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RUSH:  Yeah, I have to admit I’m a little confused today, folks.  I normally am not confused.  I normally am very confident about everything I believe, and confusion seldom is something that afflicts me, but I’m a little confused today.  Why isn’t the big news today, the Ohio State University attack, the fact that a white cop shot and killed a young black man who was only armed with a knife? Why is that not big news? 

I mean, it’s exactly what happened.  A white cop, and this guy is being celebrated as a hero.  I mean, the Regime at Ohio State is celebrating him as a hero and the Drive-Bys — well, the Drive-Bys not quite so much, but some places, yeah.  I mean, for the most part the white cop who shot and killed a young black man only armed with a knife is being regaled as a hero today on top of which we now know that the young man in question was just a Muslim who was only driven to lash out because the news media made him too afraid to pray in public. 

I mean, I’m confused here.  Where is Reverend Sharpton? Where’s the civil rights coalitions?  Isn’t this made to order for them?  Where is Black Lives Matter?  You can see why I’m a little bit confused here.  It seems to be a little inconsistent.  

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