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RUSH: Ann Althouse. She’s from Wisconsin. She has a blog — she’s had it for a while — and she wrote a blurb last night, a post, about two political science professors who have recently discovered the term “low-information voter” and sought to define it. And they defined it in a completely incorrect way, and she pointed out that I have been calling people low-information voters for years and to these two political science professors, “If you are in politics…” This is a paraphrase of what she said, but, “If you’re in politics, and you don’t know what Rush Limbaugh’s talking about, then you are low-information.”

I thought that was very kind of her and it’s an astute observation, and the comments that followed were fascinating to look at the various definitions of low-information voter. People were inventing the definition themselves or writing their own or correctly and incorrectly quoting my definition of low-information voter. But her point was that these two poli-sci professors have this great new academic paper on low-information voters, and to them low-information voters are Trump supporters who just react and don’t think. The high-information voters are people like them, the academics.

And the point is, they are low-information voters! They don’t challenge themselves. They do not know about people who don’t think like they do. I do. I know liberals better than liberals know themselves. They have no idea who I am. That was her point. These are people teaching politics, and they don’t know where the term “low-information voter” really comes from and then they screw up the definition. It’s they who are low-information voters if they don’t know — anybody in politics who doesn’t know — what happens on this program. I just wanted to give her a shout out for that.


RUSH: By the way, let me clarify this definition of low-information voter, as I coined it. I learned from Ann Althouse’s blog last night that it seems like everybody has their own definition for it, and a lot of people are misapplying the definition that I’ve come up with to me, claiming that I mean something I don’t mean by it. I coined the term “low-information voter” shortly after Obama’s election in 2008.

There was a TIME Magazine story that literally said a voluminous number of Obama voters never followed the news. And I said, “Well, there you go!” (laughing) I mean, makes perfect sense. So low-information voters began as low-information voters. They don’t know anything! They don’t follow the news. They’re pure addicts of pop culture. They pay attention to what’s on TV. They all dream about being on the red carpet. They dream about being famous.

They idolize the Kardashians. I mean, they’re into that kind of stuff — pop music, movies and so forth — but they don’t have the slightest knowledge of politics. And they haven’t been taught much about it, and that’s what low-information voters are. Think of the people from Rio Linda. Rio Linda is actually the forerunner of the low-information voter.

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