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RUSH: Now, one other example of fake news that happened yesterday. One of my tech blogs is a blog called Gizmodo, and they used to be part of the Gawker empire.  I don’t know who owns ’em now, but they’re a tech-oriented blog, but they do have people that delve into politics, like all the tech blogs do, by the way.  And I noticed reading, as I do every day on my tech blogs, that this Gizmodo site had a headline the other day that said this:  “Trump Is Letting Go the People in Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Arsenal.”

Now, keep in mind that these people…  Oh, by the way, for you Millennials out there, we did an interview for the upcoming issue of the Limbaugh Letter yesterday with Tomi Lahren, and is she a spitfire!  I love those kind of interviews where I don’t have to say anything. I just ask the question, sit back, and in 10 minutes you ask another one.  She’s 24, and she is just superb. I had the greatest time talking with her, and I spent time to talking with her about her generation, the Millennials, and the fact that she’s not a typical Millennial. She’s achieved. She’s goal oriented. She’s not afraid of anything. She doesn’t seek…

She’s not a snowflake seeking safe spaces.  I mean, she’s got her blog appearances and her YouTube and Facebook appearances. She’s an internet star.  I was talking to her about these tech blogs, and it’s interesting, folks.  I cannot emphasize this enough: I don’t care what tech blog you read, most of them are populated by Millennials, and they’re all cookie-cutter liberals.  They are just… They’re like mass-produced by education and culture liberals, and they are arrogant and condescending with it at the same time.  And they literally believe…

I’m not exaggerating and making this up.

They literally believe that if we don’t stop using oil and other fossil fuels including natural gas that by the time they are 65, most of the earth will not be habitable.  And they talk about such things as “climate refugees.” In fact, Obama in his silly farewell speech last night talked about “climate refugees.”  You know what a climate refugee is?  Well, it’s somebody who has to leave where they live because temperatures have gotten so hot that, if they don’t leave, they will broil. Or else they live someplace where the sea level rise has destroyed their island and their home is now underwater — and so climate refugees.

And Obama extended the American hand of friendship to climate refugees.  He told everybody that they need to be especially accommodating not just to religious refugees, but climate refugees.  And I’m saying, “There aren’t any!”  It’s entirely manufactured.  But these tech blogs literally believe it, folks, and so they quietly literally are living lives where they are scared to death.  I’m not exaggerating to make a point or otherwise.  I’m trying to be as accurate as I can in telling you who these people are.  To go along with that, they universally think that Donald Trump is the biggest idiot and poses the greatest threat to technology, to success, to business, to freedom, to equality.

Now, why would they think this?

Well, they don’t think it.  They have been programmed to believe it.  And it’s amazing. These are tech people that you would associate intelligence with and innovation, creativity, and yet they’re sponges.  They’re literally mind-numbed robots.  But the fear, the daily fear that accompanies every waking moment in many ways defines these people and their outlook.  So I’m reading this Gizmodo site the other day and I see this headline: “Trump Is Letting Go the People in Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Arsenal,” and so I read the story.

And the story was that Donald Trump is so stupid and so out of touch that he doesn’t think nuclear weapons are a problem and he’s gonna get rid of everybody in the government who knows anything about ’em, everybody involved in maintaining our nuclear arsenal. And to them that means making sure they never get launched and never go off, never fire. Trump’s getting rid of everybody who knows anything about nukes, because Trump is a mean, bad guy.  And they run this story, and they don’t question the source.

It turns out to be fake news!

It turns out that there’s nothing to the story.

Gizmodo runs the story about how the awful and evil Trump transition team is firing people who run the National Security Administration, and they start worrying and fretting and asking, “How are we gonna stop Trump?”  And then later on they run the same headline with one word added to it, and that one word is “updated,” and then they run a correction.  And they say, “Another official, speaking on background to Gizmodo, has disputed the report as inaccurate,” while confirming that there have been no discussions between Trump’s team and anybody at the nuclear arsenal about anything.

So they believed it. Why did they believe it? Because they already believe that Trump is scary, that Trump’s gonna start a nuclear war, that Trump and Putin are buddies, that Trump doesn’t believe in climate change, that Trump is just uneducated and wants to deny people their freedom and their liberty — and he doesn’t like gays and transgenders, by the way. That’s a big deal with the tech blog community. So here comes a story saying (laughing) that Trump’s firing everybody who knows anything about nuclear weapons, and they believe it.

And then they had to run a correction but they didn’t change the headline. They just added the word “updated” to it.  Anyway, they got snookered.  It’s another example of fake news.  It’s why I’m telling you — I’m gonna continue to say it — I don’t care where you encounter it. If it’s on CNN, MSNBC, if it’s in the New York Times, wherever it is, your first reaction to anything from now on has got to be, “What if this isn’t true?”  Because it is… I think it’s overwhelming the amount of fake news that’s out there, and it’s out there on purpose.

And it’s out there as part of the leftist agenda to destroy Trump, to destroy the Trump presidency, to render it ineffective before it gets going.  It’s breathtaking.  And as we’ve learned from BuzzFeed and CNN, they don’t have any qualms at all about publishing fake news, and they make excuses for doing it.  And it’s a variation of, “Well, there might not be any evidence but the seriousness of the charge dictates that we tell you about this.”  And even journalism professors at the top schools are acknowledging, “Yeah, this is okay with us.”  I think they’re destroying themselves.

I think the media is literally destroying themselves.  You talk about people out of touch with the people who make this country work.  In fact, CNN and BuzzFeed, they have no idea that they contributed to Trump winning just by virtue of behaving the way they do.  People are fed up with it.

I’ll give a little inside baseball.  When that NBC tape came out, Billy Bush and Trump, I’m just gonna tell you, I made a phone call. And I said, “The American people are tired of this, and if this is played the right way, you can turn this into an advantage.”  Because I was fed up with it.  I was fed up.  It was predictable as the sun coming up they were gonna have something like this, and my instincts are that you and half the American people, if not more, are fed up with stuff like that having an impact on elections, instead of issues, especially now when the issues of this administration are contributing to the destruction of this country.

And whether or not there’s a tape of Trump when he taped some show is irrelevant to people, because it’s not nearly as important as what Trump’s potential is in terms of fixing these problems. And that’s what people care about.  But the people in Washington, it’s politics-as-usual ’cause they don’t even think there is a crisis and they don’t think the country is in in trouble. Nothing’s going wrong as far as they’re concerned. Their kids get into whatever school they want, they make a lot of money, they’re not denied anything they want, they’ve got power, they’ve got friends, they’ve got their network, and what could possibly be wrong?

These are the people that tell us they’re sensitive and they care about the little guy.  These are the people looking out for the downtrodden.  They couldn’t care less about the downtrodden!  In fact, they sit there and mock and imitate, make fun of the downtrodden.  They impugn them all the time, the little guy, because of where they live.  And so they don’t get it.  Every one of these attempts, every one of these attacks just cements Trump’s support base even tighter to him.

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