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Tom Price Is a Great Choice to Dismantle Obamacare

RUSH: GOP expected to defund Planned Parenthood next year.  Trump’s made another great appointment, by the way.  The Health and Human Services guy is Tom Price.  He’s a congressman from Georgia.  He is one of the leading anti-Obamacare dudes out there, and he’s not all that big a fan of Medicare, either.  This is gonna get good.  

Wall Street Hopes Obama’s Rules Disappear Under Trump

RUSH: This is a story from last week, the 25th.  This is four days ago, but I’m intrigued by it.  “Wall Street Hopes Obama’s Rules Disappear Under Trump.”  I did a triple-take at that.  This is from the New York Post.  “Wall Street Hopes Obama’s Rules Disappear Under Trump.”  What the hell.  These people all supported Obama.  They donated to Obama.  They voted for Obama.  They raised money for Obama.  But they never supported him?  What the hell is this?  This stuff ticks me off when I run into stuff like this.  


RUSH:  Yeah, this story is from the New York Post five days ago.  This is about these Wall Street people that say they hope Trump gets rid of Obama’s rules on Wall Street.  Here it is.  “Wall Street Hopes Obama’s Rules Disappear Under Trump.”  I said, “What the heck is this?”  So I read, “Donald Trump’s campaign promise to bring jobs back to America is already boosting expectations and changing the habits of one part of the country: Wall Street. Bankers and traders are the most optimistic in years that the next go-go era is just around the corner, as [Trump] vows to roll back post-financial crisis regulations…”

I know this is Dodd-Frank that they’re all excited about and other anti-corporate regulatory things that Obama did.  “Already, banks are reacting to Trump’s win, Wall Street firms told the Post. The heavily regulated financial institutions are hitting the brakes as far as hiring compliance professionals. They’re in ‘wait-and-see’ mode about which Obama-era trading rules will fall by the wayside…” I read this with my mouth wide open.  Where were these people during the campaign?  They were funding Hillary Clinton!

They were paying Hillary Clinton to come give speeches, $20-some-odd million over two years. Goldman Sachs and a number of times were paying her 250, 300 thousand dollars to deliver speeches.  And that’s not what they were paying her for.  Wall Street was funding, bankrolling, and propping up the Democrat Party.  And now after Trump…? And they were opposed to Trump, and they were doing everything they could to defeat Trump.  Now after Trump wins, we get a story about how excited they are that Trump’s gonna roll back some of what Obama did, all of which Trump publicly supported. 

I don’t know what they privately did.  So I started asking myself, “Why would these people do everything they could to get Obama elected twice and then do the same thing for Hillary while all the while opposing them?  Is that true?”  So I said, “Are they just afraid? Are they just so afraid of power that whoever has it, they have to fake it and sidle up to, or is it that whoever is power they will sidle up to and make them think they’re big supporters?”  Whatever, none of this is genuine. I can tell you that.  There’s so much phoniness out there.  It’s all part of my belief that we didn’t even need these last eight years.  Obama… We could have beaten Obama in both elections and not been afraid.

What Dez Bryant Supposedly Said to Josh Norman

RUSH:  No.  I read about it.  Dez Bryant and Josh Norman, they were having a confrontation on the field Thanksgiving Day and apparently Dez Bryant went up to Josh Norman, “Where I come from we empty the clip on guys like you” or some such thing, and then everybody denied that was said.  

Drive-Bys Still Searching for Motive in OSU Terrorist Attack

RUSH: Email:  “Boy, Rush, you haven’t even talked about the latest Muslim terrorism at Ohio State.  It must show it’s the new normal.”  What’s there to say?  It was a terror attack, and the Drive-By — (interruption) No, the police up there just said it’s looking more and more like terrorism.  Really?  There’s no doubt about this.  

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