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“Trump comes from a place where you can do what you want to do. You give it a shot. You try to accomplish whatever you think needs to be done. You put the people around you to get it done. And this is gonna become obvious to people that the political system has become a standstill. It has become a roadblock in and of itself.”

“We are in the midst of a serious, genuine meltdown of the superiorists at the Democrat Party. It is incredible to watch this.”

“The Commerce secretary and the Treasury secretary that Trump announced yesterday have promised three to four percent economic growth. They damn well are gonna fix the Rust Belt. That’s the whole point here. They’re gonna lower taxes. They’re gonna come up with incentives to inspire a rebirth of the private sector economy.”

“Obama is the guy who paved the road that runs around the Constitution.”

“Donald Trump is the media with his tweets. The New York Times and the rest of the Drive-By Media may not know it yet that they are irrelevant. They just spent the last year and a half trying to destroy Donald Trump. How did it work out for ’em?”

“John Kerry is joining Obama now saying he’s not gonna go away. He’s gonna keep commenting on Trump after he leaves office. Yes. I can’t wait.”

“Obama is out there; he’s gone to Rolling Stone magazine to complain about fake news! Rolling Stone magazine just lost a lawsuit of something like $7 million about their fake rape story at the University of Virginia.”

“Yeah, this is gonna be fun, folks. It’s gonna be fun. I don’t quite know how to describe how much fun it’s gonna be, but I can try to give you an idea here.”

“People will take care of their own self-interests. Liberals don’t trust that because to them ‘self-interest’ is ‘selfishness,’ and that’s not good, because then liberal voters get screwed, in their minds, because liberals haven’t taught their voters how to be self-sufficient.”

“The media believe they are more powerful than any branch of government, and they think they should be. They’re gonna have the power to bring any branch of government or anybody in government to heel. And, by the same token, they have the power to insulate anybody, like Obama, from any criticism from outside. But however they use it, they believe they are the sole purveyors and owners of that power. Trump is blowing all of this up.”

“Trump is not of politics. This is the thing that the media and the Democrat Party is gonna take the longest time learning. They are going to continue to misunderstand Donald Trump. They are going to misinterpret. They’re gonna make major, major mistakes — tactically, strategically — because they still do not know how to view Donald Trump.” 

“Frank Sesno, he made a speech at the George Washington University last night. He now teaches — he’s the public affairs director, actually — at the George Washington University School of Media & Public Affairs, and he was talking about the fears that some voters have about the Trump president. The snowflakes, the young students are showing up in his office in tears… Now, who do you think’s responsible for this?” 

“President Obama did not rescue the American auto industry. He bought it and then tried to turn it over to the unions. There wasn’t any rescue. What Trump has done with Carrier and what Obama did with the auto industry are two entirely different things. For there to be any similarity here, Trump would be the owner of Carrier today, and he would have gone in and browbeat them and made who knows what kind of deals in order to transfer the ownership.” 

“The Drive-By Media threw everything they had at Donald Trump that they know to throw, and they threw it in expert fashion, and it just bounced off. It wasn’t as though Trump has Teflon and nothing stuck. It was that it bounced off and boomeranged and came back and hit them between the eyes.” 

“I think this denial that the media is in because of their desire for their system to remain superior and supreme, they’re gonna remain in this state of mind denial, which is going to continue to blind them about what they are up against.” 

“The one thing that people on the left cannot do is laugh, particularly at themselves. They have no nuance.They have no sense of nuance about humor. To them, humor is insulting.” 

“Converting liberals is always a great thing. It makes every day worth living.” 

“If the economy had been as robust as Obama was saying, Hillary probably would have been elected. If the economy were roaring and everybody was experiencing what you have in economic growth — if wages were really increasing, if people’s standards of living were rising — then Trump probably would not have won. But America is stagnant and it’s being run by somebody who doesn’t believe it deserves to prosper, at least not as a superpower.” 

“The purpose of the Obama administration was to pay America back so that people got a taste of what it was like to be at the back of the line. We didn’t deserve our superpower status. We didn’t deserve our exalted economic status because it was purchased unjustly and immorally.”  

“The first thing to do to make the biggest difference in the world to immigration, is simply enforce the law! With that move alone you would stop it.” 

“The primary purpose of the Electoral College is to maintain the power of the states and to support the idea that the election is decided by the states. It’s not decided by the general population, and it never was.” 

“What was your reaction? I mean, you’re standing up and cheering, right? You’re saying, ‘My gosh, this is really happening! I mean, this is just flat-out cool. Somebody campaigned on something that nobody else has ever even tried to do and pulls it off even before he is inaugurated.'”

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