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RUSH: This is Helen, Newport News, Virginia.  Welcome to the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, Merry Christmas.

RUSH:  Same to you.

CALLER:  Rush, I am just calling to gloat, gloat, gloat, because after the election, we had to put up with riots, we had to put up with harassment of the electors. We had all these phony vote counts.  We had chants from these people (unintelligible) electors in Wisconsin.  “Do your job, do your job.”  Well, they did their job, and they gave Trump all the electoral votes in Wisconsin.  You had Suprun in Texas trolling Trump on Twitter. 

And then, you know, who’s showing to be totally useless?  Suprun.  He’s no 911 fighter.  He’s a liar.  Right?  And he was going on and on about the electors was slipping through Trump’s tiny hands.  Well, hey, Rush, this is a new day, this is a new GOP party.  We’re not the putting this kind of nonsense anymore from Democrats.  We had a belly full of it, and Trump has infused his GOP with a shot of manliness.

RUSH:  Look, I know you’re gloating here because everything right now appears to be backfiring on the left. Basically what you’re saying is that they have been acting like the will of the people is with them, and we’ve come to find out that they’ve been doing everything against the will of the people, that the will of the people is not with them, and you’re happy that everything’s backfired on ’em, right?

CALLER:  Hell, yeah!  Hell, yeah!

RUSH:  I can hear you.  I got that idea that —

CALLER:  Yeah!

RUSH:  — you’re very happy —

CALLER:  Yeah!

RUSH:  — things have backfired on the left here.


RUSH:  Let me ask you a question.  Now, wait a minute, Helen.  Let me ask you —


RUSH:  — a question real quickly.  Do you think the Republican Party has learned this?

CALLER:  No.  That is why we, the people, have to kick their butts.

RUSH:  Okay, so that’s why you’re not gloating a hundred percent because you’ve got some reserve gloat there waiting because you’re still worried the Republicans know how to throw this advantage away, right?

CALLER:  Yeah.  Because, like, I’m sticking it to the Democrats because I was nice and polite and everything, you know, but look — (crosstalk)

RUSH:  I know, but when the Republicans have had a chance to stick it to the Democrats, they haven’t done it.  It took Trump doing it.

CALLER:  They haven’t.  And the thing is, what we have to worry about now is that little spineless wimp, Mitch McConnell, he is quite likely to reinstate the filibuster —

RUSH:  Well —

CALLER:  — and hand the Democrats power.

RUSH:  I spoke a little bit about that yesterday.  We’ll see.  I’m gonna wait on this to all play out.  There’s a number of different scenarios that can happen here regarding McConnell and Ryan.  Right now I want you to trust me.  They know Trump is the reason they run the House and the Senate, and right now they do not want to be at odds with Trump, right now.  But but but but but.  There’s always a but.

CALLER:  They don’t want to be at odds with us.

RUSH:  You’ve got that exactly right, too.  They don’t want to be —

CALLER:  We’ve had enough of that.

RUSH:  Helen, I’m out of time.


RUSH:  I need to ask you, what kind of new iPhone do you want, 7 or 7 Plus?

CALLER:  7P.  7 Plus.  Thank you, Rush.

RUSH:  Which one?

CALLER:  A 7 Plus.

RUSH:  7 Plus.  What’s your carrier?

CALLER:  My carrier is Straight Talk, so it goes with any GSM.

RUSH:  GSM.  Okay.  So that’s fine.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  What color?

CALLER:  Rose gold or anything. 

RUSH:  Okay, it’s gonna be gold, 7 Plus, it will be a GSM phone.  It might have an AT&T SIM card in it, but just take that out, it will work.  

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