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RUSH: I have never in my life, ladies and gentlemen, never in my life ever been in a situation like this where I literally doubt everything I see in the news. 

You know, this fake news business, the Democrats, I warned everybody, and it’s gonna continue every day for the next four years. Everything that you see, this Jill Stein recount, all of this attention to fake news.  The Washington Post has made a fool of itself with a massive story on fake news, as though there has never been satire or parody or lies in the media. 

Thomas Jefferson wrote about it, about how all the lies, so many lies appeared in the daily media way back in the earliest days of the founding of the country.  To pretend that it’s something new and from Russia. I mean, these are the people, the Soviet Union back in the days of Soviet sponsored communism, when any of us in this country tried to point to the Soviet Union and ring alarm bells, it was people like the Washington Post who made fun of us and pooh-poohed us and said, “Come on.  Are you the kind of person that sees a communist behind every rock?  You are insane.  You’re a lunatic.  The communists are not that bad.” 

They just did everything they could to lampoon and impugn anybody who wanted to point out the dangers and rigors of communism.  They’re doing the same thing now with people trying to tell the truth about Castro.  Now, those people are now pointing fingers of blame at the old Soviet Union, Russia, and claiming that Russia is behind the election of Donald Trump because Russia sponsored fake news all over social media and so forth. 

They are doing everything they’re doing to delegitimize the Trump election right now, and then they will move forward to try to delegitimize the Trump presidency.  That is what all of this is about.  Now, with the Jill Stein recount, there’s much more than that going on, but that is part of it.  The delegitimizing of the Trump election, his victory and his upcoming presidency.  Just look at it as a replay of Florida 2000 with different circumstances. 

This recount that she’s mounted here is such a scam, and it’s such a fraud on so many levels.  But its secret purpose — and there might be two or three secret purposes — the overall primary reason for it, outside of raising money for Jill Stein — you know what this also could be?  It could also be a trial balloon for Obama to see how easy he could get rich like the Clintons did when they left office.  I mean, if there are this many ticked-off Democrats willing to send in thousands of dollars at the first conspiracy note, imagine how Obama might be salivating out there at the opportunity he’s got to become Obama Inc. 

Now, this fake news business, let me tell you why it’s even a factor. It’s the same thing I said here at the opening of the program.  I don’t know what to believe in the mainstream media anymore.  My instinct is to not believe any of it, and it’s their fault.  They got this ball rolling.  They are the people, I hate to say this ’cause I like this guy, Jim Rutenberg at the New York Times, we highlighted the story he wrote sometime this past summer

A front-page article in the New York Times pretty much encouraging journalists to throw objectivity out the window, throw it aside, because the circumstances are so dire. The candidacy of Donald Trump and the potential election of Donald Trump so dire, circumstances so extreme that they had to throw out all the rules, all the objectivity, all the fairness, they had to become activists.  They had to become advocates.  They had to become opinion journalists.  And they did.  The New York Times urged the media.  And never were objective and they never were fair.  All that was a pretense and an illusion. 

But they threw the illusion out the window.  So when the Drive-By Media, led by the New York Times, openly encourages itself and others to cast aside the time-honored traditions and rules and principles of journalism, when they admit they’re gonna become fake news, how can you blame anybody else for getting into it? 

Fake news has been so blown out of proportion anyway.  What it largely is is satire and parody that liberals don’t understand because they don’t have a sense of humor, particularly if it’s about them.  You can’t laugh at them, you can’t mock them, you can’t make fun of them like they can laugh at and mock and make fun of everybody else. But you try it against them and you’ve got — well, you’ve got potentially dangerous situations wherever this happens, ’cause they just can’t take it. 

And, of course, they can’t come to grips with the fact that they were rejected in this election, so they have to come up with some sort of excuse.  And you won’t believe some of the things they’re coming up with.  Try this.  There’s a guy in the Washington Post who wrote a story that, “Well, you know, this election, you guys may have won it, but do you know that 64% of the economic activity in this country voted for Hillary?” 

In other words, in the areas of the country where 64% of economic growth is, the coast, New York, California, Hollywood, they voted Democrat.  And 36% voted Trump.  So the economic engine of America actually voted Hillary.  And they’ve come up with a couple of other weird, oddball examples, and they’re gonna come up with more, and that’s genuine fake news, because they cannot acknowledge, they cannot accept that they’ve been rejected. 

What is it, this — I’ll get to it in a minute.  I’ve got all this laid out to get to it in order.  I’m just getting a tabletop view of what’s coming today, but they’ve got all kinds of stories they’re telling themselves to, in effect, lie and tell themselves they actually won this were it not for the Electoral College.  In fact, CNN has a poll.  Ready for this?  Did I put it on top?  CNN has a poll showing that eight in 10 voters want the Democrat agenda enacted. 

“Eighty percent of people who –” yes siree bob.  “Eighty percent of the people who voted in the election want –” here we go. “CNN/ORC poll: A Nation Divided, and is it ever — After a bruising presidential election featuring the two least liked major-party candidates in recent history, more than 8-in-10 Americans say the country is more deeply divided on major issues this year than in the past several years, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. And more than half say they are dissatisfied with the way democracy is working in the U.S. …  Nearly 80% overall hope to see the GOP-controlled government incorporate some Democratic policies into its agenda.”

Classic.  They can create a poll that produces whatever result they want, but you want fake news, here you’ve got fake news.  Eighty percent of the people in America want the Republicans to incorporate a lot of Democrat policies into its agenda.  “Almost 8-in-10, however, say the Republicans should make an effort to include Democratic policies in any legislation they pass rather than sticking to a GOP-driven agenda.”

This happens every time the Republicans win.  Every time a Republican wins the White House, whenever Republicans win control of Congress, the Drive-Bys always claim that the message is voters want a balanced and divided government.  This is gonna lead — mark my words, it isn’t gonna be long, first six months of next year that we’re gonna start seeing people like Chuck Schumer and the likes start bleating about the rights of the minority.  It’s gonna be something you’re gonna need a real stiff spine to deal with. 

But the fake news, believe me, folks, if you want to get to the root of this current iteration of it, they’re trying to blame the Russians for it.  See, the Democrats can’t lose on their own.  There always has to be some trick.  It’s impossible for them to be rejected, even though they’ve lost over 1,200 seats since 2008, since they ceased to be a national party.  They really are not a national party.  They have been decimated.  But they’re lying to themselves and telling them they actually outnumber us, and they overwhelm us, and they’re more powerful than we are and it’s just The Electoral College that made this an oddball result, so Trump — dadelut dadelut — is not legitimate. 

And one of the great comforts they point to is fake news, and I’m just telling you they are responsible for it when they, led by New York Times, announce publicly that they are going to throw in with Hillary Clinton, that they’re going to use every bit of power, all the resources they have to trash Trump and elect Hillary, you can say bye-bye journalism, you can say bye-bye to the pretense of it, even though there hasn’t been anything but a pretense of journalism, objective journalism for years, but they made it official.  So when they throw away the time-honored, sacred principles of journalism in a public way, well, then there is no legitimate journalism to be found anywhere, therefore everything is fake news.  They’re bringing all of this on themselves. 

By the way, for those of you concerned — (interruption) yeah, we’ll get to Conway and Romney.  That’s interesting what’s happening, Kellyanne Conway and Romney and Trump, really fascinating what’s going on.  I think we’re in store for a presidency even more unlike any that people have been imagining.  I think it’s gonna be tough to predict this and to analyze it, certainly in contemporary, traditional terms. 

But many of you still, I’m sure, are upset over the possibility that Trump will not pursue an investigation of Hillary Clinton.  Now, that could be all off, too, what with Hillary getting behind this Jill Stein effort on this phony, fake recount.  However, a little story at the New York Post from yesterday.  I don’t know how many of you saw it. “Trump Administration Will Pressure Foreign States to Probe Clinton Foundation”  Did you see this? 

“Foreign governments will be encouraged to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s finances, as many are already turning off money spigots to the scandal-scarred group.”  You know, that could be another thing going on with Jill Stein.  You know what else this could be about?  Do you know this Jill Stein babe has raised more money for this recount than she raised for her campaign?  She has raised more money in two or three weeks than she raised in months for her entire presidential campaign.

And the fascinating thing about this recount fundraising scam, she started out saying she would need a million-and-a-half dollars to do the recount in three states.  And as donations kept coming in, the amount of money she said she needed kept increasing.  Now she’s up to needing four-and-a-half or $5 million.  The more money she gets, the more money she says she needs.  It’s clearly a scam. 

What if some of the donors are indeed Clinton Foundation donors who have been hoodwinked into thinking this is a genuine effort to get Hillary elected president so that the money they sent to her foundation could actually be worth something?  There could be any number of possibilities to explain why so much money is flowing into this recount effort.  And we may not need to really complicate it with a bunch of different theories.  It’s probably staring us right in the face.  The left can’t accept rejection, they can’t accept defeat, and they’re gonna spend the next four years telling themselves they didn’t lose, that Trump is illegitimate, and they’re gonna have the media just dumping all over the Republicans each and every day, and who knows what role Obama’s gonna play in that, but he will be playing one.  

Yeah, the Castro stuff.  This is fascinating, too.  The way the left is reacting to the death of Fidel Castro up against the incontrovertible facts of who he was, you want to talk about a disconnect.  In fact, I don’t think it is a disconnect.  I think the left, the power brokers, the leaders, I think they actually did admire the guy.  I think this is what they think Castro’s power — I’ve always said, the people have asked me, how do these actors and people and these leftist politicians, how come they admire people like this?  I said, “They envy their power.”  And I think there may be a lot to that. 

Let me take a brief time-out.  We’ve briefly set the table.


RUSH:  Here are the two greatest examples of the Democrats lying to themselves about how they actually won, and there will be many more of these as time unfolds. But here’s Ezra Klein, who is at Vox.  You know, Vox is this Millennial publication where they claim to explain the news.  They don’t report the news; they explain what it means, because audiences are too stupid to understand it.  Ezra Klein: “More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump. More Americans voted for Democratic Senate candidates than for Republican Senate candidates. So why aren’t Democrats acting like it?

“Why aren’t they trying to force Republicans, the media, and the emergent Trump White House to act like it?” Why, we won!  We won.  More people voted for Hillary.  We won.  Why aren’t our people acting like it?  Ezra, you didn’t win.  We elect presidents via the Electoral College.  The popular vote’s not a factor — and if it were, this campaign would have been entirely different.  And rather than 16 states being campaigned in, three or four would have been…  That’s why the Electoral College is set up. 

But this is really unhinged.  “More Americans Voted for Democrat Senate Candidates than for Republican Senate Candidates.” Yeah.  The New York Yankees scored three times runs the pirates did in the 1960 World Series, but the Pirates won the World Series.  Ezra, the Democrats have lost 1,200 seats.  The Democrats have lost something like 69 House seats, 11 Senate seats, 39 governorships.  It’s incredible what the Democrats have lost.  You’re not winning anything, Ezra.  You’re losing to the point that all you are is a coastal party.

Now, here’s the next one.  It’s from… This guy is Jim Tankersley, Washington Post.  He talks about how divided we are as a country but that the real division is economic. 

“According to the Brookings analysis, the less-than-500 counties that Clinton won nationwide combined to generate 64 percent of America’s economic activity in 2015. The more-than-2,600 counties that Trump won combined to generate 36% of the country’s economic activity last year.” So less than 500 counties — 64% economic activity — voted Hillary.  Mr. Tankersley, you think it would make sense if you looked at this the right way?  Thirty-six percent of the country’s economic activity is located in something like 2,600 counties?  That’s not good.  Those people there were ticked off, Mr. Tankersley.  Those people want an improved economy. 

That’s the Obama economy you’re talking about. 

It makes sense they would vote against it.


RUSH: By the way, I know the Jill Stein recount, everybody involved — Hillary, Hillary’s campaign, Jill Stein — everybody involved says they haven’t found one shred of evidence of any chicanery.  They haven’t found any evidence of tampering with votes.  They haven’t found any evidence that anything is illegitimate or criminal.  And I was wrong.  Jill Stein’s up to needing $7 million.  Her original claim was that she needed a million-and-a-half.  Now she needs $7 million. 

There are so many things wrapped up in one here. It’s a fundraising scam. It’s a trial balloon, I think, for perhaps Obama to see just how fluid and angry Democrat losers are and how freely they will part with their money, depending on what they’re being asked to pay for.  And that’s another thing, folks, about all of this.  All of these stories designed to tell Democrat voters that they actually won, that it was just the quirks of our democracy and maybe some chicanery and the Russians and fake news which led to Trump’s victory, that it’s totally illegitimate.  And then you go out, “Send us some money! Send us some money so we can continue our efforts to establish and prove this.” 

Democrats are writing checks left and right.  Democrats are being scammed by the people responsible for their loss.  It’s an amazing thing to see.  But I want to go back to this, ’cause you’re gonna see all kinds of these examples as the effort to make the Trump win illegitimate and his presidency illegitimate.  Numbers, I know, are hard to follow on the radio, but I want to go through this because this is the Washington Post.  The Washington Post is quickly trying to become the safe space for Donald Trump deniers, for the Trump-won-the-election deniers.  I think the Washington Post is establishing itself as the safe space for anti-Trump delicate snowflakes to go. 

This guy Jim Tankersley says that the divide in America is real and it’s big but that it is economic.  And he cites a Brookings Institute analysis.  Hillary Clinton won, and they claim the popular vote, she won in less than 500 counties.  And those counties who number less than 500 generate 64% of economic activity in America.  Trump won 2,600 counties, and all of those counties.  I mean, Hillary, less than one-fifth of the counties that Trump won, and yet those counties generate 64% of the USA Today economy and the 2,600 counties that Trump won only generate 36% of the country’s economic activity. 

So doesn’t it sort of make sense that people who can’t get a job and can’t find any economic activity and can’t get a raise and haven’t, doesn’t it make sense that they would vote for Trump?  They’re not participating in the Obama economy.  They’re not participating in the Democrat economy.  It makes total sense.  And yet what they’re trying to say here is that, well, the brains and the engine of American prosperity, the smartest people, they voted for Hillary.  The rubes, the idiots, the out-of-work, the lazy, the people that were not making America work, the people not contributing, they voted for Trump, they’re idiots. 

That’s what is being said here.  And, of course, liberal Democrats who read this are just sopping it up.  And they’re actually believing that this election — and this is where they’re catching themselves short.  I’ve read them.  I’ve studied what they’re saying.  They actually think that the Trump election is a weird outlier, that America will instead, and without much effort, will continue to trend in the direction Obama was taking it, that most people wanted that. 

And CNN’s got a poll for them.  Eight in 10 want Trump to incorporate the Democrat agenda into his.  And so they’re telling themselves that there was some weird aberration here and that this is the last dying gasp of Republicans and conservatives.  Trump’s election is a last dying gasp, that we get through these four years or however many years it takes to impeach Trump, and then we’ll get back to what was normal.  Well, they’re gonna lose out on shaping the Supreme Court for at least a generation.  They’re gonna have to put up with so much of what Obama implemented being just ripped to shreds and ripped out. 

This is much more than an aberration.  The Democrat Party has been reduced to the point it’s not a national party anymore.  And these guys citing their statistics, whether they know it or not, are proving it.  They have no representation. They have no appeal. They have nothing about them to recommend them to well over 90% of the geographic area of the country. It’s huge, and these people try, “Well, it doesn’t matter, because not nearly as many people live there.” 

“Well, you lost.” 

“No, we didn’t lose the election.  Popular vote we won, we won.”  They’re telling themselves they won everything.  Mere aberration.  And you know the old saw.  When you have a problem, the first thing to do in addressing it is to honestly identify it.  These people can’t even bring themselves to that area.  I think they’re headed for even tougher times than they even imagine. 

They’re also going nuts over Trump tweeting the idea that millions of illegal aliens voted, and if you take those votes out he’s probably gonna win the popular vote.  I wish I could remember.  I saw that somewhere.  It was an opinion piece someplace, and I can’t remember where. And I even referenced it on this program when I saw it that there are people looking into it and that we will know at some point.  The Democrats are acting like, “Oh, my God, they’re accusing fraud?  There’s no evidence of any fraud.”  These are the people before the election were running around claiming there already was fraud. 

These are the people before the election were warning of it, and they were telling everybody be on the lookout for it. They had their lawyers at all the polling places.  They were expecting fraud.  They use fraud.  They have perfected it.  They opposed voter ID so that they can engage in it.  And now all of a sudden when Trump references the possibility, these people, “No, no, no.  This election was clean and pure as the wind-driven snow.”  Except, except now they want to look at maybe recounting in three states where they can’t find any evidence of chicanery, they can’t find any evidence of tampering. 

And yet they must think there was some or they wouldn’t want these recounts.  And yet when Trump alludes to possible fraud, they laugh at it and mock it and say it’s ridiculous, while at the same time they’re trying to find it.  Of course, not their own.  The don’t want to find the evidence of illegal aliens voting.  No, no.  They want to find discrepancies between machine tabulations and paper ballots, and they want to look at these variations, if there are any, and claim the machines were tampered with by the Russians.  By Vladimir Putin, the Russians. 

Now, keep in mind this is the same party that got in bed with the Soviet Union everywhere it could around the world, including Cuba, including Nicaragua, including Ted Kennedy warning and begging Soviet leaders to be patient until they could get rid of Reagan.  The same people who have done the bidding of the Soviet Union in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Yes, I know exactly what I’m saying.  The Democrat Party has had a friendly, supportive relationship with every communist regime on this planet in my lifetime.  And now all of a sudden their buddies, the Soviets, i.e., Putin and the Russians, have abandoned them and are now sabotaging them for the purpose of election. 

These people are deranged.  I think they’re out of their minds.  They’ve literally lost their minds.  They don’t know what they’re talking about.  They’re talking, they’re flapping just to hear their heads rattle.  They have no semblance of substance in anything that they are talking about now, and they’re bringing along their deranged, lunatic fringe, which is their base, right along with ’em, and it’s contributing to this whole idea of a divided country with no hope for crossing the gap or bridging the gap. 

So you sit tight my friends.  I’m wound up about all this and I’m gonna try to squeeze as many of your phone calls in.  


RUSH: Let me grab a quick phone call here.  We have a woman, a new listener.  I’m fascinated talking to new listeners.  And she says she’s been listening since July.  Her name is Martha.  She’s in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Hey, Martha.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.

RUSH:  So how can I be of service?  By the way, thank you for joining the program.  I’m very happy to have you in the audience.  I’m glad you tuned in in July and hung around.

CALLER:  Yeah.  I’m so grateful for the education that I’ve gotten from listening to you. I was able to vote for Trump and educate my son a little bit to vote for Trump.  I also wanted to make a comment about the Democrats investigating voter fraud.

RUSH:  Hm-hm.

CALLER:  Do you think that it’s a possibility one of the reasons they’re doing that is to kind of clean up their own voter fraud as they go, kind of try to erase —

RUSH:  Ah.  This is interesting.  You know, I’m fascinated with the way people think.  And you are classic, as a new listener.  You’ve learned a lot.  What she’s saying, folks, she’s asking me, is it possible the real reason the Democrats are doing this, is because they committed the fraud and they want to find it and scrub it before anybody else does.  Is that your question?


RUSH:  I really love the thought process.  You have an ability to critically think, and your mind is expansive, that’s fascinating.  I don’t think that’s what’s going on here, because I don’t think they’d be worried if they were caught cheating.  They do it every year, and they’ve got the media on their side.  Believe me, the media on their side gives them insurance policies like you can’t fathom.  You really can’t.  So I don’t think they’re worried about that.  I think what they’re really trying to do, I can’t find a soul who really thinks that this is about unseating Trump.  I think it is.  I think their giant goal, I think their dream package here is to be able to subvert the Electoral College count. 

I think they would love, I think there are some of them in this effort that would love for things to eventuate that Hillary Clinton ends up being president.  Now, see, I’m not telling you I think they succeed.  You’re asking motivation.  If you disagree with this, then you still have a lot to learn on how deranged they are.  There are some of them who really think they can make Hillary president, in this process, and they’re trying. 

Now, if they don’t get there, they still have dream B and dream C.  Scenario B, scenario C.  All of it is aimed at delegitimizing the election of Donald Trump and the presidency of Donald Trump.  Now, if they can’t get him unseated and get Hillary selected as president, if they can’t accomplish that, they’ll take dream scenario B or dream scenario C. 

But, Martha, they’re even saying they haven’t found any evidence of tampering or fraud at all.  And that’s not why they’re doing this, by the way.  They’re making it very clear, they’re not doing this because of that.  They’re doing it because a computer scientist suspects the Russians hacked.  There isn’t any evidence, but the seriousness of the charge is such they have to investigate it.  


RUSH:  Here’s Jeff Zeleny on CNN just moments ago talking about what’s going on in Wisconsin with the recount.  Jeff Zeleny, formally of the New York Times, now with CNN.  Question:  “Jeff, tell us what’s going on with the recount.  How is this playing out?”

ZELENY:  Election officials in Wisconsin had a meeting that wrapped up just a short time ago in Madison, Wisconsin.  And they have decided that this recount will go forward and start on Thursday if Green Party candidate Jill Stein pays for this recount.  It was at her request, of course, here.  But the election board has said that the 72 counties across Wisconsin will not be required to hand count these ballots.  They can simply retabulate them.  They can if they choose individually, but they will not be required to.  So that could open up the election commission to a potential lawsuit from the Stein campaign.  We’re keeping an eye on that.  And the Stein campaign still has is their eye on potentially Pennsylvania and Michigan as well.

RUSH:  All right.  Let me translate this for you.  In Wisconsin they have concluded a meeting, and they’ve decided that the Jill Stein requested recount will go forward if she pony’s up, if she pays for it.  The election board — the 72 counties in Wisconsin — will not be required to hand count the ballots.  They can simply retabulate them.  That’s… The difference in recounting and retabulating is you take county totals, precinct totals, and re-add them.

But you do not recount.  You don’t go open ballots and start counting them and measuring up against the previous counts.  You just take the existing totals and add them again, and that would be the retabulation.  They can do that.  If they want to hand count them, they can.  Now, if not every county behaves the same, he was saying that could open up a potential lawsuit. Anything to delay the Electoral College count.


RUSH: So now the Democrats, Jill Stein, actively pursuing voter fraud.  Now, remember, prior to the election when Republicans would talk about it, the Democrats would laugh at ’em and make fun of ’em and accuse them of this or that and the other thing and tell ’em it was unseemly and very un-American.  Now who is pursuing voter fraud? 

Let me tell you what I think is really going on here.  And it could be any number of things or a combination of things.  I think at the very at least, the Democrats are gonna put voter fraud on their list of particulars for impeaching Trump.  I don’t have any doubt that there’s going to be a Democrat effort to impeach Trump.  And what they’re already beginning now to establish, the evidentiary chain.  And one of the elements of this is going to be that he’s illegitimate, that he really didn’t win.  And they’ve got this popular vote margin they keep focusing on of 2.1 or 2.2 million votes now, and they’re gonna say that’s just too big to ignore.  That means the Electoral College may have outlived it’s usefulness. 

They’re gonna focus on that and the media, of course, is gonna amplify it. And the overall theme is Trump’s election was not legitimate.  They’re not gonna say it was unfair.  They’re gonna say it was not legitimate.  Therefore Trump is illegitimate, therefore his presidency is illegitimate, therefore his agenda is illegitimate because the people really didn’t select this. 

CNN’s already got their poll out there.  Eight out of 10 Americans, it says, want Trump to incorporate the Democrat agenda into his.  This is all, folks, coordinated.  This is all coming from either the Hillary campaign or from the Obama White House or some combination of Democrat strategists and community organizers, malcontents and what have you.  It won’t be long, I predict, that voter fraud will be accepted as a fact by the media, that there was voter fraud. 

Right now everybody’s saying they don’t have any evidence, Jill Stein, no evidence, but they’ve got these two computer wackos who claim that the disparities between voting machines and paper ballots, why, it’s just too great to ignore.  And the voting machines would be the inroad for the Russians to affect the election and hack various polling places.  I can see this developing even now before it has. 

Look, I grow weary of saying it, but I know these people.  I know how they operate.  I know who they are.  I know how they strategize.  And I know the way they think.  And nothing with them is happenstance.  Everything’s polled, everything’s focus grouped, it’s tested. And at the least, if everything in it goes wrong, they’re still gonna end up raising tons of money from unhappy, deranged, lunatic leftists who have been made that way by the Democrat Party and the media. 

And they’re gonna promise them that with every donation they get closer to unseating Trump or to nullifying Trump or negating Trump or what have you.  And they’re gonna focus on that two-million-plus advantage in the popular vote.  Trump’s out there saying that by the time you tabulate the illegals, that it won’t be anywhere near that, that he probably will win the popular vote, and look at the reaction to that.  “This is irresponsible. This is unreal. Donald Trump has no evidence. He’s just flying off the handle once again.  It’s an example of how stupid Donald Trump is and how dangerous Donald is.  Donald Trump’s alleging voter fraud.  There is no evidence.”  And yet who’s pursuing it? 

The very people calling Trump deranged and a lunatic and dangerous and silly and stupid for alleging voter fraud are actually the ones pursuing it.  Our old buddies the American left and the Democrat Party.  Now, Michigan.  Three states here:  Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania.  Michigan is supposedly going to hand count the ballots.  I say “supposedly” because, you know, all of this is still up in the air.  Wisconsin is one of the few states where you do not have to have any evidence of fraud for a recount.  All you have to do in Wisconsin is pay for it.  You can recount a landslide loss, you can recount a landslide win, if you pay for it.  You don’t need any evidence. 

But you do need evidence in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania requires evidence and that that evidence be presented, which Jill Stein does not have.  I don’t know if she has any evidence in Michigan.  But she’s out saying they don’t have any evidence anywhere of fraud.  That’s why they’ve gotta look for it.  It’s the same old Democrat trick.  “No, there isn’t any evidence.  That’s why we gotta look at it.  The charge is so serious we’ve gotta find out.” 

So Stein would have to file for a court appeal and prove in court that fraud was probable, which is gonna be difficult given that computer specialists recommending the recount say there is no proof of hacking or fraud.  And this report, these two computer wackos, these two guys — I forget their names — but they reported it was in the media, I forget, might have been the Washington Post.  It was over the weekend, maybe even last Wednesday before we all left, they reported the possibility, and they focused on the disparity between the voting machine tabulations and the paper ballot tabulations.  Wait a minute, something’s not adding up here.  We don’t have enough evidence but looks like the Russians could have gone in there and hacked the machines.  Honest to God that’s what they’re saying.  And it’s on that basis that Jill Stein started raising money. 

Michigan only has paper ballots.  So why do a recount there?  Well, you know, once recounts start, and depending on — remember how Florida goes.  You can find votes that weren’t there.  Al Franken got elected that way.  They found whatever hundreds, thousands of votes Franken needed to put him over the top over Norm Coleman. 

Now, they’re out there saying Trump’s got no evidence whatsoever that any illegals voted.  They’re laughing at him, they’re mocking him, they’re making fun of him, and yet Jill Stein’s got no evidence, either, and they’re applauding her, and they’re helping her raise money for it.  The conventional wisdom is that none of this is gonna lead anywhere, that Trump won, it’s over, there’s nothing the Democrats can do, and I’m telling you that’s the wrong way to look at this. 

The wrong way to look at this is it’s just a bunch of kooks getting their last-gasp frustrations over with and done with.  There’s always much more to it than this.  There is a potential impeachment.  Don’t doubt that they are thinking already about it, folks.  It really would help to understand the mind-set of the people who’ve lost the election, not just the elected officials, but the voters. 

They have an air of superiority about them.  They are convinced that they are the far and away majority.  They really do believe that this election was stolen.  They really do believe that they represent a majority of the way people think in this country.  This election is a total outlier and aberration.  They haven’t lost anything. They are not losing anything. They are continuing to gain ground.  Trump is an idiot. You’re an ignoramus for voting for Trump, you’re a bellicose ignoramus and a fool or you’re just an idiot. 

But they are marching on and you are going to be erased from human history in due course, those of you who voted for Trump and Trump himself.  And so all it takes for deranged, deluded people like that to continue is for somebody like Jill Stein to come along and start raising big money to try to make sure Trump doesn’t get sworn in.  And these lunatics that they have fearmongered and scare mongered into being who they are will send them money left and right, which is happening. 

If they could delay the Electoral College vote, which is scheduled for December 19th, what if these three recounts are designed — let me ask you this.  So Wisconsin’s gonna start.  It is November 28th.  Do you think Wisconsin can be finished with their recount if they decide to hand count by December 19th?  If they’re not finished, if Wisconsin is not finished by December 19th and the winner of the stated is not certified, the elector for Wisconsin cannot vote, the electors.  What if they succeed in the same thing in Michigan? 

What if they succeed in denying Trump whatever number of electoral votes because the electors in those states can’t vote ’cause the election there is not yet certified.  What if Trump doesn’t get to 270 on December 19th simply because a number of states haven’t reported because they’re still in recount? 

Well, then the election goes to the House.  In which case Donald Trump’s gonna be elected and Mike Pence is gonna be elected in the Senate as vice president, and you’re gonna end up with the same result, but it’s all going — the Democrats could then say, “He didn’t win anything, he didn’t even get 270.  This is outrageous!  The Republicans nominated and elected their own president and violated the Democrat –”  I can hear it now.  I can just hear it all now how none of this is legitimate. The country has been stolen by Trump and these Republicans and there was nothing fair and there was nothing legitimate. 

And if you think Florida 2000 was bad — and do not doubt me, they would be happy to live this way.  They would consider, the Democrats, this would be one of the greatest success stories that they could ever tell themselves.  And make no mistake, they are entirely capable of this.  And don’t make another mistake.  Hillary Clinton would be right in there supporting this.  Every Democrat under the sun, from Barack Obama on down.  And if Fidel Castro were still alive, he would sign on to it, and they would gladly have him. 


RUSH:  Yeah, let me point it out all.  It’s true.  This Jill Stein babe.  This could all be a fundraising scam, too.  But I think there’s more to it than just a fundraising scam.  I think there is… Everything I just said before the break, I believe.  I believe the primary effort here is the effort to delegitimize Trump’s victory and his upcoming presidency.  She’s also running an email scam, a fundraising scam here. 

She’s even confirming, by the way, that she cannot guarantee all the money is gonna be spent on the recount.  And even if a recount is forced, the extra cash would stay with her.  It’s not gonna cost nearly the amount of money she’s raised, and she’s announced that, and that she’s gonna keep the money.  So there’s obviously a whole lot happening here, and all of it could have aspects of truth to it.  


RUSH:  Is that right?  That makes perfect sense.  I’m gonna have to check into this.  I was just told that if, for example, Wisconsin doesn’t finish, then you throw their electoral votes out totally and the number does not become 270, it becomes whatever.  So 270 is only a majority of the available votes.  So if Wisconsin electoral votes are not ready and not counted, then the number Trump needs is not 270, it’s a lesser number. 

I have to check into this.  That would nuke the theory that one of the Democrats’ efforts here is to get three states not — or two states not to report by December 19th, which would take those electoral votes away from Trump, meaning that would take — well, if all three could take him down like 265, 266, if they were all delayed, but now I’m told that if Wisconsin or any other state or a combination of states, if their electors don’t vote on December 19th, then the total electoral vote is reduced by that number of electoral votes and the 270 threshold reduces proportionately. 

So I need to check into that, because one of the theories out there on this recount is that they’re simply trying to delay enough states, these three, from reporting by December 19th, which means those electors could not vote, which means Trump would be denied those votes, which would reduce his majority over 270.  Even when you beat ’em, they never stop.

The reason I’m thinking there might be something to this is because I’m remembering in the Florida recount, it’s vague and I’m gonna have to really, really search the deep, dark crevices of my fertile mind; but I think at one stage the Democrats suggested just throwing Florida out, just throw it out.  That would have given Gore the presidency.  That would have given Gore a majority of the electoral votes.  It would not have been 270 if you throw out Florida’s 15, he wouldn’t have needed 270.  So that’s why I’m thinking there might be something to this, that it doesn’t matter if these states don’t report, it just reduces the 270 proportionally to a lesser number that Trump would need and still have it. 

Also I just got an email.  I’m gonna secret email list.  I get Democrat Party fundraising emails, and they sure as hell are raising money off this now.  It’s not just Jill Stein.  They’re asking for minimum $3 donations for a little sticker that says “I proudly voted for Hillary” to put on your car or wherever. And it’s all based, the fund-raising appeal is all based on how Trump did not win the election, that Hillary got two million plus additional votes more than Trump did and that election was not legit and the Democrats need to show that they understand there’s some such thing.  They’re fundraising off of it. 

But do not, regardless of the intricate details here, the real objective of this is to delegitimize Donald Trump, period, his election, victory, and his upcoming presidency.  That’s the objective of all of this.  


RUSH: Here’s Ted, Crystal Lake, Illinois.  Great to have you, sir.  Glad you waited.  What’s up?  What’s happening?

CALLER:  Before asking my question, I gotta say, the scenarios that come across on the telephone during the commercial, they are fantastic.  The writer for those could put a show on the road.  They’re great.  But, anyway, my question is, in regard to the scenario that Russia interfered with the Clinton campaign, I don’t understand why Russia would not want her as president when the Clinton-Obama strategy essentially is what allowed Russia to move into the Middle East unopposed with what I think of usually as an appeasement strategy.  I just don’t understand why Russia would not have wanted her as president.

RUSH:  You don’t understand why Russia would not have wanted her as president?

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  So you’re basically asking what is all this about the Russians secretly trying to help Trump because it seems like in your mind they would want Hillary?

CALLER:  Yeah.  I mean, the Obama-Clinton strategy —

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  — is what allowed them to move into the Middle East unopposed.

RUSH:  You’re looking at this way too deeply.  You’re going at this way wrong.  This whole Russia affecting the election thing is nothing but a trope.  It’s nothing but an excuse for the Democrats losing.  There’s no substance to it whatsoever.  The Russians didn’t hack the DNC servers.  The Russians didn’t interfere in the election.  And if you get a Democrat in the know to sit down and honestly tell you off the record, they’ll admit it. 

It’s just an excuse for why they lost.  And it’s an attempt to try to disparage and delegitimize Trump by claiming that Trump is chosen by one of our archenemies and that Trump is buddy-buddy with one of our archenemies, when in fact it’s the Democrats who always have been.  It’s nothing but an excuse that’s just made up out of clean air.  Somebody created it once the WikiLeaks dumps started. There was somebody, some leftist speculated that the Russians might be behind it, and that’s all it took, they were off and running with it. 

It doesn’t require in-depth analysis, “Well, it seems to me that if the Russians were gonna interfere, they’d really prefer Hillary,” if you want to take it there, that makes perfectly logical sense; don’t misunderstand.  I mean, Hillary would be much easier to roll.  They’re kindred spirits.  Hillary’s proven she can be rolled.  As secretary of state she was rolled by everybody.  But the whole thing is nothing more than an excuse.

Just like the popular vote differential here is nothing more than an excuse to delegitimize Trump’s victory, pure and simple.  It’s all part of a giant strategy that, if successful, ends up as a giant insurmountable roadblock to Donald Trump.  That’s what they’re trying to assemble here and the Russians interfered is one little part of it.  I wouldn’t waste a whole lot of time getting into in-depth analysis of it, because there was nothing to it in the first place.  

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