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“Remember that video led by Martin Sheen and a bunch of other celebrities nobody’s ever heard of? They think that stuff matters! They think people live and die by what they say.”

“There are three psychiatry professors at Harvard who sent a letter to Obama demanding that Obama force Trump to submit to a neuropsychological exam. Who is it that’s mentally ill here, Trump or these people on the left? I submit to you Trump is not mentally ill.”

“Now that the finality of the defeat is in, I guarantee you all these other Democrats are not gonna take the hit. Hillary and Bill are gone. Everybody’s gonna be dumping on them as they move forward.”

“As usual, everything the Drive-Bys said was wrong! Everything backfired on ’em! It was Hillary who had more faithless electors than Trump did. It was Hillary who had more people attempting to abandon her than Trump did.”

“Since 1992 we’ve had to sit here and listen to people on the left tell us that there’s no greater potential president leader than Hillary Rodham Clinton, yet everything she touched ended up being damaged.”

“You know, the Democrats run out and get the latest, greatest from the Acme Production Company that’s supposed to kill Trump and the anvil ends up dropping on their head from atop the cliff, like it did on the poor old coyote. Everything just seems to be backfiring on them, and it is delicious to see.” 

“You know what CNN was just covering? The missing Malaysian airliner! My friends, you could not make this up. They have gone back to the missing Malaysian airliner rather than report the sad facts of the Hillary Clinton demise.” 

“Howard Zinn history textbooks are anti-American. If your kid is in a school where Howard Zinn books are being used for history, you better find out about it quick and then go out and buy the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series to counter it.” 

“Only in liberalism do the victors have to reach out to the losers when the losers are the liberals. It’s not up to Trump to reach out to them.” 

“Liberals have done their level best, which has been pretty pathetic, to deny him the presidency all during the campaign and now during all these recounts and now this Electoral College move, this embarrassingly futile effort that they engaged in.”

“These protesters pop up out of nowhere and start protesting and they keep this country roiled and on edge, because the media always sides with ’em and makes these leftist protesters out to be representatives of the majority of thinking in this country, and they’re not. They are a minuscule speck that you couldn’t see if it weren’t for the media.” 

“There is no news in the media today. There is only the next phase of the Democrat agenda, and the phase that they were all invested in was an Electoral College upset. It bombed out, it didn’t work, so there will not be any reporting on how it failed.” 

“Martin Sheen led that parade of nobodies, asking, begging electors not to cast their vote for Trump. It was a heartfelt and highly produced effort. It led to more electors defecting from Hillary!”     

“I think they live their fantasies. I think they live so many delusions that they’re unstable. I really do. I think these people on the left, from the highest levels on down, are a new kind — a special kind — of stupid.” 

“The biggest delusion from which the left suffers is that they are a majority of the country, that they and the way they think is the vast majority of thinking in the country, and they aren’t, and it isn’t. And they face a rude awakening every time this is reinforced. And it’s been reinforced in elections in 2010, 2012, 2014, and this past election.” 

“The left was literally trying to steal this election. They threw everything they had into it short of Obama and Hillary going on TV and personally advocating for it. But Obama in his own way was. And Hillary in her own way was.” 

“We know the New York Times is an ideological member of the Democrat Party and the American left, and it’s not news, and it’s not factual, and they make things up, and they’re biased. All of those things. But the people that read the New York Times, both on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and all of New York and wherever else in the country? It’s infallible.”

“I read omnivorously. I read everything. I don’t just read the stuff that reinforces what I believe. I spend probably more time reading what liberals think and what they’re writing, because I think it’s crucial to understand it in order to be able to predict it, in order to be able to inform other people about it.”

“The deck is so stacked against them that they don’t have a chance. And this shtruggle to overcome this great injustice is never ending. Michelle Obama speaks of the shtruggle — and you have to call it the shtruggle, not the struggle. It’s s-h, the shtruggle.” 

“You know the bus that ran over people wiped them out? Where did that happen? It happened at what? A Christmas market. What is a Christmas market? It’s exactly what it sounds like. And in fact — in fact — there were learned academics who advised Germany to not do the Christmas markets this year because it might be unnecessarily provocative for many of their refugees.”

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