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RUSH: One more little detail on this entire bogus Trump story. Which, again, the big thing in the Trump story: The golden showers. This is Trump hiring prostitutes to come to the hotel room, the presidential suite, hotel room in Moscow and to urinate on the bed because Barack Obama and Michelle Obama slept in the bed, and it was a way that Trump in a childish way wanted to disrespect them and get even with them. For what, I don’t know.  That’s one of the things alleged that there’s no evidence for and they can’t find any — and they won’t because it didn’t happen.

Now, what’s behind this — the reason the media is all hot to trot for it and the intelligence agencies — again it goes back to Russian hacking.  The media, again, and the establishment are just beside themselves that Hillary lost.  They can’t explain it to themselves.  It doesn’t compute.  Trump should have gotten no more than 20% of the vote.  They lived the entire campaign ignoring the polls and thinking that Trump was no threat and that Hillary was a goddess and was going to win in an electoral landslide.

It didn’t happen, and so it has to be because of some outside force. It has to be some suspicious outside force.  It can’t be that they ran a lousy campaign.  It can’t be that the eight years of Obama told the American people they don’t want anymore of this crap.  It can’t be that Hillary was a lousy candidate.  It can’t be that Hillary didn’t even campaign in states because she was so confident she was gonna win ’em.  It can’t be that they didn’t know what they were doing.  And it can’t be that Donald Trump was accepted and supported by so many people, because he’s such a reprobate.

So it had to be the Russians! The Russians had to hack the election.  They will not let go of it.  And this story from BuzzFeed and CNN last night, intelligence agencies, was helped to be spread by John McCain and another Republican political operative by the name of Rick Wilson.  It’s all rooted in the belief that the reason Trump will not say anything bad about Putin is because all this stuff is true and the Russians are able to blackmail Trump because they’ve got all of this information of perverted behavior by Trump.

It’s all part of their belief that the Russians hacked the election and caused Hillary to lose.  So they’re living that delusion.  It is part of them.  They have intellectually and emotionally accepted that that’s why they lost, and they’re living that lie.  It has become their reality.  So all of this, anything that comes along that supports that belief — and this would accomplish it because this is what Putin has over Trump. This is why Trump will not come out and be critical of Putin.  The report was put out by the CIA to finally answer the question, “Why on earth would the Russians want Trump over Hillary?”

See, the people that are upset by this can’t imagine that the Russians would prefer Trump, because Hillary’s such a superior candidate. She’s so much more serious as a person. She’s a great diplomat. She’s got a relationship with them! They can’t accept that Putin would try to ruin Hillary’s chance.  So this report was put out by the CIA to answer the question: Why on earth would the Russians want Trump over Hillary?  We’re supposed to think it’s because Trump would be easy to blackmail.  You know where this falls apart (chuckles) is if anybody’s blackmailable, it’s Hillary!  If anybody’s server was hacked, it was Hillary’s!

If anybody’s server was hacked, it was the Democrat National Committee.  If anybody cheated anybody on the election, it was Hillary cheating Bernie Sanders.  The degree to which the left and the Democrats are living a lie is dangerous, folks.  It is psychologically dangerous, and they have now incorporated elements of the intelligence agencies to join them in this myth, in this delusion.  I told you, I said way back… You remember when Trump first went to the White House to meet with Obama, and Trump came out of there?

It was a 15-minute meeting that went an hour and a half, and Trump came out singing Obama’s praises. He was talking about how nice Obama was and how much he liked Obama. He was shocked and surprised. He liked Obama, and Obama had promised him that he would help him, whatever he needed in both the transition and in his new presidency.  And I had all kinds of you emailing me and calling here, “Oh, no! Don’t tell me it’s the same old thing. Don’t know tell me Trump… Oh, no, don’t tell me Trump’s siding with Obama.”

I said, “No, it’s not that. This is what it is.  We live right now in a precariously dangerous time.  We have a Democrat Party and a narcissistic president who have been surprisingly vanquished — humiliatingly, repudiatedly defeated.  Obama campaigned on his agenda and he was told to take a hike.”  It was a personal political repudiation of Barack Obama and his policies.  I said, “Trump knows how dangerous a time this is, because there are two months between it and Trump’s inauguration, and the people who were just humiliated and the people that were just repudiated and just lost still control the levers of power for two more months.”

I said, “Make sure that you keep that in mind whenever you see Trump saying or doing anything that doesn’t look like it makes sense to you,” and I give you that as another example here today, explaining what’s going on.  It is dangerous out there.  We’ve got another week, folks.  We have a… I don’t know that I’ve accurately described this, how dangerously delusional, close to on the brink of sanity the establishment of Washington is, primarily the Democrats and the media.  I mean, you talk about repudiation? The media, in their minds, they’re the ones that run the establishment!

They determine who succeeds and who doesn’t.  They’re able to destroy anyone they want with one story, with one raised eyebrow on the evening news.  They’re used to being able to destroy anybody, and they haven’t needed evidence. They just need the charge, just an allegation, just innuendo.  And they’ve thrown everything they have at Trump throughout the campaign.  They’ve had assistance from that Inside Hollywood Access video or whatever it was, all those different elements.

Every different thing that was supposed to destroy Trump and would have destroyed any other Republican, Trump not only survives, he actually grows more powerful after surviving each one of these attacks.  And they’re beside themselves.  They are now, in their minds, in their world, they are a week away, seven days, eight days, whatever, away — well, nine — from losing everything.  They’re nine, 10 days away from absolute Purgatory.  Their world is upside down.  Every tactic and technique at their disposal to protect themselves, to destroy their enemies, is ineffective.  They think they’ve got nuclear weapons.

They got cherry bombs that don’t even fire.  They can’t deal with it.  Trump and his team know this.  They know it better than I do, and I’m just reminding you again of the circumstances to explain why all this is happening.  Right now, the Civil Rights Coalition and the Congressional Black Caucasians are testifying at the Jeff Sessions hearings, and they’re up there talking about what a racist pig he is and how he’s gonna shred the Constitution and how he doesn’t like black people and how he wants to put black people in jail, whatever. I mean, I’m not listening to it.  I shouldn’t say that they’re saying that because I’m really not hearing it, but… (interruption) Well, he does.

I’m getting there.  They are launching all kinds of attacks that are not true, racist and personal attacks on Sessions that are not true.  In fact, a Senate precedent has been set.  Cory Booker, who is African-American, Senator from New Jersey, has become the first Senator in the history of the United States to testify against a fellow Senator during that fellow Senator’s confirmation hearings.

Now, you might say, “Why is it unprecedented?”  Because Senators, during the vote on the floor of the Senate, have all the time they want to say whatever they want about the nominee.  That’s why it’s unprecedented.  We’ve never had a United States Senator actually assume the witness chair and speak out against a fellow Senator.  This is a huge violation of the code of conduct in the Senate.  And people are asking me, “Why is this happening?”

I’ll tell you exactly why it’s happening.  Somebody asked, “Who is this Cory Booker?  Who does he think he is?”  I’ll tell you exactly.  They think he’s the next Obama, folks.  He is being groomed as the next Barack Obama.  It’s sort of a test-market here.  He’s auditioning, let’s put it that way.  Booker is auditioning to be the next Obama, i.e., the next African-American Democrat to run for the presidency.  And if he passes the test today with whatever he says about Sessions, then that’s to his favor and they’ll have some factions of the Democrat Party lining up.

That’s all this is about.  In fact, most of these hearings, since the Democrats can’t stop these nominees, ’cause they don’t have the votes, most of this is about fundraising and kowtowing to this fringe lunatic base of the Democrat Party or positioning themselves for power in out years, which is what Booker is doing.  But in addition to the Congressional Black Caucasians and the civil rights coalition, Sessions has his own cadre of African-American supporters.

And once again, here you have the Democrats thinking they know how to take out a nominee, they know how to destroy a nominee, they know how to behave so as to get proper media coverage working with their buddies in the media to then run stories about what a racist pig Jeff Sessions is, but it’s being undermined yet again because Sessions has an equal number of African-Americans who are supporting him and who are saying that what the leftist African-Americans are saying is not true.

What you are watching is Donald Trump and his team fighting back and refusing to accept the lay of the land as it’s always been.  Not the Republicans; Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is showing everybody in the Republican Party how it’s done.  And in the process, Trump is illustrating all of the stuff that need not have happened all of these recent years if we would have just fought back instead of being afraid of the media, instead of being afraid of the charge of racism, and you can’t be called anything worse than what they’ve tried to call Donald Trump.

You can’t be accused of much worse than what they’ve accused Trump of being and doing.  And has it affected him?  Is he cowering in fear in the corner?  Is he crying?  Is he whining?  Is he saying, “I can’t, the media, I can’t.”  No.  He’s running out there and just cutting them down to size.  He’s conducting a class in how this is done.  It’s really a beautiful thing to watch, and that’s why people all over this country, when they see these things, are standing up and cheering.

And with every one of these attacks, such as this so-called intel brief last night, every attack that fails makes it all that much more difficult for the next one to work.  They’re shooting their wad here even before Trump has been inaugurated.  It really is fascinating to watch all this play out.  Here you have Rex Tillerson.  He’s not a professional politician.  He’s running rings around these guys.  And you know how he’s doing it?  Honesty.  Honesty and reality.

There’s nothing phony.  There’s no staged, political answers. There’s no political consultant.  He may be getting some advice here on things, but these are real people answering questions how they would be behave in their real world, and the people in the political world are just not equipped to deal with it.  Their world is an entirely different world where phoniness and buzz and PR and innuendo and diplomacy define reality.  And these are people from the real world with real people and merit based achievements and real problems that you actually have to confront and solve, not kick the can down the road for somebody else.


RUSH:  Yeah, yeah, you know what?  I just tuned into the Session hearings and I think it was John Lewis: “Jeff Sessions will not enforce the Voting Rights Act.”  Do you realize, I’ve been hearing about this for 20 years about how Republicans are not gonna enforce the Voting Rights Act.  It’s not the Republicans that stand in the way of people voting, for crying out loud, and it traditionally never has been.  Voting Rights Act, my butt.

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