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Dateline November 2013. Obama wanted his extreme liberal judges appointed to federal courts. Republicans, the (55-to-45) minority party in the Senate, refused. They used the only power they had to stop him: the filibuster. Democrats needed 60 Senate votes to overcome that. They only had 55.

Harry Reid and his Senate Democrats were furious. So they launched the so-called “nuclear option.” They changed Senate rules in place since Thomas Jefferson. They blew up the minority party’s right to filibuster most nominations. They squashed Republicans like bugs.

Dingy Harry was unapologetic. He said the Senate had to “evolve” and killing the filibuster would get the Senate working again. Then Obama began stacking the courts.

Three years later. Obama is on his way out the door. The Senate is in the hands of the Republican majority. There’s a Supreme Court vacancy, which Republicans refused to let Obama fill. Now there will be scores of nominations to be voted on, from Republican President Trump.

Speaking on CNN, Democrat Senator Chris Coons of Delaware said aloud what many Democrats must think. He said he regretted the Democrat rule change, using the nuclear option. The filibuster would have been a “terrific speed bump,” and a “potential emergency brake,” for Democrats, now the (52-to-48) minority, to use on Trump’s nominees. But they can’t because they nuked it! 

Yeah, Senator Coons, it would have been. But, what goes around, comes around. Call it “karma.” It sucks doesn’t it? How does it taste when you swallow it? 

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