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RUSH: We have an entire half of the political system in meltdown over the fact that Donald Trump won this election and that their candidate lost it.  We had Obama and his farewell address last night, which went longer than George Washington’s, Ronald Reagan’s, and Harry Truman’s combined. He mentioned himself 75 times, and it was pathetic.  And do you know who was in the front row of that speech last night standing up with applause every now and then?  Remember the name Robert Creamer?  You’ve forgotten already?

Robert Creamer is the husband of Jan Schakowsky.  Robert Creamer was exposed by hidden video — James O’Keefe, Project Veritas — as buying and paying for people to show up at Trump rallies and cause violence, to start protests, to start beating people up and having the media report that it was Trump supporters causing the violence.  This is the guy who was caught admitting that the Hillary campaign was providing him the money to hire these people.

He resigned before the election. He resigned and claimed that he could not continue, he apologized — and there he is in the front row of the Obama farewell address last night giving standing ovation after standing ovation, and all Obama… It was pathetic, this speech last night.  It was one lie after another about all the great things that have happened. The great economy, the great job creation. More job creation in the last eight years than any time in American history. Just full of delusional BS.

And it was filled with the usual liberal platitudes, nothing but struggle out there.  Life in America is nothing but struggle, you gotta continue to try to overcome. Keep organizing, Obama said, keep organizing, grab a clipboard, get your signatures and start protesting, run for office yourself, but the shtruggle, the shtruggle is what defines us and we must continue with the shtruggle.  Just pathetic, folks, the whole thing is pathetic.

These people who constructed lie after lie after lie to make us think that they were taking over the country, that they had become the majority, remain a pathetic minority.  They are now rendered impotent ’cause they don’t know how to deal with somebody like Donald Trump, who just happens to be the epitome of a real person. They haven’t the slightest idea how to deal with him.  His cabinet picks are just sailing through here.  They are doing fantastic jobs.

Trump himself was able to shut down this silly story that CNN and BuzzFeed and John McCain and Rick Wilson and all of the intelligence agencies combined apparently conspired on to do whatever damage they could to Trump. And I’ve had heard some people say, “Well, Rush, it’s too late to prevent him from being elected, what will they do?”  Can you say the word “impeachment”?

Folks, I’m warning you here.  These people are at their wits’ end.  They are desperate.  Everything that they think they accomplished, not just the last eight years, but the last 50, is going to be set back, delayed, rolled back, repealed, destroyed within a couple of years.  They are in abject panic and they will do whatever they have to do in their minds to stop the Trump agenda, to stop Trump from succeeding, and this is just the latest example of who they are.


RUSH: Julie in Fairfield, Illinois.  Julie, glad you called.  Great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Fine and dandy.  Thank you much.

CALLER:  Great.  I wanted to call and talk to you about the farewell speech given last night by Obama.  I wanted the listen. I don’t really agree with anything he says, but I just wanted to hear what he said for his last speech. And one of the biggest points I noticed was his point about race relations, how race relations are better than ever before and he really bragged on that, that he was the cause of improved race relations.

RUSH:  Well, now, wait —

CALLER:  What was most ironic is that he gave the speech last night in what has become the most violent city in America and what people are now calling Chiraq because of the terrible gun violence.  And so, yeah, I thought that was a very ironic point that he made and really just contradicted the whole point in general.

RUSH:  Yeah.  Well, you know, I watched it under duress.  I didn’t want to watch it.  I’ve heard the speech, I’ve seen the guy, I knew what was gonna happen, but I had to watch it because professionalism mandated it, and it was delusional.  The man is entirely delusional.

Now, you mentioned race.  Grab sound bite 17.  He actually admitted that he failed.  He said (initiating Obama), “Race relations are better than they’ve ever been in 30, 40 years.”  I don’t know how you can say that, but he said things bogus about the economy and jobs as well as.  But then he said this.  And in many people’s many people’s minds this is the sole reason he was elected. He was elected to fix race relations.

I can’t tell you, I couldn’t put a number on it, but it’s big, the number of white voters in America that voted for Obama thinking it was the end of racial strife. Thinking by electing a black, that America would be stating, “We’re not racist anymore.”  And I warned everybody, “It’s not gonna happen, it’s gonna get worse.  It’s going to get worse.”  And it was, it did become worst.  I’m convinced a lot of white Americans voted for him hoping it would mean the end of strife and division along racial lines.  Here’s what Obama said about it last night.

OBAMA:  After my election there was talk of a postracial America.  And such a vision, however well intended, was never realistic.

RUSH:  What?

OBAMA:  Race remains a potent and often divisive force in our society.

RUSH:  What?

OBAMA:  Now, I’ve lived long enough to know that race relations are better than they were 10 or 20 or 30 years ago no matter what some folks say.  (applause) You can see it not just in statistics, you see it in the attitudes of young Americans across the political spectrum.  But we’re not where we need to be.  And all of us have more work to do.

RUSH:  Right.  Okay, so “After my election there was talk of a postracial America.”  No, he talked about it.  The Democrats talked about it.  It was one of their sales pitches.  It was direct, it was innuendo, they did it in a number of different ways.  And now he says it was never real, it was never even realistic.  “After my election there was talk of a –”  There was postpartisan, we were gonna end partisanship, too, remember that?  And we’re gonna be loved by every nation around the world.  Basically we’re gonna have a utopia here.  The planet was gonna heal.  That’s right.  The sea levels were gonna start receding and the temperatures were gonna start going down.

And the cows were gonna be farting less, and that meant less methane out there, and people are gonna be eating fewer McDonald’s, and it was just gonna be utopia from coast to coast, from poll to poll.  Included in that it was going to be postracial.  And last night:  I never said that, and that was never realistic, that was never gonna happen.  This is the kind of double dealing that we got from this administration every day.  And we’re gonna keep getting it, by the way.

Dave in Cocoa, Florida.  Great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Rush, pleasure and honor.  I’ve been listening to you forever and I finally got on.  Listen, my wife and I were watching, just gonna parrot what you’re saying, we’re watching this circus yesterday, or last night, and we’re sitting there going, “This guy’s delusional.”  I mean, the growth in this country is like one-and-a-half percent, terrible. He’s probably the worst president ever to walk into the White House, other than Jimmy Carter, but I think he’s even worse than Jimmy Carter.  And I’m in sales, and I’ll tell you something.  There is such a thing as bad salesman.  This guy’s a bad salesman.  He tells you what you want to hear.  He doesn’t tell you the real deal.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.  Yeah.  In fact, you want to hear the biggest applause line from last night?  Grab sound bite number 18.  We have time to squeeze it in.  Biggest applause line last night.  Listen.

OBAMA:  We’ve ended torture, worked to close Gitmo.

RUSH:  No, you haven’t.

OBAMA:  Reformed our laws governing surveillance to protect privacy and civil liberties.  That’s why I reject discrimination against Muslim Americans — (cheers) — who are just as patriotic as we are. (applause)

RUSH:  Now listen to the applause.  We didn’t edit it. It goes on and on and on, biggest applause line of the night.  Stop and think of that, biggest applause line of the night is when he says, “That’s why I reject discrimination against Muslim Americans.”  Really?  That’s the big deal?


RUSH: Josh in Brick, New Jersey.  Hey, Josh, what’s happening, what’s up, what’s going on?

CALLER:  Thank you for taking my call, Rush.  Me and my kids we listen, my two little girls, we listen to your show, we love your show.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  I have a question for you, Rush.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  Do you really believe, with the media and the polls all getting it wrong about Trump, are we really to believe, and more pinpointedly, do you believe those polls that Obama’s approval ratings are really that high?

RUSH:  Well, the latest numbers have Obama at 53.5% approval, look —

CALLER:  Why are we to believe that?  That’s my question.

RUSH:  Because I think people will lie to pollsters.  I think the truth of Obama and what people think of Obama is when you ask people about his agenda and then nobody likes anything. They don’t like Obamacare. They don’t like the Iran policy. They don’t like taxes. They don’t like anything he’s done.  But you put him in the question and people get scared to say anything negative because of the racial component.  So I believe that the polling data that shows people give Obama 53% approval, I happen to think the polls are right.  I just think people are not being honest with the pollster.

RUSH:  I still think Trump would have beat Obama, what do you think, Rush?

RUSH:  Oh, in an election?


RUSH:  Oh.  Not even close.  We know it would be true, because Obama put his agenda on the ballot!  He was reputed.  Obama lost the election with Hillary.  Hillary lost it three times in this year alone, and Obama lost it once.  There’s no question, no question.  Approval number, that’s just for the media and their circle jerk.  That’s all that is.


RUSH: Grab sound bite number 19.  Here’s Obama last night in the farewell address.  Did you hear earlier we played a sound bite where Obama, “We need to keep working on closing Guatemala.”  What do you mean keep working on closing Gitmo?  It’s a broken promise. You said we were gonna close Gitmo the first day you were in office and it never happened.

It’s like somebody else has been running the country and we gotta go out and continue whoever was doing the work.  We gotta continue it.  And Gloria Borger finally figured out the Limbaugh Theorem.  She doesn’t know it, but she finally figured it out.  The Limbaugh Theorem is the way Obama gets away with no accountability for anything he’s done is he never was perceived as governing. He was always as an outsider campaigning all the time against powerful forces trying to stop whatever it was he wanted to do.  And she kind of picked up on that after watching his speech last night.

BORGER:  In terms of talking about what our politics has become, it now seems as if he’s starting to stand outside of it a little bit and critique what our politics has become. And I think he sees himself as a useful critic that way saying that it’s not only become dishonest, he said, but now we have a selective sorting of the facts and our politics has become self-defeating.

RUSH:  Hey, Gloria!  He’s still the president.  All of this he did!  But note what she says here.  “In terms of talking about what our politics has become, it now seems as if he’s starting to stand outside it a little bit and critique it,” like he had nothing to do with it.  Hey, Gloria, he’s been doing it for eight years, babe, eight years.  Count them.


RUSH: Here’s our first stab at a condensed version of what took nearly an hour to say last night.

ANNOUNCER:  Now the honest and condensed version of President Obama’s farewell address…

MAN:  All right!  Yeah!

“OBAMA” (godlike echo):  Please, uh… Please stop the applause.  I’m not gone yet.  My fellow Americans and good people of Chicago, tonight it’s my turn to say thanks to me.  I first came to Chicago in my twenties searching for a purpose in my life, and not much has changed. And this year I learned what can happen when ordinary people come together for change. Damn it.  For every step forward, we seem to take two steps backward.  Yes, our progress has been uneven.

If I had told you eight years ago that America would come out of the Great Recession in sloooow moooootion, that we would prop up GM and Solyndra with your tax dollars, that we would let Iranian dictators grow more powerful and confident in their nuclear future, that we would open the door to Cuba to save their communist regime — that after 5,000 years of recorded history, we would insist on throwing away the sacred institution of marriage and that we would take over the entire health care system and tear it up into tiny pieces…

I-i-if I had said that I was gonna do all that eight years ago, you might have said that our sights were pointed in the wrong direction.  And now, because of you, America’s got Donald Trump.  And that’s what I want to focus on tonight.  Democracy requires a basic sense of civility, that everybody in America should believe as I do — or in other words: I’m better than Donald.  Now that I’m on my way out, consumer confidence is up, stock markets are up, and the number of people losing their health insurance is at an all-time high.  Look, if anyone can put together a health insurance plan that will permanently take my name off this turkey, I will support that plan.  After eight years, I just recently noticed that the middle class and poor have been left behind in my economy…

ANNOUNCER:  We now must tear you away from this engrossing farewell speech, which turned out to be a lot longer than we thought.  Go grab a cup of coffee; take a NoDoz. We’ll be back right after this.

RUSH:  Yeah, we tried to condense it into two minutes, and we didn’t succeed, folks.  I can’t make up my mind here whether we’ll hear the rest of it or not.  You get the drift.  He actually said (impression), “If I’d’a told you eight years ago that America would have the best economy we’ve ever had… If I’d’a told you that we’d’a saved GM and got bin Laden… If I’d’a told you that we had prevented Iran from ever getting nuclear weapons… If I’d’a told you that we’d open the door to Cuba to end communism… If I’d’a told you…” That’s the kind of stuff he said. “If I’d’a told you eight years ago, you wouldn’t believe it.”

We don’t believe it now because it didn’t happen!

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