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RUSH: Is that your way of steering me into the situation in Germany, that you think I’m not talking about that enough?  And so you think I ought to bring that up as a subject?  This is how… My staff loves me so much. My staff is so concerned that I might be missing the boat now and then. But occasionally I’ll get a very innocent sounding question like I just got.  Question: “Do you think our friends in Europe are starting to see the light? Do you think they’re starting to see the picture?”

Translation: “When are you gonna talk about Germany, Doofus?”  I have a Stack of Stuff here about Germany ready to go.  I’ve already predicted this.  To me, this isn’t news.  I warned everybody this was gonna happen back on September 9th of 2015.  In fact, grab audio sound bite number one.  It’s the first sound bite that Cookie gave me today.  This was shortly after I learned that Angela Merkel was all excited that she’s gonna open up her borders to 800,000 Syrian refugees.  See if you remember this…


RUSH: ARCHIVE: [A]fter the show yesterday, I got home and was doing show prep for today, and I saw a story that Angela Merkel is gonna permit 800,000 refugees to enter Germany this year and 500,000 a year going forward. And she’s happy about it. She’s excited about it and she even said, “Hopefully this will change our country.” That stopped me dead in my tracks.  I said, “Whoa, what is this about?”  This required further research.  These are significant numbers, 800,000, and these are Muslims.  The vast majority of these are Muslims said to be Syrian refugees.  They’re not just from Syria, but most of them are military age men.  And they are not satisfied, as we talked about yesterday, staying in Greece or Italy. Germany… 

They want Germany and Sweden.  Germany and Sweden are the two wealthiest countries in the European Union, and Germany is welcoming them! Angela Merkel is welcoming them. I was dumbfounded. I was paralyzed.  I did not understand this at all. … It is said that even modern day Germany still feels a lot of guilt over Hitler, the Nazis.  And they still feel, some of them, that they have say long way to go to prove they are not that anymore. Well, the thing about that is, if that’s true, if that’s part of the policy, if it’s part of the thinking, that they have to go overboard in showing people they’re no longer anyway, anywhere near what the Nazis were, well, they’re going too far. 


RUSH:  I went on to discuss what was gonna happen here, and it is happening.  It couldn’t be otherwise. This had to happen, when you import military-age refugees from war-torn regions of the Middle East. The point here is that many of them are not refugees.  They’re ISIS infiltrators, they’re ISIS fighters.  And Merkel, she also… (chuckle) Further research indicated the Germany population rate is below replacement levels. Meaning at current rates of fertility and birth, that Germany cannot maintain its population.  Therefore, it cannot maintain its labor force.  Therefore, it needs to be import people that will increase the German labor force. 

And Merkel was ecstatic!  That’s what she said was her primary motivation for doing this.  She was all proud that 800,000 people were coming in the first year, then 500,000 a year after that, and she thought this was gonna be a boon to the German economy!  At which time I, El Rushbo, plainly said on this program, that it’s gonna end up being the exact opposite.  They want to get into this country and other European countries.  The last thing they want to do is help the German economy.  That is not what this is about. 

Everybody knows — should have known — what this is about.  Europe is killing itself. Europe is slowly committing suicide in the sense that they are allowing their own native cultures to be erased and wiped out.  And of course all of this is being praised!  It was praised elsewhere in the European Union. It was praised at the United Nations. It was praised by people like Obama and Michelle Obama, who recognize people also down for the shtruggle and trying to overcome all the disc’kimination and bigotry and prejudice out there.  Then when I learned… (chuckles)

You know the bus that ran over people wiped them out? Where did that happen?  It happened at what?  A Christmas market.  What is a Christmas market?  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  And in fact — in fact — there were learned academics who advised Germany to not do the Christmas markets this year because it might be unnecessarily provocative for many of their refugees.  Well, remember San Bernardino?  Do you remember what people told us was the ultimate reason why that couple went on the shooting spree? 

They offended at a holiday party in the office, the government office where they worked.  They did a holiday party, and they had a Christmas tree, and they did all the stuff that Americans do — and that was not fair, and that was not right, and that just lauding it all over them! And they lost their cookies, and they grabbed their guns and their mortars from their garage, and they went on a spree.  So what are European countries being advised to do?  “Get rid of Christmas. Don’t flaunt it.  In other words, just forget who you are, hide who you are, or else you’re gonna be hit,” as though the hit would be justified.

“Because you have all these new refugees, and Merkel has welcomed ’em, and then you taunt them with Christmas markets?  Well, you kind of deserve what you’re gonna get!”  This was all… I don’t understand why people are… I mean, people are upset, yeah. But this was predictable. This was in the cards.  It had to happen.  This was designed to happen.  It’s one of the reasons why so much migration is taking place.  It’s no accident that they’re seeking out the wealthiest of the European nations to, shall we say, conquer?  I’m sorry. Immigrate to.  To me, it’s a no-brainer.  So the question, “Will our European friends,” what did you say, “see the light?”

(interruption) “Are they starting to get it?” 

No.  I don’t think they get it or understand it. I don’t think they’re capable of it. They’re liberals.  We just saw liberalism on display in the aftermath of this election.  Look at the illusions they live under.  Our previous caller, Helen, from Newport, she really had it right.  These people literally do think that they’re something that they’re not.  They’re think they’re the majority. They think everybody agrees with them and when something doesn’t go their way, there has to be fraud somewhere. There has been cheating. They can’t reconcile themselves with the fact that they are a tiny minority.

Because they think their views and their opinions, their attitudes are so worldly and wonderful and correct that everybody agrees. And if they don’t, then they’re radical extremists, the alt-right.  By the way, that’s another thing: There is no alt-right.  Made up! It’s totally made up by the Drive-By Media as a new way of defaming and impugning conservatism by calling it the alt-right.  Do you know what Arts & Entertainment is doing, A&E network?  What do you associate with the A&E network?  Biography?  (interruption) Biography and what? (interruption) Oh, Poirot.  Hercule Poirot.  Not “poy rot.”  Hercule Poirot.

Well, Arts & Entertainment is doing a four-part documentary on the KKK.  They are following four Klan families around, and it’s a four-part documentary series on the rise of the Klan in America.  Now, the title doesn’t say anything about Trump and it doesn’t say anything about the presidential race.  But what do you bet the purpose of this is to create the illusion that the KKK is ascending with Trump and feeling newly powerful and newly empowered.  Why do this now?  Why do it? The KKK?  I mean, you need a telescope to find these people now.

But A&E, no! A&E’s gonna make it look like they are among us all, and they are now resurfacing because their buddy Trump…  This is not in any of the promotion materials.  I’m just wild guessing that this is going to be one of the maybe subliminal messages that’s in this.  Why do this?  I mean, this is the media lying again.  So I do not think Angela Merkel, even as her country turns against her and even though this happens… I don’t think they have the capacity to admit they got something wrong.

They’re gonna… (interruption) They blame it on other things, not their policy.  They blame it on Trump. They could blame it on Trump, they could blame it on the rise of “extreme right-wing politics” around the world.  They are never gonna blame themselves.  Merkel and her buds are not gonna say that their policy had anything to do with this, because, remember, there is no militant Islamic terrorism.  And they’re not gonna change their mind about that.  


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley asked me if I thought, because of what’s going on in Germany, the Europeans would start to get it.  And I told him no, there’s no way.  They’re gonna blame other people.  I have the proof that I’m right.  It’s an audio sound bite.  

We have here a montage from last night and this morning, a professor from UCLA, somebody from the Huffing and Puffington Post Germany, CBS… About four or five people here worrying that the right wing in Germany might defeat Merkel following this, which would be a horrible thing.

DOMINIC THOMAS:  For Chancellor Merkel, this is an absolute nightmare.  This feeds completely into the discourse of the Alternative for Germany far-right party.

JUERGEN KLOECKNER:  The right wing is already trying to use this attack for their politics.

FRAN TOWNSEND:  It’s gonna put enormous pressure on the Merkel government.

DR. SAJJAN M. GOHEL:  …attacks, unfortunately, being exploited by extremists of the far right.

IAN BREMMER:  Trump is going to be supporting the populists in Germany and that Putin is assertively preparing to manipulate the outcomes in Germany and France, just like he did in the United States.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah, you hear this, folks?  So the militant Islamists are basically just running roughshod over Germany now, and what’s really bad about it is that it’s going to open up an electoral opportunity for the alt-right.  There is no alt-right!  It’s totally made up by the left.  There isn’t one.  It’s the latest label they have used to try to smear all of conservatism.  But does it sound like they’re learning the lesson to you, Mr. Snerdley?  No, no, no.  The worst thing about this is not that militant Islamists are killing German Christians.  No, no.

It’s this is gonna make it really, really hard for Merkel to win! This is opening up electoral opportunities for the right wing — and, of course, who’s behind it?  The Russians! Yes.  The Russians.  Do you realize all the Russians are doing?  The Russians are running American elections, running American politics.  The Russians are running immigration into Germany.  The Russians are responsible for what’s happening to the European Union. 

The Russians are responsible for what’s happening for what’s responsible for Syria.  And I’m pretty sure we’re gonna learn that the Russians are the reason why the ChiComs are doing what they’re doing.  Once when the left gloms onto something, they don’t let go of it, and right now Vladimir Putin is unstoppable.  He’s behind everything, and he’s enabling the “far right wing” to pose grave dangers to the prime minister Angela Merkel. It’s such a dangerous world out there.

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