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RUSH:  You know, as I sit here and observe the scene, ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to report to you that the Democrats in the last couple/three days, have really lost their mojo.  The Democrats normally make it appear like they are infallible, that they are unbeatable, that they’re in total control of innuendo, the agenda, the narrative, whatever it is, and they’ve lost control of it in the last three days, and I must say it’s a beautiful thing to see.  I’ll give you an example.  This effort — and, by the way, there’s a headline in TheHill.com here.

If you want to know what this whole “dossier” and this report about Trump and the blackmailable behavior in which he engaged that Putin knew and was holding — this whole fake circumstance — the headline in TheHill.com: “Remedy for Russian Meddling Should Be New Election.”  Do not doubt me when I tell you their objective is still the impeachment of Donald Trump.  If they could prevent him from being sworn in, they would do it.  They’re trying.  That’s what all of this is, folks.  Everything they’re doing is oriented toward destroying Trump.

And they’re not trying to do it by breaking the bond between Trump and his supporters.  They’re going at it in a different way.  That would be what would happen if they succeeded, but that’s not the target.  But they are miscalculating wildly.  Let’s look at this release of the Trump dossier.  This was supposed to bring Trump to his knees.  This was supposed to maybe disqualify Trump.  The purpose of this — and we now know that it was made up, totally made up and paid for originally by a Republican who didn’t like Trump who paid for it.

This Republican eventually tired of the project when it didn’t take.  This dossier’s been out there for months.  It didn’t go anywhere.  The Republican gave up on it, said he wanted no more part of it.  The Democrats picked it up and gave it legs and continued working it in their media cycles and sources, and they started building the case for its eventual release.  They couldn’t ever verify anything in it or they would have released it before the election. They would have released it right after the election.  They could not find any verification for anything in it, so they were trying other ways.

And the one thing that they are not going to give up on is the Russians “hacked the election,” and that’s why Trump won. I want to be very clear about this: There is no evidence, and there is not a single official assertion from anyone anywhere that Russian hacking had anything to do with the election outcome in terms of counting the votes.  The Democrat Party and the media, the way they refer to this instance and the way they word it, “Russians hacked the election,” they are trying to convince as many Americans as possible that what the Russians actually did was tamper with the vote.

That’s what they want people to conclude. They’ll not say that, but the phraseology and the word choices they make are designed to create that impression.  And they have not let go, and they won’t let go.  They are continuing to focus on it and to harp on it.  They will never, ever, it appears, admit they lost the election.  In their minds, they didn’t lose it. It was taken from them. It was stolen by the Russians working with and for Trump.  And that is the rubric under which every news story about Trump is occurring.

That is the foundation for every assertion that Trump is illegitimate, his election is not legitimate. The effort to delegitimize Trump is rooted in the lie that the Russians hacked the election.  There are even some Republicans who are helping. Some conservative bloggers, some Republican elected officials in the Republican establishment are helping to move that narrative, because there’s so much hate, there’s so much anger, there’s so much disgust for Donald Trump for having done what he did, for beating them at their own game, for winning as an outsider, and for winning the way he did it.

It’s not supposed to be possible.  They, in their world, are supposed to be able to stop anybody that they don’t want getting anywhere in terms of political power.  They’re able to stop whatever Republican they want; they’re able to stop any outsider. Their association with the media and themselves and moneyed interests are designed to stop any upstart.  And Trump beat them, and they can’t accept it.  And so the meme, the narrative is out there that the Russians hacked the election.

So Trump in his press conference yesterday happened to acknowledge that the Russians had indeed been behind the hacking of the DNC.  And the media is having an orgasm, and some conservative bloggers are having an orgasm.  Some of the Never Trumpers on the right are having an orgasm because Trump thought finally admitted it! “Trump admitted that the Russians hacked the election!” No.  Trump is saying he’s acknowledging and agreeing what others have said, and that is Russian hackery succeeded in penetrating the computers at the Democrat National Committee which revealed the John Podesta emails.

Not a single bit of information revealed in the John Podesta emails has been challenged as untrue.  In fact, it’s all true.  Now, to the point of what impact did that have on voters, nobody can ever know.  We can never know.  Polling data, there’s no way of knowing. Even if you polled it, there’s no way you could definitively know whether or not the publication of emails from the John Podesta account… Remember, Hillary Clinton’s name — well, Hillary wasn’t her… None of her emails appeared from this hack.

It was all Podesta’s, and so it’d be impossible to say that that hack, the successful intrusion in the Democrat National Committee computers by the Russians is the reason Trump won.  Nobody could ever make the case.  But the media is not saying that. The Democrats are not saying that.  Democrats are saying Russians “hacked the election.”  They’re lying through their teeth, and they know it.  It would have been impossible for Russians to hack the election.  Most voting machines are not even connected to the internet, number one.  Number two, it would simply be too massive a project if you want to hack the election result.

Votes consist of two things, folks, as I have said previous occasions.  You cast ballots and you count them.  The media and the Democrats are trying to convince any number of you that the Russians somehow got involved in the casting and counting of votes and ended up with Trump winning.  You realize the Russians wouldn’t know where to go? If anybody wanted to hack… The voting machines are not connected, number one.  How do you know which precincts?  How do you know which districts?

How do you know which states for sure?  In fact, folks, you want to know the truth of the matter?  The truth of the matter is that if the Russians were attempting to do anything, it was probably secure the election for Hillary. If they have any desire, that was probably it.  But no way you’re gonna hear that from the Drive-Bys.  Now, you may say, “Come on, Rush! We know all this.”  I know you may, but I want to emphasize that this is gonna be a four-year story, folks.  They are not going to let this go.

All of this, every bit of news that they report about the Trump presidency and the campaign, the election, is rooted in the narrative that Trump’s election was stolen by the Russians and it’s not legitimate, the vote was flawed, the vote was hacked. It’s what they’re trying to make people believe.  We don’t know if it’s gonna be successful or not.  I think to date it hasn’t been.  I don’t think there is any great sympathy for the case they’re trying to make on the part of the American people.  But they’re not gonna let go of it.

For example, CNN.  Hardest hit by yesterday’s press conference, totally dissed.  CNN cast as fake news.  CNN’s already been backtracking and, “Hey, we didn’t do anything wrong,” and they’ve been trying distance themselves from BuzzFeed, and they’re making all these excuses.  And then it got worse for ’em when they found out that Clapper, the intelligence chief for Obama, actually called Trump to tell him, “Hey, that stuff didn’t come from us in the intel community.”

Now, that just blew everything to smithereens. Actually, it was blown to smithereens yesterday when NBC reported — folks, this is fundamentally important and key.  NBC News reported during the program yesterday that this 35-page dossier was not something Trump was briefed on. It was not something Obama was briefed on.  One of the reasons the media said they ran with it is when they learned that the intelligence agencies gave Trump and Obama a briefing on the dossier.

It turns out, folks, it’s even better than you dreamed.  What really happened was the CIA and the intelligence agencies were using the dossier as an example to Trump of the kind of stuff that can enter the domain.  They practically admitted that a manufactured, fake document was prepared for the purposes of showing Trump the kind of stuff that’s out there.  And this was rooted in the fact that Trump was publicly saying he didn’t need an intel briefing every day.  So they were trying to make the case to him, “Yes, you do need an intel briefing every day.”  And that 35-page dossier was to be an example of the kind of BS that’s out there.

It was never real.  This blows whatever arguments BuzzFeed presented for doing this and whatever justification CNN offered, it blows it sky-high and distorts it, blows it away because it was not real, and the intel community admitted it, and Clapper called Trump today to say this didn’t come from us.  And the media told us it did.  All day yesterday, what everybody was up to speed about was that what was different about this was this was the intel community, and the question was, “Was the intel community fighting back at Trump?  Has Trump made an enemy of the intel community?”

So Clapper today, from Obama’s security briefing agency, calls Trump, “It wasn’t from us.”  Well, that leaves one suspect:  the media, which is the Democrat Party.  And now we know that the author was somebody hired by the same PR firm used by Planned Parenthood.  This was nothing but a dirty trick, a political attack from the Democrat Party.

So now what CNN’s doing, they’ve got an eight-person panel right now discussing the proposition “Trump nominees contradict campaign rhetoric.”  They’re trying to say that Trump’s cabinet nominees are saying things entirely different from what Trump said.  And what they’re trying to do is thereby cast doubt on Trump’s honesty.  Trump’s out there campaigning on this, that, or whatever, but his cabinet appointees, why, they’re presenting contradictory information, they’re telling an entirely different story.  I can explain this so that first graders would understand it.


RUSH:  No, no, no, no, I didn’t lose my place, I never lose my place.  The point I was making about Democrats losing their mojo, there are two things that have happened here that have been totally obscured by the Democrats’ mistake in trying to make this dossier stick.  The two things that were supposed to be dominating the news right now, number one — actually, three things.

Obama’s farewell address was supposed to get the lion’s share of coverage Tuesday night and all day Wednesday, and it was supposed to be a love fest. It was supposed to be, “Oh, my God, look what we’re gonna miss, oh, my God, look what we’re going to lose, oh, this is terrible, this wonderful man is going away, oh, my God,” gonna spend all day doing that.  But nobody heard a word about it because they miscalculated with the release of the dossier.

The next thing that was to happen at the confirmation hearings, Cory Booker made history by being the first sitting president to take the witness chair to speak against the nominee, Jeff Sessions, for attorney general.  Cory Booker was supposed to be auditioning as the next Obama.  Cory Booker was supposed to be the focus of news during that portion of the Sessions confirmation hearings.

It turns out they’re very lucky that didn’t happen ’cause Booker was horrible.  Booker — I mean, it became obvious to everyone, even the Democrat media, it was so bad they couldn’t cover it.  They had to ignore it because it was so obvious what Booker was doing.  He wasn’t there really to stop Sessions, because he didn’t offer any evidence.  He makes all these claims about Sessions, but there wasn’t any evidence.  Even the Drive-By Media is going, “Huh?  Is that it?”  And they had to conclude that he was up there auditioning as the next African-American Democrat presidential nominee, yes!

And the next thing that was supposed to happen was full attention on all of the controversial Trump cabinet nominees and their nomination hearings, confirmation hearings.  And we were supposed to hear about what a lame brain idiot Sessions is and what a threat he poses to minorities and then we’re supposed to hear about how what a really dangerous guy the global warming Rex Tillerson is and we’re supposed to hear all of this horrible stuff.

The media was gonna be able to focus on these confirmation hearings like it was Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas all over again, and none of it happened because they’re failure to nail Trump with that dossier sucked all the media oxygen out of the room.

Now, they don’t usually make mistakes like this.  They don’t.  I mean, these are major, major goof-ups.  They run the media.  They determine the narrative.  But they don’t know what they’re up against.  I maintain they still are making the mistake of trying to plug Trump into their system.  The big news is that McCain and Rubio might not vote for Tillerson.  And about this CNN story, nominees are contradicting campaign rhetoric.


RUSH:  By the way, here’s another thing.  I just want to remind you of this.  If Hillary won the popular vote, didn’t the Russians get it done?  If the Russians hacked the election — if the purpose of the hacking was to get Hillary Clinton the election — what more could they do?  Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Therefore, the Russians succeeded.  Why couldn’t we say, “If Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, then the Russians did what they intended to do”?  I mean, if the Russians are gonna hack the election and a person gets a majority of the popular vote, why isn’t the conclusion then that the Russians wanted Hillary to win?

No, see, the left says, “No, no, no, no! The Russians hacked the electoral vote.”  How do they do it?  How did the Russians know which states were gonna matter?  How did the Russians…?  How did they get into all those different precincts? How did they tamper with machines that are not on the internet? How do they do it?  This is all such caca.  This is what’s frustrating dealing with these people, is they just out-and-out lie.

They spread innuendo; they daily repeat it so that mind-numbed low-information people keep hearing it over and over again and end up thinking it’s true, without ever stopping to think about it.  And they’re not gonna go away.  They’re gonna continue doing this.  This is all they’ve got:  The Russians stole the election from them because the Russians like Trump, and Trump likes the Russians.  Really?  If all that happened, then how did it Hillary get the majority of the popular vote, hmm?  Chew on that, commie SOBs.

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