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“This is Open Line Black Friday, and we have some great deals: If you’re an Ivy League snowflake today, we have a great deal: If you get triggered by anything I say today, you get another trigger at no additional cost. It’s two-for-one triggering!” – Mark Steyn

Trump Exploded the Concept of Conventional Wisdom

“Three months ago when I was here, I said Donald Trump would win the election, when all the ‘smart people’ said Hillary would triumph. So I have nothing to prove. Trump exploded the entire concept of conventional wisdom on November the 8th. It’s conventional, but it isn’t wise — and it always has a certain smugness about it.” -Mark Steyn

Here’s the Eulogy, of a Lovely Lady

“I met Florence Henderson a few years ago. She had a beautiful singing voice. Richard Rodgers, of the Richard Rodgers Theater, thought she had one of the most beautiful singing voices he’s ever heard, and she toured in a lot of Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. But most people know her for that fantastic, iconic role of Mrs. Brady.” – Mark Steyn

New! Foreign! Different! Catch the Mark Steyn Show on CRTV

“Every so often, someone’s kind enough to say, ‘We quite like these once-every-three-months appearances on the Rush show, but why don’t you try working a bit more regularly?’ You’re a fool to get into talk radio, because nobody can compete with Rush, and this is the only show I want to sit behind the microphone of. I love making guest appearances here. But TV is a different matter. So I’m launching The Mark Steyn Show on December 5th. You can read more about it on SteynOnline.com  or if you go to  CRTV.com .” -Mark Steyn “I was complaining earlier that I needed a real, world-class flute player for my forthcoming TV show, and the difficulty I was having getting one past U.S. immigration. @HistoryDean tweeted, ‘Every time he says “flute player” I lost hope that @MarkSteynOnline would settle the debate between ‘flutist’ and ‘flautist.’ I’m sensitive to that issue. I deliberately avoided saying ‘flutist,’ because that’s American English, and ‘flautist’ is what they say in most of the English Empire. I’m flautist — if you’ve got it, flaut-it!” -Mark Steyn

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