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RUSH: So an armed attacker has been shot dead by the cops after mowing down some students with a car and stabbing them with a knife at Ohio State University.  Nine people are injured.  An assailant was reported at the Columbus campus this morning.  Federal officials told CNN that a knife-wielding attacker went on a stabbing rampage at Watts Hall around 10 a.m. 

Witnesses say that somebody pulled a fire alarm in the building and a man mowed ’em down with his car as they were evacuating just after 11 a.m., a little over an hour ago.  Police confirmed that the suspect was dead, nine people injured, one in critical condition.  That is a summation of what was known at the time. 

Have you heard anything on motive in there, who the guy was?  We’ll keep a sharp eye on this.  You know, it would be easy here to speculate what’s going on, but we are not gonna do that.  We’ll wait patiently and find out what we are told and then we will decide whether or not we believe it.  


RUSH: You notice that when the attacker at the Ohio State University attacked, the people did not call Black Lives Matter.  They called the cops.  Imagine that.  They called the police.  They didn’t call Black Lives Matter, and they didn’t call Barack Hussein O. 

And I also happen to note that the bad guy at the Ohio State University was killed by somebody with a gun.  (gasping)  Yeah, somebody with a gun got the bad guy. And potential victims, the terrorized at Ohio State, did not call Black Lives Matter.  Real life lessons as observed here on the EIB Network.  


RUSH: Just learned, my friends, that the perpetrator at the Ohio State University ran people down with a car and stabbed ’em and nicked ’em with a butcher knife.  Isn’t that an ISIS technique?  Isn’t that, in fact, how ISIS advises young recruits because there’s so many people on the lookout for bombs and guns now that the best way to do it is just grab a car and start mowing people down and have a knife with you and just start randomly stabbing people. 

I think that’s an ISIS directive.  And supposedly the perp here at the Ohio State University is a Somali refugee.  A Somali refugee could easily be militant Islamic.  Wouldn’t take much there.  We’ll have to wait and find out.  

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