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Last week, Obama sat down with an NPR host. His “exit interview” was aired this past Monday. He had some remarkable advice for Donald Trump to avoid using executive orders.

Obama says he preferred to work with Congress to get legislation passed. He claims to have “bent over backwards” to find compromise with Republicans after he lost Democrat majorities in the House and Senate. But on big issues, like immigration, those dastardly Republicans wouldn’t cooperate, so he was forced to resort to executive orders.

That’s “fake history.” Obama did have a Democrat majority for his first two years, Republicans were powerless, they couldn’t have stopped him. If he wanted to reform immigration, Republicans had no ability to stop him.

But Obama’s priority back then, was Obamacare. He and the Democrats shoved it down America’s throat without a single Republican vote. That was why Democrats lost control of the House and Senate.

After the 2010 midterm loss, with Republicans in charge of Congress, Obama never “bent over backwards” to work with them. He told them to stop listening to me! He had a pen and a phone and that he’d use executive orders to bypass them. And he did just that. He consistently ignored Constitutional limits on his executive power, and Republicans rarely found the spine to challenge him.

Obama was counting on Hillary to keep his executive orders in place.

Now he can’t because she lost. So now he’s going to rely on himself to stop Trump from unraveling his agenda. You aint seen nothing yet, keep a sharp eye, I will be. 

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