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RUSH:  Yeah, this is gonna be fun, folks.  It’s gonna be fun.  I don’t quite know how to describe how much fun it’s gonna be, but I can try to give you an idea here.  What happened to that call that was on line 4 that I want to…? (interruption) Remember what the subject matter of that call was? (interruption)  What was it?  What was it? (interruption) Oh, yeah, yeah. We had a caller up there. I gave advice to somebody on how to do what? (interruption) Oh, yeah.  How to deal with schoolmates razzing her because she didn’t vote for Hillary.

She wanted to tell me that she tried the advice for herself or for her daughter and it worked, and she was gonna tell me, and I can’t remember what I told them.  I can’t… (interruption) What? (interruption) Oh, okay.  Okay.  So it was a guy who heard the advice I gave the lady that called, and he passed that advice on to his daughter, right?  And it worked.  And he was going to tell me, and I… (interruption) Yeah.  It’s vaguely coming back to me.  Anyway, the guy hung up.  I should have taken him faster because I don’t remember exactly what the advice was.

I’ve given so much advice to so many people that I needed a refresher on the specific advice I gave to that caller that this guy had overheard.  Anyway, what I mean by this is gonna be fun…  Remember now, to understand all this, you have to establish and I want to keep reminding you of mind-sets.  You have to — and I’m sorry to keep browbeating this, but it’s really important.  In order to understand the Never Trumpers and the Democrats and the leftists and the media and anybody critical of Trump, you have to understand who they are in order to get a good understanding, to have a good understanding of how Trump’s success is going to affect them.

So in the case of Obama and his White House staff, in the case of the media, in the case of Never Trumpers, you have people who are embedded for life in the political system — the establishment, the elites, or what have you — and that political system has rules and norms.  And Trump… They have a superiority almost complex about it, as members of the elite, as members of the establishment.  There’s only their way of doing things, and if anybody is going to try to get into their system, they’re gonna have behave according to the rules of the system.

And if somebody doesn’t, then all bets are off.

Well, that’s where we are here.  We have a legitimate outsider, Donald Trump, who wants no part of their system.  And that offends them.  He doesn’t believe in their system because he doesn’t believe it’s been working.  He believes their system has been retarding the growth of this country and preventing us from realizing our full potential, both as a country and as individuals.  So he doesn’t believe in their system.  That offends them.  But they think he’s the one that’s a nut because the system is theirs.

They devised it. They’re the ones that maintain it and protect it. They guard it, and they believe in its supremacy and superiority.  So Trump is already running rings around them, and he’s not even president yet.  Trump is already able to accomplish things that they haven’t been able to accomplish, that they say can’t be accomplished, “Because it’s a global world now, and there are massive forces out there, and we must learn our place in the world,” and all this rotgut.  And Trump doesn’t care about any of that.

The other factor here that you have to keep in mind is the media.  Look at how you learned that Trump convinced Carrier to keep a thousand jobs in Indiana.  You heard about it from Trump.  Trump tweeted it.  The two major news stories of the day are Donald Trump tweets.  The first tweet is the Carrier tweet.  The second story is that Trump is gonna have a press conference on December 15th or some sort of a public ceremony where he is going to back out of all of his businesses.

What is happening on the media, Trump is setting the news agenda, and he’s doing it himself, and the media is following.  Trump establishes a story or an agenda or a narrative, which they have always considered theirs and theirs alone.  They are in charge of that. They’re in charge of the daily narrative. They’re in charge of the script. They’re in charge of the soap opera, and everybody has to follow them and everybody has to kiss up to them. Everybody has to do whatever they can to get treated nicely by them.

Trump says, “I don’t care. I’m gonna do the news of the day. I’m gonna tell people what I want ’em to know,” and he does it.  They’re following.  After Trump goes out and establishes these two narratives, then what’s happening?  The Drive-By Media is now out all over television and on their websites, and their soon to-be-published newspapers filling space based on what Trump has done and said – and they resent the heck out of that, folks.  You cannot believe the resentment about that.

The media believe they are more powerful than any branch of government, and they think they should be. They’re gonna have the power to bring any branch of government or anybody in government to heel.  And, by the same token, they have the power to insulate anybody, like Obama, from any criticism from outside.  But however they use it, they believe they are the sole purveyors and owners of that power.  Trump is blowing all of this up.  To illustrate, I have an audio sound bite from Josh Earnest, who is Obama’s press secretary.

He had his daily press briefing today, after Trump announced that Carrier, after talking to Trump, is gonna keep a thousand manufacturing jobs in Indiana.  So at the White House press session this afternoon, press briefing, an unidentified reporter stood up and asked this question of Earnest.  “Late yesterday, Carrier announced a deal with Donald Trump to keep close to a thousand jobs at an air conditioner planning in Indianapolis.  All the details of the deal haven’t been announced.  What I was wondering: Does the White House have any thoughts on the strategy that’s been employed to lean on a private company, to get them to keep jobs in the U.S.?  Is that a strategy that the White House approves of?  I just wanted your thoughts on that.”

EARNEST:  The early indications are that this is good news, and obviously we’d welcome that good news.  I know that the president-elect has indicated that he deserves credit for that

announcement, and I guess what I would observe is that if he is successful in doing that 804 more times, then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the United States while President Obama was in office. As we go to protecting jobs, there are more than a million jobs in the industrial Midwest that were saved when President Obama made the decision to rescue the American auto industry.

RUSH:  Right.  He didn’t rescue anything.  He bought it.  That’s the difference.  But do you hear the arrogance there?  I’m telling you at the White House, when this was announced — don’t doubt me on this — there was seething. There was rage, there was cursing at everything about it, at Trump over the details of the story, over how small it was gonna make Obama look, how inconsequential it was gonna make Obama look. So they had to have a meeting and they had to devise how they’re gonna deal with this.

And they decided to go out there and minimize what Trump’s done. “Oh, we really happy for Donald Trump, that’s really great.  If he does it 804 more times then maybe he can talk to Obama about how you save jobs.”  That’s their message.  It is as transparent and empty at the same time as you can get, and it’s child like.  It’s, “Well, you… you…”  It is not at all mature, and the only thing Earnest could cite in saving manufacturing jobs is President Obama’s decision to “rescue” the American auto industry? He made no such decision.

President Obama did not rescue the American auto industry.  He bought it and then tried to turn it over to the unions.  There wasn’t any rescue.  What Trump has done with Carrier and what Obama did with the auto industry are two entirely different things. For there to be any similarity here, Trump would be the owner of Carrier today, and he would have gone in and browbeat them and made who knows what kind of deals in order to transfer the ownership.  Obama looked at the auto industry as the epitome of what was wrong with America.

It was one of the many examples of what’s wrong with America.  “The autoworkers? They’re the ones that should own that company,” in Obama’s world, “because it had the provided the sweat labor! They’re the ones that made any automobile sale possible, and they got nothing! They got dirt compared to the CEO and compared to the stockholders and the board of directors and all these other things.”  So Obama’s purpose was to go in and take the auto industry away from people that owned it, and that’s exactly what happened!

There were stockholders and there were bondholders.  Now, people forget these things, but I do not.  In the pecking order of who gets paid when something goes belly up or is close to it and investors need to be made whole, bondholders go first, then the stockholders, and then other investors after that.  What Obama did was go in and basically tell the bondholders, people who had invested in bonds… Are we talking about General Motors here?  He told the General Motors bondholders that they had to pound sand.  They got diddly-squat.

Obama took it away from them.  There is literally no comparison to what Obama did in so-called rescuing GM and what Trump has done here with Carrier.  And their answer here — their seething, bitter little answer. I mean, stop and think of the mind-set here.  You’re president of the United States, and your spokesman’s out there, and you are the most powerful man in the world, and there’s some guy out there that you don’t particularly like. He’s just been elected president.

You think he’s buffoon, and so you think you’ve gotta put him down and you’ve gotta do it in such a way that makes everybody think you’re the big guy and he’s just a chump pretender.  “Well, yeah.  Okay.  So he saved the jobs at Carrier.  Very happy about that.  Big whoop.  Big deal!  If he does it 804 more times, he can come talk to us.”  Well, ladies and gentlemen, there hasn’t been any jobs rescue under Obama.  We’ve had net zero.  Yeah, there are new jobs created. Most of the time are part time because of the Obamacare requirements.

We’ve had businesses shut down.  We haven’t had any economic growth.  There hasn’t been any economic recovery.  If the economy had been as robust as Obama was saying, Hillary probably would have been elected.  If the economy were roaring and everybody was experiencing what you have in economic growth — if wages were really increasing, if people’s standards of living were rising — then Trump probably would not have won. But America is stagnant and it’s being run by somebody who doesn’t believe it deserves to prosper, at least not as a superpower.

Barack Obama and the Democrats believe in the United States is guilty and it has been an undeserving superpower for way too long, built on the backs of minorities and the discriminated-against and the besieged and the grievance-filled.  And the purpose of the Obama administration was to pay America back so that people got a taste of what it was like to be at the back of the line.  We didn’t deserve our superpower status.  We didn’t deserve our exalted economic status because it was purchased unjustly and immorally.

This is what they believe.

“America,” we were told, “this is a new normal: America in decline. Get used to it.  This is where the world is headed now.”  Then they threw in climate change and all the other damage that we’ve caused, and then they’re out trying to portray themselves as these big believers in economic growth and that they were responsible for it.  And if they were, they could point to it, and Hillary would have been reelected. But they can’t and they didn’t.  And that’s why what Trump did, saving a thousand jobs… Stop and think of this.

Trump announces saving a thousand jobs, and it’s a bigger economic announcement than any Barack Obama has had in eight years.  That’s what they’re steaming about in the White House.  Trump goes out and tweeting that he has saved a thousand jobs at Carrier in Indiana, and it’s bigger economic news than anything Obama announced. Bigger than his stimulus, which didn’t work. Bigger than Obamacare, which is an albatross around this nation’s neck and is gonna have to be dispatched and rebuilt.

Practically everything Obama touched has been damaged to one degree or another.  I think it’s quite telling that an announcement of saving a thousand jobs is maybe the biggest economic news this country has had — the most uplifting, shall we say — in eight years, and they know it at the White House, and they know it at the Democrat Party.  And they’ve not had experience dealing with this because they have not had a functioning opposition, which was out to defeat them, or fix their mistakes.  They’re up against things they have no preparation for, no recent experience dealing with.


RUSH:  “Petty” is right.  That’s the exact word to describe Josh Earnest and the Regime reacting to Trump saving a thousand jobs at Carrier.  “Well, he’s only got 804 more jobs like that to save and then we’ll be in the same territory.”  Pettiness.  It is infantile and childish — and expect more of it.


RUSH:  Just looking at some charts here. The Department of Labor Department. U.S. government, Department of Labor charts that demonstrate that Barack Obama has lost 800,000 manufacturing jobs. Eight hundred thousand manufacturing jobs have been lost, something close to that during his two terms, while Josh Earnest is out there with this petty little, “Well, if Trump saves 804 more companies then we might be able to talk about him achieving the same thing Obama did.”  Obama is a net drag, a net loss on United States economic activity.

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