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RUSH: The left and the Democrats are continuing to spin out of control.  They do not know what has happened to them.  They are still blaming polls. Nate Silver is the latest target for the Democrats.  Nate Silver didn’t use the polling data correctly and misled Democrat voters.  I mean, they’re just… (laughing) Obama is out there; he’s gone to Rolling Stone magazine to complain about fake news!  Rolling Stone magazine just lost a lawsuit of something like $7 million about their fake rape story at the University of Virginia. 

You know, an infobabe reporter made it all up and then blamed it on a source.  Well, the source may have made it up and the infobabe didn’t question it because the infobabe wanted the story to be true, but none of it was true.  And yet there’s Obama at Rolling Stone, praising them as the kind of news media we need in order to get the country back on the right track. A fake news story in Rolling Stone that’s probably gonna cost ’em more than $7.5 million in damages, and there Obama is complaining about fake news to one of their reporters. 

And then he said that Hillary lost because the rubes in flyover country watch Fox News, that Fox News is on in all the bars. What did he say? Fox is on in the bars and the restaurants.  Well, CNN’s on in all the airports.  That’s the only place people watch CNN I think is at the airports.  So he’s out complaining, talking to a company that’s gonna get sued or have a judgment against them for $7.5 million for running a fake story on rape and then, once again, falling back on blaming Fox News for running fake news stories.

And he cited a story like, “Obama Has Banned the Pledge of Allegiance.” You know, some of the people who are complaining about fake news are the same people that tried to convince us that George Bush went AWOL from Texas Air National Guard.  This is incredible to watch this.  We are in the midst of a serious, genuine meltdown of the superiorists at the Democrat Party.  I have a couple of things I want to bring to your attention today, too, along the same lines.  It’s kind of in the weeds, though, and I’m going back and forth myself over how much time, if any, to spend on it. 

Essentially, there’s a Harvard lecturer who has started… He began writing in October, and he was worried about the end of democracy if Trump were to win, and he assured everybody Trump wasn’t gonna win, so we don’t have to worry about the end of democracy right now. But we do have to worry about it, because it’s coming, and he cited surveys of young people and their belief about the military running things if they’re not working. 

There have been now two follow-ups to this since Trump won.  They are literally paranoid that the election of Trump means this is the end of the Constitution; it is the end of democracy.  They have no idea how the Constitution was threatened and violated in the past eight years.  They have had their agenda entirely repudiated, their president entirely repudiated.  It’s probably safe to say they’re not even a genuine national party now.  And before Trump is even inaugurated, he’s making people forget them.  It is just stunning. 

It is the kind of thing that people are waking up and seeing in the news, and just a few short months ago I’m sure many of you thought none of this was ever possible.  It was a dream, it was an objective, it was something to look forward to and maybe get 10 or 20% of. But here we are. We’re actually living it, and it is happening, and there’s every reason for robust optimism here.  And the Democrats are having trouble dealing with any of it.  

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