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RUSH: I got a note from somebody who has an interesting theory.  You know, I was talking about the 10-year-old boy, the caller yesterday who called to tell us he was mentoring him and ended up giving him Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.

The kid loves it and just now loves history, and for the first time in his life actually has a passion about something that he wants to actively engage in, not just being a spectator of.  It was a great call.  And the point was made, it’s not just in education that young people are being lied to.  It’s also the media.  Now, before you go, “Come on, Rush! Everybody knows that.”  Now, wait just a second.  I’m gonna try to illustrate it, because I think it’s a great point.  Because the mainstream media really does (and has been for the longest time) lie.  You know, I read omnivorously.  I read everything.  I don’t just read the stuff that reinforces what I believe.

I spend probably more time reading what liberals think and what they’re writing, because I think it’s crucial to understand it in order to be able to predict it, in order to be able to inform other people about it.  And what strikes me as I do this is how infallible, for example, Millennials, Millennial liberals — Millennial maybe in general, how infallible — they believe the New York Times to be.  Not just that it’s the news authority. It’s infallible.  They think that NBC Nightly News or CBS Nightly News or ABC is infallible. 

Whenever anything is said or written in the mainstream media, they just absorb it all as gospel.  They don’t even question it.  So the New York Times really is writing some insane stuff these days.  The op-ed page on the New York Times yesterday and the editorial page was all devoted to literally lunatic rants against Trump and many of these rants featured just outright lies and false allegations about things Trump is, has said, and has done.  And these young little Millennials are out there, they’re reading it, and they’re absorbing it, and they’re believing all of it.  They do not do what I do. 

They do not expose themselves to things that they don’t believe.  Like they would never listen to this program.  In fact, one of these little tech bloggers way back when I first started mentioning this, people, asked, “Well, who are these tech bloggers? Name some names. We want to know what you’re reading so we can read it, too.”  So I listed six, and one of the six was so indignant that he said he was going to refuse to allow anybody arriving at his blog from this audience to have access to it, because I am such a bigot. 

They live in a closed-off area where they know nothing other than what’s in … really the New York Times.  I can’t describe for you! Shortly before the election, the New York Times announced that the Web version was going to be free for two weeks.  And you would not believe… That was one of the… That was Christmas morning to some of these Millennials.  “Wow, man, the Times is free! It’s not behind the firewall,” and they started spreading the word so that everybody would know. 

Now to you and me, the New York Times is an embarrassment.  We know the New York Times is an ideological member of the Democrat Party and the American left, and it’s not news, and it’s not factual, and they make things up, and they’re biased. All of those things.  But the people that read the New York Times, both on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and all of New York and wherever else in the country? It’s infallible.  Now, the reason that’s important is because the New York Times doesn’t just lie about liberals and the liberal agenda.  They also, as does the rest of the media, every day lie about us. 

They lie about Republicans. They lie about conservatives. I mean, to give you an example, these people that I’m talking about really believe the Ku Klux Klan is part of Donald Trump’s advisory board because somebody at the Southern Poverty Law Center asserted that the Klan has ties to the Trump transition team.  That appeared in the New York Times, so they believe it. 

I found two pieces today my little tech bloggers are just destroyed that their CEOs met with Trump.  They feel like — well, here’s a headline:  “Trump Tech Summit Exposed the Rotten Heart of Silicon Valley.”  “I feel like I’ve had the air punched out of my gut.”  You want to hear some excerpts from this piece? 

“I’ve fallen into the trap of believing that tech companies are our friends, and that they’re here to help us live better lives. But that meeting with Trump reminds me, and should remind us all, that tech companies are no different from the hated oil or pharmaceutical giants we so readily distrust: duty-bound to pursue profit above all else.

“But, of course, there’s no altruism on Wall Street, and there’s no altruism among companies traded on the stock market. Google wants net neutrality because that protects its web services from being shut out by internet service providers, while Apple considers the privacy of its devices a strong selling point and therefore works hard to preserve it.”  But they don’t really care about their customers.  They only care about their bottom line.

“Where the so-called Trump tech summit enters into this story is by exposing the raw and unvarnished hypocrisy of every tech company in attendance. Donald Trump is not just another president. … Trump is a self-documented misogynist, a bigot, a thinly veiled racist, and a climate science denier.”  And then this kid goes on and tells what he wishes every CEO from Silicon Valley had told Trump, basically to F-off and walk out of the room. 

They do not listen to programs like this.  They don’t read.  Take your favorite conservative publication.  They would never, ever get anywhere near it, and, if they did, they would do nothing but get sick.  And so the point here is this is not just these people being lied to in the classroom, not just being lied to by their parents, but the media is an infallible source authority to them.  And the media lies to them each and every day, not just about people like Obama and Hillary, but about us. 

Folks, it’s really striking because, as I say, I spend the vast majority of my show prep time reading up on the left.  I mean, I know conservatism; I am Mr. Conservative.  I am the Mister Big of the vast right-wing conspiracy.  I know conservatism.  It’s in my heart.  I don’t need to know why I think what I think.  I figured that out.  But it’s a forever project to understand the left, ’cause it’s illogical.  It’s a totally emotional endeavor, and the effort to understand them to me is worthwhile so I can sound the warning bells and make predictions to you based on where I know they’re going and what they’re gonna do.

And I’m always right ’cause I know them better than they know themselves.  They’re arrogant, they’re condescending, and they’re know-nothings.  And they think they’re the smartest people in the room.  So there are a lot of reasons why we are a divided country.  And one of the reasons is the media, which isn’t media at all.  

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