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The sore losers have been dealt another blow. A politically-inspired boycott of Ivanka Trump’s product line is not going well.

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, a major retailer announced it wants no part of that. Pete Nordstrom — co-president of the chain that bears his name — sent an email to employees, dismissing the idea of joining the left’s boycott.

Mr. Nordstrom said some customers were threatening to boycott the store if it continued to carry the her line. He said other customers — said they’d boycott if Ivanka’s goods were dropped.

So he explained Nordstrom’s decision-making process: “Every single brand we offer is evaluated on their results — if people don’t buy it, we won’t sell it.” The goal, he said, is “to treat all our customers with respect,” and to be “agnostic about politics.” In other words, politics isn’t part of the business decision at Nordstroms. 

smallWell, it’s about time! This is “the old normal.” It’s exactly what America used to be — and not just in retail sales. Years ago, political protest movements by athletes at sporting events, for instance, wouldn’t have been tolerated. You could take the family to a concert — or a Broadway play — and just enjoy it. Without being lectured to � by a bunch of ill-informed leftists, who haven’t even registered to vote! 

It was understood by everyone: you don’t risk offending the customers — they come first.

Let’s hope this is a sign that U.S. companies are bringing back common sense. It’s the way to make American business great again! One of the ways, and we’re all for it here. 

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