ignorant. I’m not saying stupid. They don’t know half what they think they know. They are used mouthpieces. By the way, that isn’t working. I would think the people using Hollywood celebrities to sell things would realize it’s backfiring on ’em. It’s not working. It’s not changing anybody’s mind. Hillary didn’t win and she had every meaningful Hollywood celebrity there was behind her.

The celebrity quotient, the celebrity factor issue by issue by issue, it isn’t working. People have lost respect for them. This is not what they want out of actors and actresses and other celebrities. They don’t want to know what they think about politics. It’s none of their business. The celebrities approach people as though we’re the idiots, we don’t know what we’re doing, they’re the smart ones, we should listen. Martin Sheen and his buddies trying to tell the Electoral College what to do?

You know, I think you’re right to offended by it but your question is great, because it’s rhetorical. When did we become such a racist society? We’re not. And we’re not the sexist society that they want you to think that we are. We are not the discriminatory society. There has been all kinds of progress. And the left is out there, at the same time they’re decrying all this claiming credit for all the advances.

You know, Obama’s talking about all the great advances we’ve made in our cultural evolution, we’ve now got gay marriage. I mean, we just elected the first black president, the richest TV personality in America is a black woman, and yet at the same time they want to tell us what racists we all are?

The Democrat National Committee, there’s a woman seeking the chairmanship who claims her job is to shut up white people. If you go to college classes today you’ll find that white privilege is one of the predominantly taught courses. And white privilege seeks to explain how white people have had all the advantages from the founding and they’ve taken everything for themselves. They’ve left scraps and crumbs for everybody else, and that means it’s time to take it back, take it away from the white majority.

It’s the Democrat Party behind all this and they are losing and losing and losing. The American people, for the longest time, bit their tongues and went along with all these silly ideas that we’re racist and sexist and bigoted. And all those things are techniques whereby the left can divide people and primarily dispirit people like you, depress people like you into giving up, thinking you’ve lost your country, thinking it’s pointless in fighting back.

And it’s backfiring on them big time. We’re not racist, as they believe. We’re not a misogynistic society. We’re not a sexist society. It’s embarrassing and it’s insulting. So I’m glad you asked the question. I really am. Thank you.

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