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RUSH: To the phones.  We start here with Chris in San Francisco.  Great to have you on the program, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi.  Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH:  Oh, I’m sorry.  It’s a female.  I didn’t — know.  I’m sorry.

CALLER:  It’s a female.  I’m calling to thank you for educating me.  I’m 50 years old.  My entire life I have voted Democrat, and, embarrassingly, in hindsight, I realize I just — election after election — voted Democrat. I didn’t know the issues, didn’t know what was going on, didn’t bother to learn anything. And about 18 months ago I started listening to you religiously, in the car, for your whole three-hour show. I listened to the issues.  You were able to —

RUSH:  What made you start doing that?

CALLER:  A lot of the ISIS attacks, a lot of the attacks with ISIS having started.

RUSH:  Yeah, but you’re a San Franciscan.

CALLER:  Yeah, I know.

RUSH:  I am reviled in over half of San Francisco.  What would make you listen? Even with what ISIS was doing, what would make you seek out my program?

CALLER:  You know, I started listening to it, and it started making sense to me. You talked in a way that you added humor and compassion and gave the facts.  You didn’t scream and shove things down my throat.  I started learning more about Hillary and Benghazi and different things like that. 

RUSH:  This is huge.

CALLER:  I decided I was gonna be Republican, to the horror of half my family.  I was with you through all the debates. I listened to all the commentaries. I got up on all the subjects.  I mean, for 30 years, I can say I would be the most unpolitical person.  If I ever went to a party or a dinner and people talked politics, I had nothing to say.  And I listened to you every single day literally for 18 months — every single day from nine until noon — and I was educated, and I did never waver that I was gonna —

RUSH:  Now you’ve got all kinds of things to say at a party.

CALLER:  I do have things to say.  I do have things to say.  And I have strong opinions —

RUSH:  I don’t doubt that.

CALLER:  — and I learned a lot from you, and I just… I appreciate you there, and the manner in which you were presenting the facts and —

RUSH:  Well, you have… Chris, you have made my day.  I mean, converting liberals is always a great thing.  It makes every day worth living.  But a San Francisco liberal! Converting a San Francisco liberal is a special achievement, and I am thankful that you were able to get through everybody trying to call into this program today. You got through so that I could hear your wonderful message.  Chris, thank you so much.  I appreciate it. 

We have to take another time-out, but we’ll back before you know it, folks, so don’t go away.

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