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“When the media says Donald Trump is a ‘divisive figure,’ they mean he might do some things people actually want to see, like ending Muslim immigration or building a wall on the Mexican border.” – Mark Steyn

Remembering the Pearl Harbor Attack 75 Years Ago Today

“December 7, 1941 was a different America. Four months later, there was the Doolittle Raid on Japan. It showed that America was willing to hit back. It was 3-1/2 years from the Pearl Harbor attack and the Japanese surrender. We’re fifteen years after the 9/11 attack, which killed more people, and we have yet to impose massive defeat upon your enemy — and if your enemy hasn’t been defeated, he reasonably concludes that he hasn’t been defeated.”  -Mark Steyn

Are All the Hipsters Secretly Nazis?

“Hitler understood the power of hair. The Washington Post wants to know: Are all the Nazis secretly hipsters or are all the hipsters secretly Nazis? We just don’t know! Yes, this is the newspaper of record in the nation’s capital.” -Mark Steyn

Leave the Terrorists, Take the Buche de Noel

“The important thing about Trump is you don’t become successful in business unless you can prioritize, and prioritizing means you have to choose. So you can have a Department of Homeland Security that bans sponge cake from Canada, or you can have a DHS that stops people like the big stabby-stabby Ohio State University stabber from stabbing Americans, but you cannot have both.” -Mark Steyn

 “Every so often, someone’s kind enough to say, ‘We quite like these once-every-three-months appearances on the Rush show, but why don’t you try working a bit more regularly?’ You’re a fool to get into talk radio, because nobody can compete with Rush, and this is the only show I want to sit behind the microphone of. I love making guest appearances here. But TV is a different matter. So I’m launching The Mark Steyn Show. You can read more about it on SteynOnline.com  or if you go to CRTV.com.” -Mark Steyn 

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