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RUSH:  Here is Nathan someplace in the southwest as we head back to the phones.  Great to have you, Nathan.  How are you doing? 

CALLER:  Mega dittos, Rush.  I have been listening to you since I was 11, and that’s before the Clinton administration, so I cannot tell you what an honor it is to actually talk to you. 

RUSH:  I appreciate that.  I really do.  Thank you. 

CALLER:  I just wanted to make a quick comment and a question.  My comment is I wanted to thank you for the Rush Revere books.  I’m a direct descendant of William Bradford, and you have done something with my kids that I haven’t been able to do, and that is build a connection between their ancestors and themselves.  And, in fact, you think about it, your whole Rush Revere series does that for all Americans.  It connects them back to our wonderful heritage, which is something that liberal can’t handle, and I really appreciate that. 

RUSH:  Well, you’re welcome.  You’re a descendant of William Bradford? 

CALLER:  Yes. 

RUSH:  William Bradford doesn’t get the credit.  William Bradford is so relevant to America as it exists today, and you look at William Bradford’s journal, which we touch on a little bit in Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, his writings were brilliant and technically beautiful.  He was obviously a brilliant man and had the ability to express himself in a number of different ways.  If your kids are realizing that they descend from something, that’s really great.  The more you’re able to inculcate that the greater amount of pride they’re gonna have.  That’s incredible. 

CALLER:  Well, I appreciate that, Rush.  It’s something that has always been a pet peeve for me is how we miseducate, ill-educate people on not just him but also the entire American history.  It begins and ends with slavery, for the liberals. So I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that.  I do have a quick question. 

RUSH:  Yeah. 

CALLER:  I work in education, and, as you know, this is the belly of the beast where the societal decay is — in my mind at least, moves so fast and it seems to me, including myself, that we hide out as conservatives because our political beliefs and my religion makes us guilty of hate speech, and I’m not gonna hide out.  My question for you is, how do conservatives like me come out from the shadows and actually start fighting for education again?  Because if we don’t we’re gonna see a whole generation of students —

RUSH:  You know, I’ve asked myself that if I were in your shoes, if — 

CALLER:  Yeah. 

RUSH:  — I were at a college or university and let me pick a number.  The faculty is 150 or a hundred professors and I’m one of maybe two or three conservatives, how would I deal with it.  And what I’ve always thought is I would not crusade in the faculty lounge, I would not engage the professors.  I would simply teach the students in my class.  I’d just confine it to that, and I would teach them, and I wouldn’t do it in a confrontational way knowing how they’re not gonna react to that.  I mean, they’re precious snowflakes. 

CALLER:  Yeah. 

RUSH:  I would just teach conservatism to ’em, and I would let it flow from the classroom.  I realize I’d have trouble there, too, because some of the students would go squawking off to the administration or their parents.  But that’s how I would do it.  I wouldn’t take on the professorette because I don’t think that would have a prayer. 

CALLER:  No, I appreciate that.  It’s just something where I’m a fighter.  Let’s just put it that way.  I don’t back away from fighting.  Put it that way. 

RUSH:  Me, too.  Well, the temptation would be to get in their face and tell ’em to pound sand and that kind of thing, but I don’t know how productive that would be.  What you really want to do, the objective is to get as many students coming out of there thinking differently than they went in.  So that’s how I would tackle it.  

CALLER:  I appreciate that, Rush. 

RUSH:  Look, you probably got a better handle on it than I do because I’ve not actually been in that circumstance and you are. 

CALLER:  You’ve been in the media, which is just as bad. 

RUSH:  Yeah, you know, I also have — nobody can fire me. 

CALLER:  Yeah, that’s true. 

RUSH:  And you probably don’t have that luxury.  So you have to keep that in mind.  That’s one advantage I’ve got.  I mean, they can lie about me, they can ridicule me, they can lie, they can falsely accuse, but they can’t fire me.  And you probably could encounter a hostile administration that could make your employment tough for you. 

CALLER:  It can be.  It can be.  So you have that wonderful pull of duty to country or duty to your family. 

RUSH:  Right.  Well, I’d give it a shot.  I would try for the students. Look, before you go, I’m offering every caller today — it’s the Christmas season — a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.  Do you have a preference of which one you’d like? 

CALLER:  I’d prefer the Plus.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.  My current phone only has two gigs of storage, so I can only have one app at a time.  So it would be really neat. 

RUSH:  What kind of phone do you have? 

CALLER:  I have an old Android, but my wife and I, since we’re single income, ’cause she stays home with the kids, I don’t buy things until things wear out. 

RUSH:  Okay.  Look, this phone’s gonna have 256 gigabytes of storage. 

CALLER:  Oh, goodness.  That’s wonderful Rush. 

RUSH:  Who’s your carrier?  

CALLER:  Right now we’re using T-Mobile, but it doesn’t really matter.  I’ll switch with whatever you’ve got. 

RUSH:  Okay.  T-Mobile.  And do you have a color preference?  I have all colors. 

CALLER:  Can I get matte black? 

RUSH:  Matte black is all yours.  

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