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RUSH: Frank Sesno.  You know, Frank Sesno teaches journalism now.  He’s a former CNN anchor.  My memory of Frank Sesno… I’ll just share this. Frank Sesno used to be an anchor at CNN, and this is back during the Reagan years, and the Soviet Union back then was not an economic power.  The media wanted it to be. The Democrats wanted it to be. They were a nuclear power. They were a Third World nation with a First World military.  But they couldn’t feed their own people.  Anyway… This might have been post-Reagan.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I think it was.  It was the 1990s. 

Anyway, there was gonna be a G8 summit somewhere, and the Soviets were never included in it because they were never an economic power. And out of the blue one day, Gorbachev decided he was gonna go. Frank Sesno about had a baby on the air reporting it.  He was just so excited! They must have done breaking news alerts like Wolf Blitzer reported Bush’s approval numbers in the thirties for five straight hours. Frank Sesno went nuts over Gorbachev deciding to attend the G8 economic summit.

(impression) “Mikhail Gorbachev! Mikhail Gorbachev!”  I’ll never forget it. It was like the savior was coming to save the Western democracies.  Well, Frank Sesno, he made a speech at the George Washington University last night.  He now teaches — he’s the public affairs director, actually — at the George Washington University School of Media & Public Affairs, and he was talking about the fears that some voters have about the Trump president. The snowflakes, the young students are showing up in his office in tears.

SESNO:  This is a serious issue. It’s one thing to have political division. We’ve experienced that in the past when candidates have won and lost, but it’s another thing — and I have had students in my office in tears. I have had students tell me that they’ve been called names that we do not accept as proper, acceptable discourse. It’s not about PC. It’s about what we do and don’t call one another and how we think of one another.

RUSH: Sorry folks.  Now, who do you think’s responsible for this?  Here’s the next Frank Sesno sound bite…

SESNO:  The way a lot of this is portrayed through the media, including CNN — certainly a lot of talk radio, whether it’s Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow on MSNBC — is through the ideological prism.  And it’s not as gentlemanly and womanly as this conversation here, and it doesn’t focus on compromise and consensus.  It focuses on conflict and head-butting.

RUSH:  We just had an election.  Of course it’s conflict and head-butting! You have opponents.  They’re running for what is considered a big prize: The presidency.  There’s winners and there’s losers.  You head-butt.  An election is not about building consensus.  It’s not about focusing on resolving conflict.  But, anyway, the students at this university are coming into his office, and they’re just… They’re unable to stop crying.  People are calling them names ’cause they didn’t like Trump or because they did like Hillary or what have you.

It’s a meltdown, folks.

It is a meltdown that we’re witnessing, and it’s a meltdown that I don’t think too many of you ever dreamed you would ever see.  You never believed you would. You dreamed it, but I don’t think you ever thought you would see it.  

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