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RUSH: Get this, folks. The inspector general of the Department of Justice has announced that they are investigating the FBI and the Justice Department over the way the DOJ and the FBI conducted the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

In other words, Obama has ordered the people that police the DOJ to investigate the DOJ and the FBI, that means Comey, to find out exactly what they were doing and what they were thinking and why they did it in the Hillary email investigation. Now, you might be saying, “But wait, but wait. I mean, they leave office here on January 20th. These are career people in there.” That’s another thing, folks. Trump can’t clear out everybody, get rid of U.S. attorneys, got a new attorney general in there, and it’s gonna matter.

Sessions is gonna matter, but there’s gonna be, in the Department of Justice, there’s gonna be an EPA. There is going to be, in any number of these cabinet-level departments, there’s going to be saboteurs. There are going to be career and Democrat appointed positions in there, and not all of them are gonna be swept out. I can’t begin to predict the number of efforts that will be made to undermine the incoming new cabinet secretaries and President Trump. Hey, that’s part of the way the game is played. That will not be anything new.

Now, the difference is, say, when George W. Bush came in, because the acrimony had been so vicious in the recount in Florida that W came in and thought that he could unify and bring people together by leaving a number of Clinton appointees, say, at the Department of Justice, or over at the EPA, or at the State Department, you name it. And what happened was a bunch of Clinton appointees stayed in there to undermine George W. Bush.

Same thing with the intelligence communities, CIA, DIA, you name it. I mean, there are a lot of career leftists in every one of these bureaucracies and their purpose is going to be to undermine. Their purpose is going to be to make sure Trump doesn’t succeed and that’s not new. That’s common. When Bush came in and fired a number of U.S. attorneys, the media and the Democrats acted like he’d committed some kind of crime, and they focused on it and they accused Bush of trying to become an emperor and a king and deny voting rights and civil rights.

Yet Bill Clinton fired every U.S. attorney the first month in office, all 93 of them. They didn’t say a word. They said, “Well, standard operating procedure. Presidents want their own lawyers in there.” When W. did it, you would have thought it was the end of our republic. That’s why we’re here, folks, to keep a sharp eye on all of this stuff and to clue you in on it.

I’ll give you another example. We were just talking about fringe news and how we left it alone, fringe news about Obama, we left it alone. They on the left will not. Look at John McCain. John McCain is a seasoned veteran Republican Senator from Arizona, and he is up to his eyebrows in this fake dossier. John McCain’s fingerprints in getting this dossier into the mainstream media are glaring and obvious. I can’t remember John McCain ever engaging in a similar kind of energetic behavior to discredit a Democrat. This is one of many people’s problems with Senator McCain.

Also, Senator McCain, along with Senator Rubio, have said they may not be able to vote for Rex Tillerson. You see, McCain’s claim to fame is this maverick persona where he goes against the grain of his own party. The Drive-By Media eats it up and loves him and puts him on a pedestal, of course ’til he wants to be president, then they destroy him, run rumors on the front page of New York Times he was having an affair. He couldn’t believe it. He thought the media was his base.

But Rubio, I noticed this yesterday, Rubio’s questioning of Tillerson was vicious. Well, not vicious. I would categorize it as intolerant. (imitating Rubio) “Would you agree that Putin is a war criminal? Would you agree?” I’m thinking, Senator Rubio, he can’t say that, even if he does think it, he’s the nation’s number one diplomat. You don’t talk that way when you’re a diplomat. The media can talk that way, Senators can take that way, but the secretary of state’s gotta speak in this obscure diplomatic lingo. Can’t come out and say that.

But this is all part and parcel, folks, of Trump is illegitimate ’cause the Russians tampered with our election. Now, McCain’s just doing it — look, you can understand McCain, too. I mean, after all, Trump said of McCain that he had no admiration for him ’cause he got captured. He prefers generals that don’t get captured. Do not doubt. This is only human nature. McCain’s probably been seething about that from the day it happened, and McCain has probably been eager for Trump to lose since that happened.

So if they want to make this stuff personal, it’s understandable that McCain would try to block Trump in certain areas, Tillerson being one. When it comes to Sessions, Joe Manchin, Democrat, West Virginia, has announced he’s gonna vote for Sessions. So I don’t know that there’d be Republican defections on Sessions, but there might be on Tillerson, and if there are they’re gonna need some Democrats to vote for Tillerson if he is to be confirmed.

They’re asking him all kinds of questions that he really can’t answer because he wouldn’t speak that way normally. You know what I’m saying? “Do you think Putin’s a war criminal? You understand Putin’s a mass murder? You think,” blah, blah. “I’d need to check the record, senator.”

“What do you mean check the record? Can’t you tell the guy murders, ever heard of Crimea?”

“Well, Senator, I need to check the record on that.”

“What do you mean you need to check the record? Can’t you just tell me whether you think Putin is a war criminal?”

“Well, I don’t want to.” Tillerson’s got a very narrow road that he has to walk.

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