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RUSH: I’ve been watching CNN all morning and there’s nothing about Trump on there anymore.  There’s nothing about the election.  It’s like they threw everything they had into this Electoral College revolt and since it’s failed, why, on CNN there may not have even been an election and we may not even have a president-elect.  They haven’t talked about Trump all day. 

They’re talking about Germany. They’re talking about this new investigation of the search warrant for the Clinton emails. They’re talking about how unfair life has been to Barack and Michelle Obama, but they’re not talking about Trump.  And the AP, here’s their headline:  “Trump Cruises to Electoral College Victory Despite Protests.”  Despite protests!  You know, folks, I’m gonna tell you something else.  I think this will never happen, but something that would improve the overall national mood is if protesters, leftist protesters were ignored, just not covered. 

Now, I know that will never happen because leftist protesters are part of the media, they’re part of the Democrat Party.  But stop and think about it a minute.  You can have 15,000 people inside a Trump rally, you have five people outside, what’s the news?  “Five people protested the Donald Trump rally today in Orlando.”  And that’s the same thing here.  Donald Trump won the presidency officially, the Electoral College vote yesterday, despite protesters.  The protesters protested Hillary!  She had more faithless electors than Trump did. 

But these people pop up out of nowhere and start protesting and they keep this country roiled and on edge, because the media always sides with ’em and makes these leftist protesters out to be representatives of the majority of thinking in this country, and they’re not.  They are a minuscule speck that you couldn’t see if it weren’t for the media.  Nobody would even know they’re there if it weren’t for the media, and yet they are treated and portrayed as though they represent, if not a majority, at least half of the country. 

To the audio sound bites now and little reverie here.  This is Scott Pelley.  Scott Pelley, CBS News, CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley, 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News, what might have been, Hillary Clinton, horrible, horrible day.

PELLEY:  We have breaking news tonight in politics.  Late today, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.

RUSH:  Oh, no!

PELLEY:  What we’ve known for weeks was made official this evening, as members of the Electoral College cast their ballots in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  A few electors switched their votes from Trump, and some abandoned Hillary Clinton, but as the votes were counted today, Texas —

RUSH:  What?

PELLEY:  — put Trump over the top with more than 270 votes needed to win.

RUSH:  Try 304.  See, this is exactly what everybody’s talking about.  A few electors switched their votes from Trump and some abandoned Hillary.  No, no, no.  Many more abandoned Hillary Clinton than switched from Donald Trump.  (imitating Pelley) “We have breaking news tonight in politics. Late today Donald Trump was elected –”  (laughing)  He-he-he.  People are so pathetic!  “What we’ve known for weeks was made official this evening as members of the Electoral College cast their ballots.  Donald Trump was elected president, damn it.  Despite our best efforts, Hillary Clinton lost again for the fourth time in eight years, a modern-day presidential record that we at CBS News are going to ignore.” 

And hear a primal scream, the greatest illustration of the absolute loss of mind and the special kind of stupid that has infected your average, ordinary liberal Democrat Millennial.  This was yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin, during the Electoral College vote for president.  The electors meeting chairman Brad Courtney — he’s also the Republican chairman — announcing the results of the vote followed by an unidentified deranged woman and several others protesting the results.

BRAD COURTNEY:  The votes are ten votes Donald J. Trump. 

(protesters start shouting and chanting “shame, shame, shame.”) 

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN PROTESTER: You don’t deserve to be in America. This is my America! This is my America!


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN PROTESTER: My America! Take me out if you must. This is my America!

RUSH:  (laughing)  Am I bad for laughing at that? (imitating protesters) “This is my America! Shame, shame, shame!”  You know, actually when you get right down to it, folks, I feel sorry for these people.  Look at how their lives have been ruined by the way they’ve been educated.  Look at how their futures are desolate because of what they’ve been taught. 

These people are the product of an education presented to them by a bunch of miserable, unhappy, constantly angry intellectuals and elites who have created an army of mind-numbed, ill-educated robots who will spend the rest of their lives miserable and unhappy, unsatisfied, and it has been done on purpose. 

Are you born this way?  Do this poor woman come out of the womb thinking what she thinks today?  Do the tech bloggers that I love to follow who hate Big Oil, who hate Big Pharma, were they born hating Big Oil?  Were they born hating capitalism?  Were they born hating profits?  No!  It had to be inculcated.  They had to be programmed. They had to be propagandized. They had to be indoctrinated.  And these people are ruining these kids’ lives, when you get right down to it. 

That is why I hope, folks, you heard this call yesterday.  This may be the best Christmas present of the year.  We had a call from a guy in Fort Worth who mentors disadvantaged young people, and he told the story of a 10-year-old generational poverty stricken kid that he encountered in school, 10 years old, fifth grade, comes from a family of, I don’t know, seven or eight kids and a mom and dad, but they’re in generational poverty.  And this kid had no reason to live.  The kid had no purpose, according to the caller, he had no passions. 

There was nothing, when he got up every day, that drove him.  There was no interest in anything.  He was just existing.  And it’s kids like that that our caller identifies and mentors and tries to save.  And in this case, the reason he was calling was to tell me that he had given this 10-year-old, this fifth grader, a copy of my first book for young people, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  And the purpose of his call was to tell me how this changed this young man’s life because it introduced him to something as simple as history. 

Not even the concept of history had been introduced to this young kid.  I mean, I can’t imagine this.  I mean, you grow up, at 10 years old, not to even have a consciousness of what might have happened before you were born. The kid had literally no awareness.  And so the man who called, the mentor, made this young kid a project, and it just happened. 

The objective was not to give him the book.  It was just one of the things that happened in the process of him mentoring, and the kid just glommed onto the book and loves it and reads it over and over again and has now become passionate about American history.  And this man was calling yesterday to say that that book may have forever changed this young kid’s life, because up ’til then, there was no interest, there was no passion, not even for sports. There was nothing that lit the kid’s fire, until the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans first book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. 

And I was so floored listening to this, I don’t recall the exact way I handled it ’cause I didn’t know what to say.  I was stymied.  I mean, deeply moved.  And so this kid, because of this mentor, has a chance.  This kid has a chance to learn that there are things to live for, that there is an endless world of possibilities out there.  But the way he’s been raised in generational poverty, there is nothing positive in terms of reinforcement in his life at all. 

So he gets this book and it opens the world up to him.  Well, I contend to you that there are a lot of people to one degree or another just like that kid, and they are the product of propagandists and indoctrination specialists at school who raise them to hate America, who raise them to be suspicious of America and be suspicious of anybody who has any money, to be suspicious of anybody who’s successful.  It’s got to be crushing.  But you know the human being is unique in all of mammaldom. 

The one member of the species that has to be raised, that has to be taught right from wrong, that has to be shown the direction in life and has to be instructed in such things as morality.  It’s probably accurate to say that most other mammals don’t even have much of a self-awareness.  And it has been said that we are the only species that is aware that we will die someday.  And yet we slog on.  We are born and shortly thereafter we learn that we’re going to die.  But it doesn’t send us into a cocoon where we’re hiding from the world.  We go ahead and we live with the full knowledge that someday we’re gonna die.  A dog, a cat, a blue whale, whatever, they have not the slightest idea.  Meaning we are, when we are born, we are just literally skulls full of mush. 

We are totally dependent on love, protection, guidance, if we are to have a chance in the world.  This is one of the reasons why so many sociologists try to convince as many people as possible that the nuclear family unit is the absolute best way to raise kids, a mom and a dad in the house.  Well, not everybody has a mom and a dad.  There are single fathers, single mothers, and of course they have become now a political issue into and unto themselves, and they themselves are the product of what I believe to be a fraudulent education. 

So this young woman in Madison, Wisconsin, who’s making an utter fool of herself, “Shame, shame, this is not America!”  She didn’t come out of the womb thinking this.  She wasn’t born hating her country. She wasn’t born suspecting her country. She wasn’t born hating Republicans or conservatives.  She had to be taught.


RUSH:  I mentioned earlier today, ladies and gentlemen, that the news network CNN is not even talking about Donald Trump today, and they’re not even talking about the Electoral College.  They reported the results. I think they did that for the most part last night.  They’re not talking about it today.  And there’s a lesson there.  I mean, they don’t do news.  There is no news in the media today.  There is only the next phase of the Democrat agenda, and the phase that they were all invested in was an Electoral College upset. 

It bombed out, it didn’t work, so there will not be any reporting on how it failed.  They’ll just report like Scott Pelley did: “Breaking News! Donald Trump Was Elected President Last Night,” and they move on.  Well, there’s a new phase beginning, depending on where you look. The Politico has a piece where now people are starting to blame Hillary.  “With Donald Trump poised to win a majority of the Electoral College vote Monday, Democratic leaders of an anti-Trump effort expressed anger and frustration toward Hillary Clinton and her top allies, insisting that their silence had all but doomed the long-shot plan to thwart Trump’s election.”

This story maintains that Hillary Clinton sat idly by while her loyalists were doing everything they could to steal the election from Trump at the Electoral College, and Hillary Clinton didn’t do anything to help them and therefore she is to blame for that effort failing.  “One Democratic elector with Clinton campaign ties claimed dozens of Democrats on the Electoral College were willing to embrace the unprecedented plan to throw their votes to a consensus Republican candidate — like Mitt Romney — as part of a strategy to coax GOP electors to abandon Trump.

“All they needed, the elector said, was a signal from Clinton or her top allies,” but Hillary would not play. “A signal of disapproval would have ended the effort weeks ago, they say, but…” They’re starting to dump on Hillary for the failure of the Electoral College.  Won’t be long before they start blaming her for the presidential loss.  These things happen in stages, and now that the finality of the defeat is in, I guarantee you all these other Democrats are not gonna take the hit.  Hillary and Bill are gone. Everybody’s gonna be dumping on them as they move forward. 


RUSH:  Ready for this?  Hillary Clinton lost the most electors of any candidate in 100 years, the most faithless electors.  And it makes sense for the most cheated-on woman in America.  But you never learn this at CNN.  You know what CNN was just covering?  The missing Malaysian airliner! My friends, you could not make this up.  They have gone back to the missing Malaysian airliner rather than report the sad facts of the Hillary Clinton demise.


RUSH: But I just want to prove this to you.  Grab audio sound bite number 19.  CNN. You would never know… If you landed from Mars today and the first thing you did was turn on CNN, you would never know that we just had a presidential election. You would never have heard of Donald Trump. You wouldn’t know about Hillary Clinton. You wouldn’t know anything because they are not talking about it at all.  Guess what they have gone back to reporting?

JOHN BERMAN:  The mystery over missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 takes another twist, a new twist.  A new report has revealed that searchers have almost certainly been looking in the wrong place.

RUSH:  No!  After all this time, searchers are looking in the wrong place?  This must be the fourth or fifth time we’ve had that report.  I mean, just to show you, they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel at CNN in order to avoid talking about what happened. This is so paramountly obvious to me.  They are devastated!  I think… You know, Snerdley asked me, “Do you really think these people…?”  Yes, I do.  I think they live their fantasies.  I think they live so many delusions that they’re unstable.  I really do.  I think these people on the left, from the highest levels on down, are a new kind — a special kind — of stupid.

And it’s highlighted by a massive instability.  And I think a lot of them in the news media, in the elected branch of the party. I think a lot of them really, really believed first that the recount was gonna promote Hillary, the Jill Stein recount — that there were gonna be enough found there to throw a deep, dark question on the whole process — and that’s why they spent so much time on the supposed Russian hacking of the election, which there wasn’t any hacking of the election.  The Russians didn’t hack the votes and they didn’t hack the count, and that’s what you would have to do to hack the election.

Nobody could.  There are too many precincts where voting is taking place. You couldn’t hack with a computer or series of computer with IT technology. You could not hack an election.  You’d have to get hold of every counting mechanism.  And it was just too massive to be undiscovered, if something like that were to even be attempted.  There was no hacking of the election, but they couldn’t drop it.  This Electoral College thing came up, and don’t tell me you don’t think they threw everything they have got into it.

They invested every bit of their hope and all of their dreams and all of their desires, and I think these people live in so many illusions and delusions it’s hard to keep track of ’em.  The biggest delusion from which they suffer is that they are a majority of the country, that they and the way they think is the vast majority of thinking in the country, and they aren’t, and it isn’t.  And they face a rude awakening every time this is reinforced.  And it’s been reinforced in elections in 2010, 2012, 2014, and this past election.

The Jill Stein recount doesn’t provide them with what they want so then they move on to the Electoral College.  And they really thought that they were going… It wasn’t solely that they were trying to delegitimize Trump.  That was part of it, but that wasn’t it.  They were literally trying to steal this.  They threw everything they had into it short of Obama and Hillary going on TV and personally advocating for it.  But Obama in his own way was.  And Hillary in her own way was.  And it was money provided by supporters of both Obama and Hillary which funded these efforts. 

And I’ll tell you, the deeper you get to the grassroots level, the greater the delusion and belief is.  And I really believe some of these people literally thought that yesterday they were going to take this election away from Trump. Maybe not give it to Hillary, but they were gonna take it away from Trump.  And now that they’ve failed, folks, it’s dangerous.  It’s like I’ve been telling you since the election.  We are really, really at a preciously dangerous moment.  There’s nothing precious about it. 

We have the party that still has the levers of power in a giant, giant psychological mess.   I think it’s being navigated with great, great acuity by the Trumpster and his associated minions, ’cause it really is precarious out there.  So I do believe that they really thought they were going to be able to make something happen that would cause a majority of the American people to change their minds about electing Trump.  I really do.  Do not doubt me on this.  You may look at the project as impossible.  It’s too massive.  They couldn’t possibly think they were gonna succeed. 

Yes, they could think they were gonna succeed.  Remember, they were delusional.  What’s the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over again where the outcome is already known.  Well, it may fit here.  Now, I mentioned earlier that there are three shrink professors, psychiatry professors at Harvard who sent Obama a letter.  I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, the letter. (shuffling paper) “Dear Mr. President:  We are writing to express our grave concern regarding the mental stability of our president-elect.

“Professional standards do not permit us to venture a diagnosis for a public figure whom we have not evaluated personally. Nevertheless, his widely reported symptoms of mental instability — including grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to slights or criticism, and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality…” Who is it that’s sick here?  Who are these people describing?  They’re describing themselves! I just explained it flawlessly. Mr. Trump’s “widely reported symptoms of mental instability.” (snorts)  Cut to the video of the woman losing her cookies in Madison yesterday! 

“Grandiosity,” that would be Obama, “impulsivity,” that would be the Democrats, “hypersensitivity to slights or criticism,” that’d be Harry Reid, “and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality,” that’d be the whole Democrat Party, “lead us to question his fitness for the immense responsibilities of the office. We strongly recommend that, in preparation for assuming these responsibilities, [Mr. Trump] receive a full medical and neuropsychiatric evaluation by an impartial team of investigators.

Signed, “Judith Herman, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. Nanette Gartrell, M.D. Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. Dee Mosbacher, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Community Health Systems, University of California, San Francisco.”   Okay, so who are these babes?  Nanette Gartrell, Dee Mosbacher and Judith Herman.  Gartrell is a retired psychiatry professor, currently the principal researcher for the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study.  Again, Nanette Gartrell is currently the principal researcher for National Longitudinal Lesbian (as opposed to latitudinal) Family Study.

It’s an outfit which tracks lesbians who have children through artificial insemination.  Again, Nanette Gartrell, University California San Francisco, retired professor of psychiatry, principal researcher for the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study which tracks lesbians who have children through artificial insemination.  Gartrell is married to Dee Mosbacher, one of the other authors of the letter to Obama on Trump’s instability. 

Mosbacher a retired professor and filmmaker who understands the suffering caused by homophobia from a psychological and psychosocial point of view is Gartrell’s spouse of 40 years, according to Gartrell’s bio.  Photos of Mosbacher and Gartrell show them with identical haircuts and remarkably similar eyeglasses.  A website promoting a book by Gartrell features a photo of Obama sandwiched between Gartrell and Mosbacher with his arms around both of.  It’s the Obama sandwich!  As opposed to the waitress sandwich that Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd did?  It’s the Obama sandwich! 

The two psychiatry professors, married to each other for 40 years, sandwiching Obama.  And his arms are around both.  Mosbacher’s father was Robert Mosbacher, the U.S. commerce secretary under President George H. W. Bush.  Herman, the third author of the letter questioning Trump’s fitness, is a part-time psychiatry professor at Harvard.  She’s the author of a book entitled “Father-Daughter Incest,” “a rethinking of incest that is profoundly, passionately feminist.” 

Okay, you want to add this up now?  Let’s add this up.  We have a letter that these three women sent to Obama.  Two of them are married to each other for 40 years, they’re all lesbians.  The two that are married, one of them runs the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study which tracks lesbians who have children through artificial sedimentation, and the other one has written a book called “Father-Daughter Incest,” “a rethinking of incest that is profoundly, passionately feminist.” 

These three eminently stable individuals have written a letter to Obama demanding that he order Trump to undergo a neuropsychiatric evaluation to determine — (laughing) — ahem — to determine whether or not he is fit for the immense responsibilities of the office.  And this made big news.  I mean, it’s in The Daily Caller, it’s all over Harvard.  Major, major big news.  No, I need not offer any comment here.  I think the story speaks for itself.


RUSH: Another example here of the left having lost its mind.  Special kind of stupid.  This is in the Washington Post.  Are you ready for the headline?  “The Electoral College Is Thwarting Our Ability to Battle Global Warming.” (pause) (laughing)  Anybody got that Electoral College recount going yet?  Anybody on the Democrat side suggest that there might have been fraud in the Electoral College recount?  We got, of course, now global warming is now being affected negatively by the Electoral College.  How does this work?  Well, let’s say what the Washington Post says about this. 

“[O]ver the course of the last 200 plus years, the electoral college, which provides for stronger voting power per person in more rural and less populated states, has elected four U.S. presidents who clearly lost the popular vote (1876, 1888, 2000 and 2016). Two of those elections have occurred during the period in which we have known about the causes and impacts of carbon dioxide emissions and climate change and in both cases, the impacts of those elections have very likely had profound impacts on our actions to address the challenge. In 2000, George W. Bush was elected…”

You see what this is?  We had this issue over here — which, to them, is their religion, so you can’t argue it.  It is a matter of faith that human beings are destroying the plan, specifically human beings in America and other Western developed nations are destroying the planet.  So that’s out there.  We’ve had two elections here where candidates who believe this and who would have done a lot to save the planet have lost power because of the Electoral College.  Therefore, the Electoral College is “thwarting our ability to battle global warming” by causing advocates of global warming to lose the presidency. 

It’s just another attack on the Electoral College.

It’s another attack on the Constitution. 

It’s part of the ongoing attempt here. This will become the new focus now.  We’ve got to get rid of the Electoral College, as evidenced by the fact that the clearly superior candidate lost, and by virtue of the fact that the really clearly superior candidate in 2000 lost.  “This is the height of unfairness.  The American people are being denied the due democratic process and we’ve got to get rid of the Electoral College!”  The way things are backfiring on the Democrats… They evoked the nuclear option in the Senate.  Now they’re regretting having done that since they’ve lost control of the Senate. 

I’ll guarantee you what would happen if they ever succeed in getting rid of the Electoral College. You know what’s gonna happen? (laughing) The next election, the next election, the Republican candidate is gonna win the popular vote but lose what would have been the Electoral College vote and be elected, and they’re gonna be made about that, and they’ll start campaigning to revive the Electoral College.  

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