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RUSH: Okay, the two championship games are coming up in the NFL this weekend. The three o’clock game is the Atlanta Falcons hosting the Packers. I have thought the Atlanta Falcons are the dark horse in these playoffs since the wild card round began. They were not a wild card. They got a bye week. They manhandled their first-round opponent. Now they’ve got the Packers coming in. The Packers have beaten them there. The Packers are on a roll. Aaron Rodgers is on a win streak.

So the question is: Are the Falcons more diverse, confident, powerful, than the Cowboys were? Georgia Dome, last game there. I don’t know if it’ll have any sentimental value. But that’s a tough one. Just picking straight up it’s tough. But I’m gonna go with the Packers. The Steelers and Patriots… Folks, I hate to say, the Steelers just cannot beat the Patriots there. The Steelers haven’t beat the Patriots, I don’t know how long it’s been in New England. (interruption) Yeah, that’s another thing.

It’s been reported that 15 Steelers players have had the 24-hour stomach flu this week, and some of them — most of them — have not practiced. You ever had that? That 24-hour intestinal flu? I mean, you can lose seven, eight pounds of fluid during that 24-hour period. I don’t know. The NFL is mandatory that teams are honest on their injury report information, so I doubt that that’s a tactic.

But we’ll see. I mean, upsets are possible, certainly hoped for. But, man, the Steelers have an impossible task. They don’t beat the Patriots in Pittsburgh very much. And certainly… The Steelers have lost two championship games in Pittsburgh to the Patriots; now they’re going to New England. Weather is not gonna be a factor. I think it’s 48 degrees in New England. Georgia is in a dome.

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