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RUSH: Want to take you back to me on this program back on October 20th.  This was before the election. I made a prediction.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  I’ll tell you what, if Trump wins this, do you think they’re gonna docilely sit by and accept the results and start conceding all over the place?  You think they’re gonna sit by and just accept it?  Did they accept it in 2000?  Gore conceded in 2000, then he withdrew the concession and ended up not conceding until December.  But these are the people worried about the fine traditions of our congressional Republican representative republic and democracy and all this.  The hypocrisy on this, it’s really getting to be a lot to swallow.

RUSH:  October 20th, 2016.  This is basically three weeks before the election.  Now, you might be asking, “Gee, Rush, you always know beforehand what’s gonna happen.  How are you able to do this?”  ‘Cause I know liberals, folks.  That’s why I implore you not to doubt me when I dig deep, way beneath the surface to tell you who these people are.  What prompted this?  Remember Trump at the last debate was asked if he would accept the results of election, and he said, “Well, not tonight, not gonna tell you that tonight.  I’m gonna reserve my opinion on this ’til I see what happens.” 

Because there had been talk all over the place about voter fraud and cheating. There always is.  And it was Chris Wallace who asked the question.  What they were actually… (interruption) No, no.  I’m not tying Chris Wallace to this.  The effort here was when Trump refused to answer.  What they wanted Trump to do, the Democrats, is they wanted Trump to say, “Well, of course! Of course I’ll accept the results of the election! What do you think I am?  If I lose, I lose. If I win, I win.”  What they wanted to then be able to report was what Trump conceded the election. 

That was gonna be the headline: “Trump Concedes Election in Latest Debate.”  That is what would have happened, and Trump’s instincts are highly tuned, and whether he consciously was aware that that was their desire or not, he did the right thing.  I don’t think that was his awareness.  I think he was being honest.  “No, I’m not gonna tell you tonight that I’ll accept losing,” because he already knew that all of the protesters at his rallies were bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign.  That guy, Robert Creamer, the husband of Jan Schakowsky — well, no Democrat Congress babe from Illinois.  

This guy had 300-some-odd visits to the White House, 42 of them with Obama personally, and he was caught on tape hiring protesters to go out and behave violently at Trump rallies so the media could report that Trump’s supporters are unruly and violent and dangerous. When in fact, they were bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign.  So Trump knew that.  And he knew that other chicanery was going on.  There was no way he was gonna tell those people that night.  But Hillary did. 

“Well, unlike my good friend, Donald, I am here to tell you tonight that of course I will accept the results of the election and words of the American people and they will have spoken, and I would support the peaceful transition of power.”  Go on and on and on about how she wouldn’t behave in any way like this reprobate Trump would.  They wanted the headline the next day… I’m saying this again. They wanted the headline to be: “Trump Concedes Election.”  That’s what they would have had actually the next day. 

That would have been the daily script for that day’s soap opera.  And people who hadn’t watched the debate or hadn’t paid much attention to it would see Trump, “What?  Trump conceded the election?”  And then they would say, “Yes, Trump has admitted that he thinks he’s gonna lose.”  And that’s what they would have said.  That would have been the narrative, and it would have been the narrative all the way through until Trump had tweeted responding to it somehow, some way.  But that’s what they wanted. 

It’s like this Electoral College thing.  They are desperate, desperate.  Look at the way they have been reporting on this Electoral College story even now.  They’re trying to make everybody think that this country is outraged, and they don’t want to the Electoral College to vote yet, because they think the Russians hacked the election, that changes the outcome, and the American people don’t want Trump seated, they don’t want him elected, they want to this be delayed. 

That’s what the press is reporting.  It isn’t true. There’s not 2% of the America — well, that’s low.  There’s about 25% hard-core lunatics out there, so 25% may think that, but it’s not national.  And I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen.  The Electoral College vote is gonna happen, it’s happening today, it’s gonna be tabulated, Trump’s gonna get his 305 to 306. It’s gonna be the biggest nonstory, and you’re gonna look back on all of this focus for the past three weeks, and it’s not gonna have amounted to a hill of beans.

Because everything that’s been reported for the last three weeks has been designed to affect the Electoral College vote today and try to portray it as a further bit of evidence of the illegitimacy of Trump’s win and then it’s gonna be reported and you’re gonna find out there have been hardly any defections at all, maybe one or two, it isn’t gonna be anywhere near significant.  It isn’t going to match the intensity of the reporting of the story at all, and that’s when people need to pipe up and make the point like I just did. 

Folks, did you see the Electoral College vote yesterday?  This is tomorrow.  We’re pretending it’s tomorrow.  You see the Electoral College vote?  Yeah, Trump won it 305, 304, whatever it is, Hillary got her  232.  You remember the last three weeks when you were led to believe that it was in doubt, that there might be massive defections because there were all kinds of Trump electors upset over the Russians hacking the election and might have voted against Trump? 

Didn’t happen, did it?  We have just gone through three weeks of fake news here.  We have been immersed in it, and we are the objects of the fake news.  And the fake news has been led by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the New York Times.  Those are the architects, those are the authors of this three-week-long fake news story.  John Podesta.  Remember my prediction October 20th when I said they will not accept it, they will protest.  Here’s Podesta on Meet the Press yesterday morning.  F. Chuck Todd said, “Do you believe this was a free and fair election?”

PODESTA:  The Russians clearly intervened in the election. So I think that people went to the polls, they cast their votes, Hillary Clinton got 2.9 billion more votes than Donald Trump, but, you know, Donald Trump is claiming the Electoral College victory, and tomorrow the electors will get to vote.

TODD:  You didn’t answer the question.  Do you believe this was a free and fair election?

PODESTA:  Well, I think it was — I think it was distorted by the Russian intervention; let’s put it that way.

RUSH:  No, it wasn’t.  And Donald Trump didn’t “claim” anything.  You know, I have always hated the media using the word “claim.”  Way back in the early nineties when they would call here and ask us what our audience was and we would tell them.  We had the exact figures as reported by, back then it was Arbitron, and the story: Limbaugh claims an audience of –” Not claiming anything!  I’m telling you what it is! 

Trump didn’t claim an Electoral College victory.  He earned one, despite your best efforts, Mr. Podesta.  The Russians didn’t hack in the election.  The Russians hacked the Democrat Party.  And do you know what we learned in the Democrat Party?  Do you know who did rig an election?  John Podesta and Hillary Clinton.  They rigged the Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders. And it’s really rich to listen to these crybabies and giant whiners out there talking about how the Russians stole election from ’em. 

Nobody stole the election from ’em.  They lost the election fair and square because they ran a horrible candidate and a horrible campaign with a bunch of arrogant, condescending hubris.  They deserved the outcome they got, and we are claiming their defeat, happily so.


RUSH:  Very quickly, Dale, Williamsburg, Virginia.  Great to have you, sir.  How you doing?

CALLER:  Hiya, Rush.  Merry Christmas from Williamsburg.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  Let me get right to my point.  I was thinking that for two years we’ve been hearing about Hillary’s email account, and she’s been telling us that there’s no need to be worried about hacking, it wasn’t hacking, and now it seems like she’s the one worried about all this hacking, and it just seems this is how Democrats win. No matter which way you go, it’s their side of the story.

RUSH:  Yeah, but, you know, here’s the thing about that, and you’re absolutely right, hypocrisy is dripping all over the Democrats on this, ’cause they’re the ones that were out there claiming, “No, no, no! Hillary’s server wasn’t hacked.  Nobody got.  We have a great relationship with Russia.”  Hillary and her plastic red reset button and so forth.  And then they started in on this concern that Trump was too soft on the Russians and so forth.  But you’re right! Hillary’s server and her emails? Unhackable, nothing to worry about.  And now all of a sudden since they lost the election, the Russians have become bad guys and were hacking everything in site!

CALLER:  That’s right.

RUSH:  Now, this kind of hypocrisy, the Democrats have never been harmed by it in the past. But I think we are entering a new era. I don’t think they realize what fools they are making of themselves to many more people than have on prior occasions seen it.  So this, to me, is its own opportunity to illustrate these people for who they are.

CALLER:  One more point, Rush?

RUSH:  Quickly.

CALLER:  Now that a Republican’s back in office, I think you can probably start breaking out your Slim Whitman song again.

RUSH: (chuckling) Una Paloma Blanca.  Yeah, that was the nuclear threat parody.  But, look, Mr. Snerdley will have to get the information from you on the kind of iPhone you want, because I simply am out of time, just hemmed in! I just can’t escape it.

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