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RUSH:  Algore — and I’m wondering how did this happen.  Who called who on this?  Is Algore out there sensing that — the reason I think it’s Algore is because whenever Gore shows up, it freezes.  When Gore shows up, it’s a snowstorm, it’s a blizzard, and, lo and behold, here comes Gore to New York yesterday to try to get a meeting with Ivanka and Trump and warn them that they’re wrong on climate change, and we’re gonna have the biggest blast of cold air swamping the entire country with exception of Florida starting tomorrow.

We are gonna have this gigantic cold air mass come down from Alaska because of the jet stream.  They’ve been warning about this for a week and the models on this were right.  We’re gonna be 20 to 30 degrees below normal in the Midwest, the upper Midwest.  Not gonna hit New York.  I think it may miss New York.  We’re not gonna get it  here, either.  You know what the feel-like temperature at noon yesterday was?  It was 90 yesterday here, the feel-like.  It was.  The humidity was back up.  We just love it.  

Anyway, Gore shows up and he brings with him this massive unseasonable, unprecedented cold wave.  So I’m thinking it’s Gore that called Trump.  Oh, yeah, the environment, oh, you ought to see my tech blogs.  All of a sudden they’re withdrawing all allegations and accusations against Trump.  Maybe Trump has seen the light. Maybe Trump’s actually going to get it on this. Maybe with Algore going in to visit, maybe we were wrong about Trump.  

I’m gonna tell you, the fastest way for me to abandon all this is if they sign on to this.  I’m just telling you right now, folks, I can’t look the other way at that, and I won’t.  There’s no way on earth.  But I’m gonna wait and see what happens.  I think a lot of this is a show, and a lot of this is, “Algore wants to talk to me?  What about?  Climate?  Fine.  Bring him in. I’ll talk to him.”  Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full, Gore leaves, thinks he’s mattered. 

He’s on the board of Apple, too.  There’s all kinds of stuff behind the scenes of every one of these meetings.  Algore’s a board member at Apple.  Trump’s got plans for Apple.  Who knows, they might not have even been talking climate change.  Everybody thinks climate change ’cause Gore.  We don’t know.  But I can just tell you Trump’s loving every minute of this.


RUSH:  Let me give you some little stats here on Algore, ’cause I just find this juicy as it can be.  You know, there’s so much hypocrisy on the left, and they never get called on it.  They get away with every act of hypocrisy in which they engage.  When Algore ran for president in 2000, he filed a public financial disclosure report that revealed his net worth was somewhere around $700,000. In the year 2000, running for president.  Oh.  I got an email.  “Why do you pronounce his name one word, ‘Algore’?”  Good question.  

To understand that, you have to have been listening here back in the Clinton days.  We used to do funny parodies of Clinton as Count Dracula and his trusty sidekick, Algore.  The real name was Igor but we called him Algore, and Clinton was sending Algore around to raise people’s taxes and sucking their blood and this kind of thing.  So it’s just stuck with me. He’s Algore.  Trusted aide, you know, the doofus lackey that all bad guys have. 

You ever notice that every bad guy, his number one aide is an idiot! (laughing) He always ends up getting him caught.  Anyway, so it just stuck.  It’s Algore, not Al Gore.  But that’s why.  Anyway, when Algore ran for president in 2000, the financial disclosure report that he filed, net worth $700,000.  Today, in 2016, Algore’s net worth is over $172 million.  Now, he lost the presidency in 2000.  What did he do?  What has Algore done in 16 years to go from $700,000 to $172,000,000?  A lot of that money, by the way, is oil money.  

originalYou remember when Algore bought this worthless little cable channel and turned it into something… What was it? What did he call it? (interruption) Right, he turned it into Current TV.  And the brilliant programming idea of Current TV was home videos.  Young leftist activists could make home videos of all the things they’re doing to make the world a better place and send them in to Algore, and Algore would televise them on Current TV.  Well, it flopped.  Trump may have watched it, but if he did, he was the only one, ’cause Trump watches a lot of TV. 

Algore sold Current TV… Are you ready for it?  Wait for it.  Dadelut dadelut dadelut.  He sold it to the government of Qatar!  The government of Qatar, which is filthy oil money, and they turned it into Al Jazeera west or Al Jazeera north, whatever it was.  So Algore, he buys this thing for a pittance, and I think he sold it for something like $65 million or $70 million, to the government of Qatar, which is a filthy oil potentate state in the Middle East.  Now, you would think Algore hates oil because he’s a big climate change guy, and those guys think oil is the greatest evil in the world.  

But Algore, in a gigantic act of hypocrisy, has profited to the Moon because of Qatar.  He also has, something like — What is it? — 100,000 shares of Apple.  And that stake is roughly… Ah, the Apple price is a hundred and… Let me check what the Apple price is.  I’ll do some quick math on this. (interruption) Yeah, but look what the Apple price is here.  Okay, a hundred and 10 bucks. Multiply 100,000 by 110 and see what you get, and that’s what it’s currently worth.  Anyway, so he’s up there around $173 million, and his carbon footprint is just out the wazoo, and it’s just one hypocritical existence after another.  

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