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RUSH:  Well, you probably heard by now, folks — maybe you haven’t heard by now.  If you haven’t heard by now, let me tell you.  The Jill Stein-Hillary Clinton recount has been stopped by a federal judge in Michigan.  You know what that means?  Means it’s over.  It means the end of any real chance — not that there really was one, but of course the left is in fantasy land.  But this is it.  I mean, this ends any real chance of the election results being reversed by any kind of a recount. 

So, speaking of counts, this is another historic precedent for Hillary Clinton.  She just keeps losing.  The way I look at this, she’s lost three times now.  She lost in 2008.  She lost this year, and now she lost the recount.  Remember when Trump said that we’re gonna get tired of all the winning?  He’s on the campaign trail, he said to his audience (paraphrasing), “You’re gonna be asking me, you’re gonna be begging me to just slow down, stop the winning, there’s too much winning, there’s so much winning.”  For Hillary Clinton, it’s the losing that keeps on coming.  And I am not unhappy to see it.


RUSH:  By the way, folks, not only has a judge shut down the recount in Michigan for the third Hillary Clinton loss of the presidency since 2008, you know what else is happening in the recount?  Trump has gained something like that either 123 or 143 votes.  Trump won even bigger as a result of the Jillary Stein recount.  I mean, it’s all backfiring on these people!  It’s just rearing up — it’s like a rattlesnake — and just continues to bite these people.  They haven’t figured out it out, and there’s no antidote to the venom.  

It’s like you put a bag of manure in front of ’em and they keep stepping in it.  It’s actually kind of fun to see.

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