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RUSH: Wait ’til you hear. This 35-page “dossier” — that’s another thing.  You notice the media yesterday calling this document that they claimed that Trump had — did you hear what this was, Wendy?  You didn’t hear what they accused Trump of?  Basically, they said Trump hired prostitutes to come urinate on a bed at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow because Barack and Michelle had slept on the bed.

That was one of the allegations, and it turns out the Democrat Party is behind this.  A donor and a strategist for Planned Parenthood wrote the dossier, a guy who has worked for Planned Parenthood. Do not ever doubt me when I tell you that everything in opposition to Trump is gonna have its roots in the Democrat Party, to one of their think tanks, to one of their groups, to one of their institutions, to Hillary and Bill Clinton. It’s inescapable. The guy that wrote this dossier — that’s another thing, you call the report a dossier, a “dossier.”

That makes it sound really European. “Wow, it must be really serious stuff! It’s a ‘dossier.'”  It’s like calling a report “a white paper.”  “Well, I submitted a white paper.”  “What’s a white paper?”  “Oh, it’s a report, a specific report. Specific.  It’s a white paper.”  “No, you submitted a report, not a white paper. What’s a white paper?”  Well, they did a “dossier,” 35 pages of unsigned memos containing charges like… (interruption) Those are called “golden showers,” by the way, is a name for it.  You can call prostitute companies and order the golden shower, and that’s what will happen.  The prostitutes will come over.

And that’s what they accused Trump of doing.  And the guy that has worked for Planned Parenthood wrote the dossier.  We have learned this today.  And, of course, I think the media knew this and that’s why they ran with it.  The media is the quasi-military wing of the Democrat Party, and they wanted to use this all during the campaign.  They couldn’t find any verification for it, they couldn’t find any evidence, and so they ran with it anyway, and they did so claiming that they got it from the intelligence agencies.

And it turns on out… (interruption) Well, no. “The opposition research firm that hired a former British spy to dig up dirt on Donald Trump is the same shady outfit that was hired by Planned Parenthood to put a positive spin on videos showing the sale of baby parts.” This is the series of videos that illustrated that genuinely disgusting stuff that goes on in Planned Parenthood: Harvesting fetuses, harvesting the body parts and selling them. They were caught doing so.

“The New York Times reported on Wednesday that Washington D.C.-based Fusion GPS is the firm that hired Christopher Steele, the former British spy” for MI6, their version of the CIA, “who authored the salacious but unsubstantiated 35-page Trump dossier that was published by BuzzFeed on Tuesday.” You know, these guys all know each other.  I think the people in the media knew that this was the work of a Democrat group, much like Robert Creamer did the work of hiring protests to show up and disrupt Trump rallies with Clinton campaign money.

These people are all on the same team.  They have different groups and different names but they’re all on the same team and they all know each other.  So I have no doubt that all of these news organizations, BuzzFeed and the like, probably knew where the origin of this was, and they knew it wasn’t intel.  This was the thing. It was a fake, made-up document by somebody that’s worked for Planned Parenthood.  It was the Democrat Party, folks.  It always is going to be the Democrat Party.

This story was made to look like some independent body of research from nonpartisan intelligence agencies who only want to take the national security of the United States and make it paramount.  BS.

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