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RUSH: This is Victoria in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It’s great to have you with us, Victoria.  How you doing?

CALLER:  Rush, I am so excited to talk to you.  It’s the best Christmas present ever.  I’ve been listening to you since the eighties.  My ex-husband introduced me to you, and I think it’s the best thing I got out of that marriage.

RUSH:  (laughing) Gee! (laughing)

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  You know, you just reminded me of something.  This will not take away from your time.  I happened to see that CBS is thinking of rebooting the old Jackie Gleason show, the Honeymooners.  Have you ever seen that show?



CALLER: I hate to admit that I’m old enough to have seen that show but I don’t remember it.

RUSH:  Well, it was 1951, which is the year I was born, and it was only for one season, 39 episodes. But with this story there was a clip, and this show, if it ran today, would be the most fun thing in the world.  Jackie Gleason plays Ralph Kramden, a bus driver in Brooklyn, and his wife is Audrey Meadows (Jane Meadows’ sister) and Art Carney is his buddy from an arrangement in the building, and it’s just a fleabag. I mean, they don’t have any money, and this guy is the biggest male chauvinist pig.

Back then, this was great humor, and this little clip was about how Audrey (well, his wife, Alice) wants to take mambo lessons ’cause she’s tired of sitting around the house all day, and he refuses, and he berates her, and he makes fun of her, and she ends up saying to him, “You know what, Ralph? The problem with you is you don’t treat me like a woman?”  “What do you mean, I don’t treat you like a woman? I let you cook! I let you clean! I let you do the ironing! What do you mean, I don’t treat you like a woman?”

CALLER: (laughs)

RUSH: So she just stands with her hands on her hips. She says, “Ralph, you don’t know that I’m a woman.”  “I do know you’re a woman, you won’t stop yappin’!”  Now, back in 1951, this was considered breakout humor.  It would not survive today if, say… It’s just such a stark contrast to what is permitted then and not today because of political correctness.  You reminded me of it when you said the only thing of value your ex-husband ever did (chuckling) was introduce you to this show. (laughing) I’m laughing.

CALLER: It was the most valuable thing, and I do thank God for loaning you to all of us, and I mean that sincerely.

RUSH:  Well, you’re very sweet.  Thank you very much —

CALLER:  I hope you continue for many years.

RUSH:  What did you…?

CALLER:  I just have one question.

RUSH:  By the way, Victoria is one of my all-time, Top 10 favorite female names, too.

CALLER:  Thank you.

RUSH:  Is it.

CALLER:  I was named after Queen Victoria.  My mom’s Australian.

RUSH: Wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow. Very nice.  Very nice. What is it that you called about?

CALLER:  The question I want to ask is —

RUSH:  Yeah?

CALLER:  — what difference at this point does it make that we are focusing on who hacked the emails rather than the emails themselves?

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: They have successfully, once again — as they do quite brilliantly every time. Every time we think, “We’ve got them, they’re losing, we finally caught them,” they’re one step ahead because they have successfully got everyone to talk about what doesn’t really matter, because what really mattered is, what’s in the emails. Where are they? The ones that we’ve already got from WikiLeaks are the reason she didn’t get elected.  And, yes, that’s true, and even if Putin wanted Donald Trump to get elected, there’s a reason.  I mean, she’s blaming everything and everyone — and keeping the focus off of everything and everyone — but herself, and they’re succeeding one more time.

RUSH:  Well, now, wait a minute.

originalCALLER:  They control the narrative.

RUSH:  Now, wait, wait, wait, wait.  You are exactly right, you are a thousand percent right, and it’s in fact very shrewd of you to note that what really matters here is what was in those emails, and what was in those emails did have an impact on the election, and no matter what the Russians did, they didn’t write the emails, and they didn’t produce the content of the emails.

CALLER:  Exactly! Exactly.

RUSH: I know you’re saying that everybody seems to be on defense, reacting to this story the way they are portraying it — Russians hacked, Russians undermined the election — but I don’t think it’s working.  It is in the media, but in the Fox News poll, 59% of people say that the hack is irrelevant to the election, and they don’t feel badly about the way they voted or any of that.  But you are right in the sense that they do force us to talk about it. I made this comment on Monday, that I resented having to deal with this precisely because it is trying to refocus everybody’s attention away from what matters.  The reason she lost is what’s in those emails!

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  It did matter.

CALLER:  The other thing is, it’s not just… I mean, it might not be working, and I can only pray to the same God who loaned you to us that in the end, they won’t win over this, but they’re using it —

RUSH:  Well, wait.

CALLER:  — to now affect the Electoral College!  Now they’re gonna present this case about the Russians —

RUSH:  No, they’re not.

originalCALLER:  At least they’re gonna try to stop him there.

RUSH:  The people demanding the intel briefings are Hillary electors anyway.  This guy from Harvard, Lawrence Lessig, says he knows 20 electors that are gonna defect.  That’s not true.  We only know one.  We only know one who is going to not vote for Trump who is required to.  I don’t think this is gonna have any affect on the Electoral College.  I think…

CALLER:  I hope you’re right.

RUSH:  It’s in their dreams, Victoria.

CALLER:  I hope you’re right, because it’s in my nightmare.

RUSH:  You are afraid that the Electoral College is not gonna get Trump to 270?

CALLER:  No, I don’t know that I’m actually afraid of it.  I just don’t like to have to worry about it, I don’t like to have to think about it.  I’d like to be able to say, okay all those months of worrying about if Trump was gonna get in, because I was with him from the very beginning —

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  — is over.  I’d like it to be over.  I’d like it to be, like, this is our president —

RUSH:  Hey, Victoria —

CALLER:  — this is what we have to look forward to.  I can relax and not have them constantly, every day —

RUSH: I am so glad you said that, and I don’t want to disappoint you, but you’re never gonna be able to relax.  They’re never going to accept this or anything else involving their defeat.

CALLER:  At least I’d like to get past the point to where it’s no more than just them whining.

RUSH:  Well, we’re not there yet, but, look, this is all part of what I consider to be the teachable moment.  I think there are a lot of people who otherwise have not taken the time to really know who and what liberals are who are now seeing it.  She lost the election.  Now, it’s only her dyed-in-the-wool supporters who are out there in the media making it look like all this was the result of cheating by the Russians.

But as you say, the Russians did not write the emails that Podesta was receiving and sending.  The Russians had nothing to do with the content, and they probably had nothing to do with leaking this stuff.  I really believe, if we ever find out for sure, we’re gonna find the Russians had nothing to do with this.  I think this is probably more —

originalCALLER:  It doesn’t matter.

RUSH:  I believe this is a bunch of angry Democrats on the Bernie Sanders side who were ticked off when they found out that this whole campaign was rigged against Bernie at the party level. I think you’re gonna find out that the source of all of this is Democrats who are whistleblowing on Hillary because there’s a lot of people in this party that don’t like her.  There’s a lot of people. 

They all thought Bernie had a legitimate chance. And it started to dawn on ’em he’d win every primary and she would get all the delegates.  So you wait.  I don’t know how long it’s gonna take.  Look, your concerns are valid.  I’m like you.  I wish to have a day of peace where these people would just, you know, take a nap for a day.  But they never will.  And that’s the great lesson of your call here.  This is who they are.  This is all they’ve got, Victoria.  They don’t have an agenda they can be honest about, they’re not optimism people, they’re not positive people.  They’re liars —

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  — and they’re deceit artists, and all they’ve got is destroying their opponents.  That’s it.  That’s the sum total of their playbook and they’re never going to abandon it.

CALLER:  No one could have expected at this point they had one more piece to put in that beautiful little picture they’ve been working on for so long. So no one could expect them to give up, but I just wish people would be talking and reminding people, this isn’t about the Russians or the hacking.  It’s about the content that came out —

RUSH:  You’ve done a great —

CALLER:  — that somebody had to BleachBit.

RUSH:  You’re not the only one who knows it, believe me.  The media is not going to present your perspective on this, ever.  The media is Hillary.  The media is the Democrat Party.  They’re all Democrat hacks.  Expecting them to change is to believe that they’re objective and that they eventually will see the truth.  No.  They’re about obfuscating the truth.  They’re not even media; they don’t even really do news.  Look, I’m up against it on time.  Victoria, what kind of iPhone do you want, a 7 or 7 Plus?

CALLER:  I would love a 7 Plus.  Thank you so much.

RUSH:  What’s your carrier?

largeCALLER:  I literally checked something off my bucket list today.

RUSH:  Cool.


RUSH:  AT&T.  So name your color.

CALLER:  Jet black if you have one.

RUSH:  Jet black.  I do.  It’s gonna come to you without a SIM card.  You’re gonna get a world phone.  It’s unlocked so it’ll work on any carrier, including AT&T.  256 gigabytes.  So you hang on.  Mr. Snerdley will get your address.

CALLER:  Thank you so much.  And Merry Christmas, happy holidays to you.

RUSH:  Same to you.

CALLER:  Thanks again.

RUSH:  I’m so glad you called.  That’s really a great point that you made, and I haven’t made it enough.  I’m glad you did.  She’s in Salt Lake City. 

We’ll be back and continue — and Victoria, don’t hang up.

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