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RUSH:  Hey, you know what they’re not talking about on CNN today?  The election and Trump.  They’re barely mentioning it.  Not a surprise, eh?  They gave it everything they had, folks, they gave it everything they had.  As usual, everything they said was wrong!  Everything backfired on ’em!  It was Hillary who had more faithless electors than Trump did.  It was Hillary who had more people attempting to abandon her than Trump did.

I told you yesterday, I wanted you to think back, when this was all over, think back to the last three or four weeks of media coverage of this and measure it against what really happened and get a good idea while it’s fresh on your mind of how you’ve literally been misled and taken down the wrong path and maybe, some might even say, lied to.

Great to have you with us, folks.  It’s Rush Limbaugh here at 800-282-2882.  The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

So Hillary Clinton has lost the presidency again.  She’s now a four-time loser.  She lost in 2008.  Do you know Hillary Clinton is a racist, too.  She tried to deny a black guy his one try at the White House, that’d be Obama, and then she tried to stop a Jewish guy, Bernie Sanders, this year.  And so I would say she’s getting her just deserts.  Yeah, I know she is a woman, but so what.

Could somebody explain to me — you know, there’s so many things that popped into my mind last night.  Where did this presumption originate, where does it come from, the presumption of people that believe was Hillary Clinton was electable simply because — why?  Why was she considered to be electable?  Would somebody explain to me?  At the Democrat convention, there’s Obama up there telling everybody that there’s never been anybody more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton.

He looked out in the audience, and Bill Clinton was out there, and he said, “Bill, you may not want to admit this, but you gotta agree with me, she’s better than you, she’s better than me, she’s more qualified.”  What in the name of Sam Hill.  Where does this come from?  What was it about Mrs. Clinton that said she was electable?

And then all through the campaign, when the evidence was clear that she was not exciting people, that she was not stirring people up, that she was not creating any loyalty.  I mean, you look at the Democrat primaries, and Bernie Sanders was cleaning her clock.  And yet after every primary or a vast majority of them that she lost, she ends up with a greater delegate count than Crazy Bernie ’cause we know now that was rigged.  Don’t know who the Russians are working with on that one, but the Democrat primary was rigged against Crazy Bernie, and we now know this because of the Wikileaks emails, Podesta, DNC, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and all that.

But why was it ever presumed — folks, this is an interesting question to me because we had to deal with this, for you youngsters out there that may not be aware, we had to deal with this since 1992.  Since 1992 we’ve had to sit here and listen to people on the left tell us that there’s no greater potential president leader than Hillary Rodham Clinton, yet everything she touched ended up being damaged.

She was the first to try national health care, it was called Hillarycare.  It ended in an embarrassing implosion.  She ran the bimbo eruptions operation. As senator from New York, she didn’t do much. And even when she’s Senator in New York we have Republicans running around saying there’s nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be in this body.  Well, I’m sitting here scratching my head, what is this?  It isn’t real, so what’s behind this?

So when she was in the Senate, even Republicans, “Boy, we had a great ally in Hillary. Oh, man, oh, man, there’s nobody more qualified to be in the Senate than Hillary Clinton.” She didn’t do anything remarkable.  Then she loses the presidency in 2008 and becomes secretary of state.  We all know what a disaster that was.  And then here comes 2016, it was supposed to be her coronation, and we know how that went.

She just has not ever lived up to any of these expectations.  So what is it?  I mean, there has to be an answer to this.  Why did the Democrat Party throw all of its eggs into her basket?  They started out 2008 that way and then somebody came along that they much preferred.  I mean, it wasn’t even close.  The first opportunity they had to choose somebody else, in this case it was Obama, they made the choice.  They threw her overboard and they threw her under the bus.  They did both of them.  Every chance they got.

So when 2016 came around, they rigged the game so that that couldn’t happen.  And Hillary’s out there raising all this money from all these foreign entities as an insurance policy, selling her presidency on the come, as it were, and they do everything to freeze any potential Obamas in 2016 out.  We ended up with Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb, who in the middle of the first debate realized he was in the wrong party and the wrong city and maybe at the wrong time.  I mean, he got out of that contest as quickly as he could.  Here he’s saying intelligent, reasonable things and the stupid, idiot hacks in the audience are booing him off the stage.

So it’s down to Bernie and Hillary.  And we know what happened.  They rigged the game against him so that nobody could come along who was much more preferable and desirable and once again sent her packing. They stuck with her, and look what happened.  And all of this presumption carried throughout the campaign, that she was gonna win, that she was gonna win big.

We were even told that Hillary’s campaign made sure that Trump won the Republican nomination because Trump is gonna be easiest guy to snowball. That Trump was a walking disaster. That Trump couldn’t get 20% of the vote, the greatest thing in the world. Hillary so believed it she didn’t even campaign, she didn’t even put much into this.

She wasn’t on the scene much partly because she couldn’t draw a crowd anywhere she went anyway.  She can’t deliver a campaign speech.  She never had a message.  And yet during all of this, we kept hearing how there’s nobody better and there is nobody more qualified and there’s nobody more deserving.  And to me all she is is the wife of somebody.  You take that away from her resume and who is she and where is she?  If she hadn’t married Bill Clinton and gone to Arkansas and tried to take over everywhere that guy went, where would she be today?

I mean, the point of this is look at what we have been presented.  We have been presented a faux pas, a picture of lies, distortions for the last how many years ago it was, 1992, 24?  Whatever it is.  And it’s just stunning, and so now four times Mrs. Clinton has lost.  And I want to know today, last night after the electoral vote count was official, have you noticed no matter where you go, you could go to the New York Times, you could go to the Washington Post, you could turn on CNN, you could turn on MSNBC, you could read any or watch any Drive-By Media outlet.

You know what you would hear?  “Well, Hillary was a bad candidate, and we all knew it.”  You did?  You all knew Hillary was a bad candidate?  Because they’re all saying that last night and today in their postmortems.  Do you realize the shock, folks?  I mean, these people live the lie, and they really thought that there was gonna be an elector revolt against Trump.  They really did.

They had talked themselves into it, and then they wake up and find out that there were many more faithless electors who wanted no part of Hillary than Trump.  Stunning.  And Hillary would have lost even more than five electors.  I think Trump lost two.  Hillary lost five, and she would have lost even more than those five if it hadn’t been for local authorities in several states forcing the electors to vote for her or in some cases replacing her faithless electors with electors who would vote for her.  Isn’t that telling?

On top of that, we’re now hearing that the five Hillary electors who ended up not voting for her are probably facing criminal charges, including perjury!  All of this was supposed to happen. Michael Moore was promising to pay whatever fines and serve any jail time for electors that abandoned Trump, and it didn’t happen.  I think like we’re watching the Three Stooges here or the Keystone Cops or the Democrats are Wile E. Coyote and Trump is the Road Runner.

You know, the Democrats run out and get the latest, greatest from the Acme Production Company that’s supposed to kill Trump and the anvil ends up dropping on their head from atop the cliff, like it did on the poor old coyote.  Everything just seems to be backfiring on them, and it is delicious to see.  But I don’t want to spend too much time gloating ’cause these things are cyclical and they do tend to come around.  But, I mean, this is sweet justice, folks, every bit of this.  I mean, to just realize how much they thought they had this

They really do.  There are a lot of people. Do not doubt me.  Snerdley just asked me, “Did they really think this electoral thing was gonna happen?”  Some of them did.  And by that I mean I’m talking about some of your average, ordinary, everyday Democrat voters the Upper West Side of Manhattan out in Hollywood really thought there was something to that because they… Remember that video led by Martin Sheen and a bunch of other celebrities nobody’s ever heard of? They think that stuff matters!  They think people live and die by what they say.

Celebrity opinions are how many people make up their minds, according to these people, and that video? That was gonna do it, and then Michael Moore out there promising to pay whatever it was gonna cost.  And the media!  For crying out loud, if you did nothing but read the New York Times or watch CNN you thought it was a legitimate thing that could happen, didn’t you?  The way they were touting it?  The guests they had talking about it? I’m telling you, the Drive-By Media made their viewers and readers think that this thing had legs.

That’s why there were tantrums thrown yesterday.  We’ve got some audio sound bites.  This is hilarious.  Deranged, lunatic women just losing their minds over the vote.  You don’t think they thought it was real and it was?  Yeah.  Nutty women.  Let me give you three more nutty women.  There are three psychiatry professors at Harvard who sent a letter to Obama demanding that Obama force Trump to submit to a neuropsychological exam.  They sent Obama the letter.  Who is it that’s mentally ill here, Trump or these people on the left?  I submit to you Trump is not mentally ill.

People on the left… My little tech bloggers, folks? They’ve just given up on everything now.  They’re upset because all the tech CEOs actually met with Trump and didn’t tell him to go to hell. So now they think their tech CEO buddies have sold ’em all out and are on the side of Big Oil and Big Pharma.  This is just too juicy.  The Wall Street Journal editorial… (interruption) No, no. I’ll get to shrink story in due course.  I’ve got it here all lined up and ready to go.  The Wall Street Journal editorial: “Hamilton’s Electors Vote Trump — The pressure campaign fails but Clinton has more faithless electors.”

What is meant here by Hamilton’s electors fail?  I’ll explain this very, very enjoyably, my friends.  What is the hottest Broadway production at the moment?  “Hamilton.”  As we have known, the cast of “Hamilton” doesn’t even know who he is, other than the way he’s portrayed in the lines they recite and the songs they sing in the musical.  They really don’t know who he is.  If they actually knew who Alexander Hamilton was, they would realize that Donald Trump is not that far from Alexander Hamilton on something as key as illegal immigration.

But liberals, ladies and gentlemen, are, by definition, ignorant of American history.  They haven’t been taught it.  They have been taught a version of American history written by a textbook author by the name of Howard Zinn, who is essentially a Marxist, and Howard Zinn history textbooks are anti-American.  If your kid is in a school where Howard Zinn books are being used for history, you better find out about it quick and then go out and buy the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series to counter it, ’cause I’m not making it up.

Howard Zinn is a disaster.  But these liberals, they don’t know what American history is.  And so pop culture replaces genuine historical knowledge.  So Hamilton is the great big thing right now in pop culture, and therefore Hamilton’s a hero because the cast of “Hamilton” told Mike Pence to go to hell and so that makes Hamilton a great guy and everybody who believes in Hamilton a great guy.  So they really believed that the cast of “Hamilton” telling off Mike Pence was gonna affect things.

They are so susceptible, they are so wired in, they are so tied to pop culture and so ignorant of American history that they really thought using Alexander Hamilton’s name in their hissy fit over the Electoral College would be effective.  I mean, Martin Sheen and that bunch of celebrities in that embarrassing video did.  And as Alexander Hamilton…  And all they’re trying to do is capitalize on what they think is the hottest Broadway production in America, and it may well be.  But 99.9% of America has not seen it.  But yet they think their world is the world.

And so if they’ve all seen Hamilton and all of their friends have seen Hamilton, then everybody who matters has seen Hamilton, and therefore that means that Hamilton being opposed to Trump and the Hamilton cast being opposed to Trump means that’s how we drum up anti-Trump support.  They live in delusions.  They live in a cocoon that is a genuine fantasy that specifically prohibits anything they don’t know or don’t believe from permeating.  Let’s see what’s the next here.  Jonathan Martin, our old buddy at the New York Times.  A tweet:

“After all that pressure from the left on Republicans, more Democrat electors defected from Hillary than Republicans did Trump.”  Yes, it has to hurt.  Martin Sheen led that parade of nobodies, asking, begging electors not to cast their vote for Trump.  It was a heartfelt and highly produced effort.  It led to more electors defecting from Hillary!  The great thing is that the people the left thinks have great influence over people do, except not the influence they want.  Martin Sheen produces the video, and a lot of electors say, “I am not abandoning Trump specifically because you, Sheen, are involved.  You’re a nut.  You’re a fruit case.  You’re a wacko that used to sleep on sewer grates to show how in solidarity you were with homeless.”

People don’t forget this stuff.


RUSH:  So what I want to know is, when are they gonna demand a recount of the Electoral College vote?  How much time do they have for that before it goes to the House?  I think they have ’til January 6th. (interruption) What, you don’t think they would do that?  Probably not, but I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised.  I mean, there’s so many locoweeds on the Democrat side right now.  They really, really have just been gob smacked and discombobulated.  I also, folks… I mean, look: I don’t understand people why people are so surprised that Hillary would have more faithless electors than Trump.

Why would Hillary expect electors to be faithful to her?  Her husband hasn’t been.  She’s the most cheated-on woman in America.  In many ways, she’s a sympathetic figure.  She does things that engender intense dislike, but in certain things she’s sympathetic.  Our old buddy Jonathan Martin at the New York Times — I get an email from him which heralds the arrival of his latest published piece in the New York Times.  He used to be at The Politico, and he’d send me emails about football games during the season as a precursor to asking my opinion on a political question.

And the email subject line is: “The Election Is Officially Over, But the Resistance Is Only Just Getting Started.” (laughing) The election is over, but the resistance… We have a “resistance” now. We have dissidents, and it is only just getting started.  “Now the Democrats must determine how to confront Trump when every house is burning down,” meaning every Democrat house is burning down.  Jonathan Martin’s actual story headline: “Electoral College Settles Donald Trump’s Victory But Little Else.”  Really?  Didn’t settle much?


RUSH:  You know what else is probably gonna happen?  Some deranged little leftist Millennial snowflake out there’s gonna be all atwitter and demand that the Electoral College lose its official accreditation and that all degrees from the place now be made invalid.  You wait.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some little liberal kid starts making such claims, being as ignorant as they are.

Oh, one other thing.  Kellyanne Conway got a question the other day about when is Trump going to start reaching out to the people who opposed him?  When is Donald Trump going to offer the hand of friendship to the people he’s vanquished?  May I ask a simple little question:  Why is that Trump’s responsibility?  You know, only in liberalism do the victors have to reach out to the losers when the losers are the liberals.

It’s not up to Trump to reach out to them.  They’ve done their level best, which has been pretty pathetic, to deny him the presidency all during the campaign and now during all these recounts and now this Electoral College move, this embarrassingly futile effort that they engaged in, so who is it that needs to apologize to who?  Who is it that needs to reach out to who and ask for forgiveness?  In my mind, it certainly isn’t Donald Trump.

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