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RUSH: Yeah, look, I know the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd, they go nuts if I talk about golf. Did I tell you yesterday I shot a 76 on Sunday? Did I tell you that? Yeah, and it would have been a 74 if I hadn’t double bogeyed 18. People said, “Where?” I said, “It was at Emerald Dunes.” It was out in… I don’t know. It’s West Palm Beach, I guess. But it was at Emerald Dunes. So if you want to look at Emerald Dunes, you can look at it on a map. I’m sure it’s on Google Map or whatever. You can see the 18th hole, and I’ll just tell you: My second shot, I had my drive.

It’s a long hole — it’s always into the wind — and I hit a boomer drive, maybe 280, and I had 150 in that was playing 185. (interruption) No, heck, no! I’m not ready for pro anything. (interruption) Not in athletics. No, no. No, no. But I had 151 yards in, but the wind was a gale. I was playing 180/85, and I goofed up. I grabbed my 6-iron, which is my 180 club, and because of the wind I put some draw spin on it, turned it in. It went way left, and I ended up in the rough just shy of pin high left and it’s just… It’s a mangled fescue kind of rough and it took me two chops to get out of there.

What I should have done if I was thinking… But nobody told me. I don’t keep score when I’m playing and nobody told me how I was doing, so I was just enjoying hitting the ball well. I should have hit a 7- or 8-iron and laid up in the fairway and then had my third shot be the chip on. But, you know, you’re out there playing well and it’s just 151 yards even if it is playing 180. You go for it. It’s a narrow green. It’s a slab of bacon. Not very wide, very long and so forth. (tone) I was gonna talk about Emerald Dunes, but, look, here’s the ear-splitting tone.

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