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John Kerry Says He Won’t Go Away

RUSH: John Kerry is joining Obama now saying he’s not gonna go away. He’s gonna keep commenting on Trump after he leaves office.  Yes.  I can’t wait.

Democrats Think Tom Steyer Is Their Trump

RUSH: In many ways the Democrats already think they’ve found their version of Trump, this guy Tom Steyer, the Hollywood guy that funds global warming/climate change drivel.  This guy has donated $100 million this time around to Democrats, $67 million. In 2014, $167 million this guy spent on politics.  He wants to be governor of California.  They think he could be the next version of Trump on the Democrat side.  They haven’t a clue.  They haven’t. They’re gonna get a donor?  (chuckles)

Why Isn’t the FBI Investigating Threats Against Electors?

RUSH: By the way, why isn’t the FBI investigating all of these threats, these emails, these phone calls, this intimidation effort that’s underway against these electors?  Why isn’t the FBI investigating this?  I’m serious.  I know who runs the FBI; Obama runs the FBI.  But still, why isn’t somebody demanding it or calling for it?  This is the kind of stuff the left does, I’m just telling you, this this kind of stuff they do that everybody, ah, they laugh at it, they shrug it off, they shove it way out to the extreme. 

Nothing’s gonna come of this, and something always does.  I’d keep a sharper eye on this, if I were in the Trump team, and maybe they are. I don’t know. But I’d keep a sharper eye on this than what it appears people are doing. Pay more attention to it, ’cause this is a sleazebag effort if there ever was one, and these are the kind of people that need to be pounded into the ground.  They need to be defeated to the point that they’re demoralized and don’t ever try this again.  That’s why… Well, I’m thinking sign surrender papers on the deck of the USS Missouri.  


RUSH:  No.  I’m asking whether or not this effort to pressure the electors, 37 of them to change, is that not voter intimidation?  I mean, this is the bunch out there laughing at Trump claiming there’s all kinds of fraudulent voting going on and here these people are engaging in an attempt at it, all the while telling us Trump is a conspiracy kook.  Where is the FBI on this?  Where is the civil rights division?  

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