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“The very people who told us that Donald Trump represented a threat to the Democratic process themselves are trying to undo and overthrow the democrat process. The American left and the Democrat Party is as big a bunch of sleaze as I have seen in the 30 years I’ve been doing this. And I’m counting some years in Sacramento to get to 30 years.”

“When I first saw this guy had written an op-ed for the New York Times — a supposed Republican elector — I didn’t believe a word of it. But I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to give the guy any more fame than he already was trying to get and I didn’t want to amplify whatever he was doing, speaking out against Trump. But I didn’t believe a word of it because I don’t believe the New York Times. This is FAKE NEWS!”

“The pope is equating Mary and Joseph to Syrian and Islamic Jihad refugees, and trying to say that we in the United States better be careful because we might be rejecting the next Mary and Joseph. They’ve tried this before. Mary and Joseph used to be representatives of the homeless. Now they are representatives of illegal immigrants and weaponized jihadists.” 

“If truth be told, Democrat donors want an autopsy. They want to know what the hell was done with their money. They want to know how in the hell, with all of that money, Hillary Clinton still managed to lose in an Electoral College landslide.”  

“A bunch of people that donated to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation — all these foreign donors, all these foreign governments investing in what they thought was a guaranteed Clinton presidency — what do they do? What do they get? Their money is literally worthless! How do they get it back? What do they get in return for it?”

“The Drive-Bys have become unhinged. They have become even more deluded and deranged than they are normally. They have given to just outright lying. There is journalistic malpractice going on.” 

“The media threw away whatever class they had years ago. Obama’s class has always been an illusion clouded in faculty lounge, lizard lounge talk, and Michelle Obama’s class has actually been told us by the media that it exists, but there isn’t any.”

“Everything on the left is a fraud. Everything on the left is a lie.” 

“Michelle Obama tells The Oprah, ‘We have no hope.’ All hope is lost with the election of Donald Trump. I wonder if she’s seen the latest polling data on all of the renewed optimism. Approaching 70% of the American people report a new optimism. What hope has vanished?”

“People like the Obama’s are not even small-d Democrats anymore. They are statists; they’ve always been that. They’re authoritarians, and they think that they are entitled by birthright or whatever else to power. They’re deranged, and they’re getting worse.”  

“When the media and the Democrat Party are aligned and in unison on a story, I don’t believe it.”

“Besides Angela Merkel and Obama, you gotta put the pope right in there with world leaders who are helping to spread and sanction this whole idea of Islamic supremacism based on the fact that we all need to share Islamic guilt.”

“This is the headline: ‘Pope: Christmas Reminds Us That Jesus Was a Migrant.’ Yeah, I remember when Jesus killed 130 people in Paris. I remember when Jesus wiped out people in San Bernardino. I remember when Jesus attacked the military at Fort Hood. Yeah. I remember when Jesus hijacked three airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Center. What kind of insanity is this?”

“Donald Trump, he’s humble. And everybody at Hershey Pennsylvania in that hall last night, they saw it, and they responded to it, and it’s part of what makes the bond between Trump and his voters unbreakable.”

“The Russians did not involve themselves in ‘hacking the election.’ That would be hacking the democratic process. They did not do that. The only people that really tried to do that is the Democrat Party, and they do it repeatedly. They do it election after election. They did it in this past election.” 

“We know of two electors in Colorado who asked — who went to court and demanded — to be released from the law requiring them to vote the way the people of Colorado did, and the judge told ’em to put their head where there isn’t any sunshine.”  

“I don’t believe what’s in the New York Times. I don’t believe what I see on CNN. It is all fake new, and they will just make it up and they’ll go out and find frauds and they will willingly attempt to give them the stamp of credibility if it has any chance of furthering their sick, deranged agenda.” 

“I think Donald Trump is gonna create an environment for any business to thrive and prosper if they have what it takes. I think Donald Trump is gonna be getting regulations and obstacles out of people’s way. I think he’s gonna do everything he can to help the engine of freedom purr long and grow and thrive — and if you’re part of it, you will, too.” 

“I’m a big believer that words mean things, and it’s not insurance to insure against preexisting conditions. We don’t let you buy insurance when your house is burning down. We do not allow people to buy insurance in the middle of a catastrophic event.”

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